"Entice the enemy with bait, feign disorder, and crush him."

Written by: Miri
May 21, 2022

The title of this piece is a quote from The Art of War, a Chinese military treatise said to have been written by General Sun Tzu, over 2,000 years ago.

As they say, there's nothing new under the, well, Sun - and the military expertise and tactical brilliance as outlined by General Tzu 2,500 years ago is every bit as resonant and relevant today as it was then. Our culture may be far more technologically advanced than that of ancient China, but human nature and the fundamentals of human psychology have not changed. Therefore, neither has psychological warfare.

There is a misconception regarding war, in that it is always overt, always violent, and that the target always knows they are under attack. In fact, this is a very primitive form of war and does not characterise many examples of it historically, nor the war we are in the midst of currently.

If you declare overt war on a people and attack them with guns and bombs, then they realise they are under attack, they mount a robust defence, and they fight back. This, therefore, is not the optimal strategy if you want to win. Your chances of victory are far higher if you do not make your intentions obvious, and, in fact, you disguise them - if you lull the enemy into a false sense of security, convince them that you are their friend, and then and only then - when all their defences are down and their vulnerabilities laid bare - do you move in for the kill.

That is what has been happening within Western societies since the end of the second (more 'traditional') world war: all of our governments and powerful global institutions have become occupied and subverted by hostile forces who want large numbers of us dead. In order to achieve this, they have spent the post-war decades playing the "long game" - patiently grooming us to trust them, to look up to them, to believe they are benevolent, learned authorities who just want the very best for us.

They haven't been targeting all groups equally, though. Prior to the latter half of the 20th century, the ruling elites were known to be very reactionary and traditionalist - that they were hostile to, and oppressive of, minority groups. To use the modern vernacular, they were racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, ableist, bigots.

Imagine, then, that you have a ruling elite that is still all of those things and is still relentlessly trying to reduce the numbers of such groups, just as it has always historically done. If that were the case, then based on what I said at the beginning of this article regarding established military strategy, is such an elite more likely to be a) explicit about their intentions by declaring outright war on these groups, or b) to obscure their real goals by pretending to be these people's friends?

The reason you have seen the global establishment, including all major corporations, go so completely lockstep in their 'wokeness' these last years (with organisations as unlikely as banks and supermarkets adding rainbow flags to their corporate logos and declaring how 'diverse' and 'pro-love' they are), is because they have been engaged in the first stage of the military strategy as quoted in the title of this article - "entice the enemy with bait".

The establishment has spent decades obsequiously sucking up to various minority groups, pushing 'diversity' in the workplace (where such issues should be irrelevant - workplaces should be concerned solely with professional merit and performance), elevating to places of special superiority those with certain characteristics or from certain backgrounds, and basically turning traditional prejudice on its head - instead of being marginalised and excluded, minority groups are evangelised and celebrated - not for their achievements as people, but just for belonging to certain social or demographic groups.

This has been described as a "victimbucks" culture - e.g., the more claim you have to being a member of historically oppressed or marginalised groups, the more social cache you get. This accounts for the popularity of BLM, MeToo, Pride, and other such movements - which may have started out organically, but have long since been cynically co-opted by the establishment, who encourage these groups to have a massive sense of both grievance and entitlement, because that subsumes them in their own egos and therefore makes them very easy to control. (This is why such movements are so viciously condemnatory of any black / gay / trans people who publicly declare they DON'T feel oppressed, they DON'T want special treatment, and that - horror of horrors - they're actually quite conservative, cf. Candace Owens, Milo Yiannopolous, Caitlin Jenner.)

The effect of all this is that, after decades of the establishment courting minority groups - through its various mouthpieces of global corporations, mass media, and universities - these groups are far more likely to trust them and do their bidding, than groups who haven't been courted this way.

Groups that, for instance, I am a member of, such as "conspiracy theorists" (anyone who questions the mainstream narrative), "right-wing extremists" (anyone who questions the mainstream narrative), and "white supremacists" (anyone who questions the mainstream narrative, including black people). Add in a sprinkle of "transphobic bigots" and "science-deniers" and you've basically described all the people I am lucky enough to call friends 🙂

The point is that the establishment has ruthlessly maligned and abused for years anyone who questions the narrative, with pejorative slurs and social exclusion campaigns, and so such people now trust them about as much as Prince Andrew at a school disco.

Groups who have been flattered and praised and bankrolled by the establishment, however, trust them an awful lot more.

That is why the demographic group that has one of the highest uptakes of the Covid vaccine is the LGBT community, and why people who hold with "liberal", identarian politics of the type relentlessly pushed by all dominant establishment institutions in recent years, have a much higher uptake than those who do not. (Tedious disclaimer: Obviously not EVERY member of these groups has taken the vaccine or have the same beliefs, but when you're analysing social trends, you have to be able to talk in generalities.)

