"He's behind you!" - Or is he?

Written by: Miri
June 2, 2023
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It has now been two calendar weeks, and nine working days, since I sent my open letter to Andrew Bridgen MP. This was emailed to him directly at his official MP email address, shared on my Miri AF and Informed Consent Matters platforms, and has been read and shared thousands of times across social media, with many of these shares tagging Bridgen in.

So, a fortnight later, have I received a response, or even a cursory acknowledgement, of the concerns shared by me and - clearly - many, many others?

To coin a colloquialism of my current locale of which I am rather fond... 'ave I 'eck.

When I first put my letter out, I nearly did a Twitter poll, enquiring, "Will Andrew Bridgen reply to my letter?", with the options being:

  1. No.
  2. Hell no.
  3. Absolutely and definitely not.
  4. Yes (just kidding)

I didn't, because I did (and still do) genuinely and sincerely want to read his response and didn't want to 'jinx' it, but, of course, I knew from the minute I put the proverbial pen to paper, he was never going to reply.


Because, as I have relentlessly underscored at this blog time and again: there's no such thing as bad publicity, so if you really want to crush a message or person from having any impact, you ignore them.

Bridgen will have showed that letter to his advisors, who will immediately have told him "ignore it, don't draw more attention to it, and it'll go away".

And that they have clearly done that and that he has clearly taken their advice, tells you all you need to know about the man.

He is supposedly a servant of the people, right, people who not only pay his handsome MP's salary and multifarious "expenses", but who have also (at the time of writing) contributed over £87,000 to him in just a few days to bankroll his personal lawsuit... yet does he hold those same people in such utter contempt, that he can't answer a few extremely pertinent questions from them, when they're politely and reasonably put to him?

Well, if he can't, what's the point of him? Why are we giving him all this money (which, as I detailed in my letter, could end up anywhere, including in the pockets of Matt Hancock), for him to contemptuously and arrogantly dismiss our concerns, not even having the courtesy to issue a one-sentence "holding reply"? (Even my terminally corrupt, utterly useless local MP does that.)

The reason for this is obvious: Bridgen cannot legitimately explain away the gaping holes in his supposed "heroic crusade" that have been elucidated upon in my letter, because there is no legitimate explanation - because he is not legitimate. He's a politician, for heaven's sake, and one of the most demonstrably dishonest and corrupt ones at that - and that's why he's in this position now.

There have actually been several MPs who have blown the whistle on Covid vaccines, including Desmond Swayne and Christopher Chope. So why was it Bridgen selected at the eleventh hour to be the high-profile "hero" exposing the jabs he was all too happy to publicly promote whilst the vaccine rollout was active? (It certainly takes a real hero to wait until the campaign is effectively complete and all the money has been made and targets reached before speaking out.)

It's because the behind-the scenes social controllers choreographing all this needed someone they had maximal dirt on, who had already revealed themselves as completely corrupt, and therefore entirely controllable. More morally upstanding MPs, who don't claim £25k on the public purse to stay in a hotel, or lie under oath to High Court judges about money, don't have the right credentials for this role. Bridgen does.

He's a documented liar, a proven money-grubber, and has also been formally described by the High Court judge he was found to have lied to as "abusive, arrogant, and aggressive".

Perfect material, in other words, for the psychopathic overlords to control - and please remember that all high-level politics is controlled this way: through corruptible characters who can be manoeuvred through blackmail. It's always been this way and always will be.

It is imperative to bear in mind that, in order to attain, maintain, and grow the vast level of global control the ruling classes currently enjoy, they have had to become experts at understanding human psychology - and they are. They have studied this for many generations and, regrettably, in many respects, understand us better than we understand ourselves.

They knew when they staged "the pandemic" some would be awake to its fraudulent nature and would fight back. They knew a further cohort would "awaken" to some degree as a result of vaccine injury, or seeing it in others. They knew such people would become incensed and furious, desperate for all the horrors to be exposed and for a hero of the people to save them. They knew all this because they know human psychology, and - for all our modern advancements and technologies - that hasn't changed in tens of thousands of years.

Hence, the famous Masonic quote from 33rd degree Mason, Albert Pike: "When the people want a hero, we shall supply him."

Of course they will, because why on earth wouldn't they? They're hardly going to miss the golden opportunity to exert their favourite thing - control over others - when there's such an obvious opening, are they?

They always play both sides - they gave us the evil panto villain Hancock, now they're giving us the heroic saviour Bridgen.

Equally, in the USA in 2016, they gave us evil villain Hillary, and hero freedom fighter Trump.

I said in November 2016 exactly the same thing I'm saying now. I said, this is all theatre. High-level politics always is. Trump is an actor (has an actual star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame) playing a part. He will be elected, I said, to dupe people into thinking they've won an important victory, and then he will reveal his true colours and betray us, just as these characters always do, and as he did with his 'Operation Warp Speed'.

As another example, I said in December 2022 when "anti-establishment rebel", Andrew Tate (who gets more mainstream press attention that many members of the Royal Family), was supposedly arrested, that this was all faked, staged theatre to increase his credentials as a "hero" - that, in reality, he was never arrested, never in a "Romanian hellhole jail cell", and would subsequently be released without charge.

Lo and behold, he has since been released without charge (allegedly into the horrors of "house arrest" in his sprawling luxury mansion...), and was in the papers - again - just today asserting confidently that he is "absolutely and utterly sure" he will be cleared of all charges.

Well, how can he be so "absolutely and utterly sure"? Surely if he was the grave threat to the establishment he claims to be, they would just frame him? It's hardly any secret that innocent people can go to prison and that the judicial system is not always a glimmering beacon of morality and justice, so really ask yourself, how can he be that sure?

The only way is because he's in the club and an actor - he's read the script and knows what's coming for his character next. That's the simple, obvious, and incontestable explanation - otherwise he couldn't possibly be so sure. As he has explicitly said himself on his own Twitter, the narrative of being "falsely imprisoned and then seeing justice being served" is a key part of his "hero's journey" script. The evil establishment tried to crush him and they failed - yay! Go hero! That's what he's doing here.

I really don't know how many examples people need to see before it clicks: everyone with high-profile prominence on the world stage is an actor in the club. They're all on the same payroll and they act out dramas and feuds for the benefit of controlling you, the audience. They know you want your villains. They know you want your heroes. Human clamour for storytelling and suspense-filled drama, culminating with good triumphing over evil, has been the same since time immemorial, so they are simply giving you what you want, and using it to manipulate you.

Ladies, were you never told growing up, to be wary of caddish men who will "tell you whatever you want to hear" to have their wicked way?

Many an otherwise-intelligent woman has seen her life fall into ruin by believing the honeyed words of a slick, cynical charmer, who feeds her whatever lines he's gauged she wants to hear, then, when he's got what he wants, disappears.

Well, all these establishment promoted "heroes" are just a world stage version of that. Consummate professional liars (that's what actors are) who will spin whatever yarn their scriptwriters hand to them in order to manipulate the gullible public: a public who might not be gullible in many other respects, but who's defences drop when it seems they've finally met the proverbial "perfect man" saying exactly what they want to hear.

We've all heard the stories of successful, professional women falling for online romance scams, giving huge wads of cash to shysters they meet online, and thought, how could they be so stupid?

It's because we can all become stupid in the face of finally hearing what we've wanted to hear for so long, and the overlords know that. That's why they've given us Andrew Bridgen (and Andrew Tate, Elon Musk, Robert Kennedy, et al) saying the words we've been so desperate to hear prominent people say for so long.

They know that the enormity of the relief and gratitude at finally hearing these words will disable our normal defence mechanisms and make us susceptible to manipulation and deceit.

If Matt Hancock says something - anything - it's easy to boo and hiss at it, because he's evil and we all hate him, and he's made it explicit that he is our enemy, mocking "conspiracy theorists" and the idea of vaccine injury.

In a way, this neutralises Hancock, because such an obviously disreputable character has no power over us.

Much, much more dangerous, then, are people who pretend to be our friends. Why is the "wolf in sheep's clothing" such an age-old symbol of imminent danger? Why did the Fabian Society, one of the most influential political societies in the world, originally use this as their emblem?

It's because you don't get very far with vanquishing your enemy when you explicitly inform them they are your enemy. You make much more progress when you pretend to be their friend.

Unless we wise up to this now, and understand the overlords use the same old playbook, and the same tired old tricks, again and again and again, we are going to keep falling for their fake messiahs and false prophets, and they will throw many more at us in the coming months and years. To reiterate yet again, identifying a fake "hero" is really easy: if they get a lot of mainstream media attention - if they are therefore being promoted on the world stage (and whether the promotion is positive or negative is immaterial: no such thing as bad publicity, remember?) - they are an actor put there to influence, control, and manipulate you. It's always the same rule and there aren't ever any exceptions.

What's important to realise is that our modern lives are so screen-saturated, we grotesquely misinterpret the percentage of people who get this kind of media attention, hence why - when I criticise the 0.01% of the population who appear on mainstream screens a lot - I get accused of criticising "everyone".

Please understand that the couple of hundred "big names" you are aware of courtesy of the blanket media coverage they receive, constitute less than 1% of 1% of the world's population. They are not "everyone", or, in reality, even "anyone" - they're just actors there to bamboozle you and keep you glued to a screen, rather than getting out in the real world with real people making a real difference.

The system has worked very hard to keep us in a state of childlike emotional dependence, where we are constantly looking for 'big daddies' to come and save us. Hence, people throw toddler-esque tantrums when their latest "daddy" is criticised and lash out like infants whose pacifiers have just been taken away - as that is, indeed, exactly what has happened.

In response to my writing a carefully constructed, evidence-based, and fully referenced letter to public servant Andrew Bridgen (whose literal job it is to address public concerns), I have been told by his fan club that I am "as bad as Matt Hancock", a "total clown", and even "an utter c**k" - because I have enraged these emotionally dependent babies, who were riveted by the Punch 'n' Judy show "daddy" was performing for them (and this phenomenon is nothing new: it goes all the way back to Plato's allegory of the cave).

The "Hancock v Bridgen" theatrical show is just Punch 'n' Judy for grown-ups, and - just like children would throw a tantrum if you switched off their favourite cartoon half-way-through and told them it's time to get up and do something real instead - the bawling baby-grown-ups are doing that, too. They like being pacified (just as babies do), they like being entertained and spoon-fed, and they will be utterly, infantile-y furious with anyone who tries to disrupt the show.

Yet now is the time to do away with childish things and adult up - it's time to fundamentally realise and accept that there is no big daddy coming to save you and there's no impending great utopia where all the psychopaths are vanquished and life becomes one long jolly picnic suffused with rainbows and unicorns.

Please just take a cursory glance at human history. Life has never been like that for anyone, not for thousands of generations. Human life has always featured struggle and suffering, of many and various types, and our ancestors have had to endure all catalogue of adversities (which they have, with many going on to survive and thrive). Why would we be so deluded and arrogant as to think we would be any different, and that - although no previous generation has been able to completely destroy evil in the world and turn life into one perfectly harmonious, joy-infused love-fest - our generation will be able to do that?

The ruling classes have maintained a global power grid for thousands of years and they have no intentions of giving it up. That doesn't mean we shouldn't fight against it - we absolutely should - and that doesn't mean we won't be victorious in many ways - we absolutely will, as we were victorious in refusing jabs, masks and tests, and refusing to comply with lockdown restrictions - but it also means being realistic about what we can achieve,

If you're imagining we will completely eliminate the parasite class and live in a perfect, Eden-esque utopia, you're going to have a miserable and unfulfilling life, because that is never going to happen (if you believe it is, ask yourself what you believe is so special about you or the people you know that they can do this, when thousands of other generations, including many great and accomplished spiritual leaders, have been unable to? It's just grandiose, self-aggrandising narcissism to believe that).

If, however, you recognise that -although human life has always been beset by challenge, struggle, and fighting against power-hungry tyrants - that it is nevertheless possible to carve out an eminently meaningful and fulfilling existence within such a world, by concentrating on taking positive and productive action in your own life - then your prognosis is much, much better.

In the Second World War, for instance, the people couldn't stop bombs being dropped on their cities - but they could rally around creating shelters, rebuilding, and developing powerful and enduring communities - which they did. Indeed, many of the older generation have lamented the decline of that powerful community spirit in the post-war decades, with some even declaring "what this country needs is a good war!". This declaration is not to glorify the horror and bloodshed of war, but rather, to emphasise that struggle and adversity tends to pull people together and bring out the best in them, whereas endless comfort and fun often does not (hence the well-worn saying: "Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times").

The way forward is therefore not to keep investing in big hero daddies who will save the world (this will never happen: never has, never will), but rather, to get real and get active in resisting the life the overlords want for us - which is (as they spelled out so clearly in lockdown) sitting inside alone, staring at a screen, cheering for the fake heroes they present to us and control.

Instead, we must do the exact opposite of that - get out into the real world and make connections with real people with whom we can build a real life.

Whether it's starting homeschooling cooperatives, community food growing projects, going leafleting to share information, attending talks, workshops, and events, there are so many things you can do in the real world to improve your life and resist the control grid being increasingly imposed by the overlords.

Arguing with foes on social media doesn't typically have any impact on changing these people's minds: chatting to real people in your local coffee shop, pub, or park, really can and does. There are people I know personally in my local community who I know have had no injections because of conversations we had in person at the beginning of "the pandemic". Such change is much harder to elicit in the echo chamber of social media, and one in-person conversation tends to have more impact than hundreds of Tweets, Facebook posts, or even emails.

If the digital realm was where we were going to win this, the overlords wouldn't make it so available. They wouldn't make all the big social media platforms free to use. They wouldn't rig Facebook like a casino so you get addicted to the dopamine and keep coming back for more and more. They have us trapped in the digital screen-based world because they control that world and can therefore easily crush any power we might have there (so they'll let you build a bit of a following to lure you in, and then, bam - they'll simply take it away).

What they don't control is the real world. They don't control you striking up a conversation with your neighbour, or - as one reader suggested - organising a street party to get to know your neighbours (with around 15% of the population now "awake", there's highly likely to be at least one other awake person on your own street - lamenting, as you are, why there are no other awake people in their area and they can only connect with people online...).

As I've said before, the internet is a phenomenal resource for introducing us to information we could never have found otherwise, and initiating connections we would have struggled to make any other way - but as has been said of many vices, it's an excellent servant and terrible master. The internet has to be used as a means to an end, it can't be the end in itself, or "they" have us exactly where they want us.

Through lockdown directives, and the incipient rise of AI and VR, "they" couldn't make it plainer that's where they want us - sitting inside alone staring at screens. That this is so plainly what they want has one major advantage: it tells us exactly what we shouldn't be doing.

Lockdowns, 15-minute cities, and delivery bots are all giving us a whopping great clue as to what really frightens the overlords and what they really, really don't want - us getting out of our houses into the real world and connecting with each other.

That's why - now the nicer weather and longer evenings are here particularly - it must be our main focus. We must get out there and build real, durable connections in the real, durable world - and if you don't know anyone in your local area yet, why not consider organising a street party or similar event to get to know them?

And hey, I'll even send an invitation to Andrew Bridgen for my street party, replete with complimentary beverages laid on. Although, on this occasion, I feel he'll have to cough up for the hotel bill himself...

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