It's because once these groups had been "enticed with bait" (establishment sucking up to them for years), then when that establishment "feigned disorder" (fake pandemic), the targeted groups immediately and uncritically turned to them to be saved.

And that is when the establishment moves into the final stage of the strategy, as it is doing right now with "Monkeypox".

As soon as this hit the headlines - even though there were just 7 cases in the UK, which is 0.0001% of the population - the papers ('left-wing' and 'right-wing' alike) made sure to tell you the condition was primarily spreading in gay and bisexual men.

When you only have seven confirmed cases of a condition, the numbers are far too low to do any meaningful statistical analysis or spot demographic trends, because any similarities in such low case numbers could very, very easily be unrelated coincidence (you might find, if you asked, that all these seven people were left-handed, or that their favourite Beatle is Paul - that obviously wouldn't mean this was connected in any way to their health status)

And even if epidemiologists suspected a link, at such early stages, they would be exceptionally careful about how and when to publicly announce it, because it's obvious what the effects would be - an immediate uptick in prejudice, inciting fear and hatred and very possibly endangering the safety of men perceived to be bisexual or gay.

The establishment KNOWS all this, of course, and yet, from the very first mention of Monkeypox, and in every subsequent mention, it's been sure to include a prominent allusion to - "gay and bisexual men".

Indeed, a recent news report made sure to boldly underscore that it's not just social contact in gay circles spreading this new deadly plague, but definitely and specifically sexual contact.

The establishment media is doing all this for a reason. As I said in my last piece, everything the media does is for a reason and to push an agenda. The reason is that they're moving into the last stage of their military strategy as quoted in the title of this article.

The liberal left and all its constituent groups have been conned. They thought they were a special, protected class (not like those nasty ruffian conspiracy theorists), but the establishment has just been using them. Whenever a certain person or group has fulfilled its usefulness to the establishment agenda, they are immediately and without hesitation or mercy, got rid of. See what happened to Germaine Greer - celebrated darling of the left for decades, now definitively deleted for opposing the trans agenda. She made the mistake of thinking all the accolades and acclaim she had received over the years were about her and so her opinions would always matter. But they weren't about her at all, she was just a useful idiot for the establishment, and once her usefulness expired, she was disposed of. The same will happen to all mindless foot soldiers of the establishment, whose vigilance has been disabled by expert military strategists flattering their vanity.

The establishment is now pushing a "new vaccine" for so-called Monkeypox, especially targeted at gay men, and you can be sure that the fatality rate for this injection will be sky-high. It's just AIDS Mach II - there's no "killer virus", and the disease is in the medicine, just like with AZT. This is targeted genocide, just like so-called AIDS was. A fake virus supposedly spreading in a minority community to scare them into taking a "treatment" that kills them. Their deaths will be blamed on the virus being too virulent to be treated.

The deception will be completed by the fact that - because uptake for the Covid vaccine is so high in the LGBT community - that group will have disproportionately more sickness and death than others. "Monkeypox" was first identified in monkeys in labs who were test subjects for vaccines. It's a vaccine reaction - the vaccine dysregulates the immune system, prompting previously latent viruses to wreak havoc. So, the higher vaccination coverage a group has, the more cases of "the pox" will be seen. You will not see it in unvaccinated people (until they start using the Monkeypox (actually smallpox) vaccine, which apparently is a live virus vaccine, and so may 'shed' - although evidence on the shedding phenomenon is very mixed, in the mainstream and alternative communities alike).

The point is this: the establishment has not changed its true colours or its centuries long history of being murderously hostile towards most of the rest of humanity, especially minority groups. It has just realised a more effective way of targeting those groups. It has become a wolf in sheep's clothing. Not incidentally, The Fabian Society - a powerful socialist organisation which exerts enormous influence over the political left - was named after another military strategist, Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus, nicknamed Cunctator, meaning 'Delayer'. An explanatory note appearing on the title page of The Fabian Society's first pamphlet declared:

For the right moment you must wait, as Fabius did most patiently when warring against Hannibal, though many censured his delays; but when the time comes you must strike hard, as Fabius did, or your waiting will be in vain, and fruitless.

The original coat of arms for The Fabian Society was literally a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Anybody in any minority group who really believes the world's governments, banks, corporations, and big businesses are their friends - that these ruthless profiteers and warmongers "celebrate diversity" and are "pro-love" - needs to wake up real quick. These people have been using you. Conning you. Lulling you into a false sense of security - enticing you with bait - with a view to crushing you, which is exactly what they are now doing with the "Monkeypox" agenda. Do not get tested for this (faulty tests giving false positives, just like Covid and AIDS), do not see any doctor (who will probably whack you on some "anti-virals" guaranteed to sabotage health), and above all else, do NOT get the vaccine. This is the kill shot which will wreak havoc on all communities who receive it. We are at war, and it is not a coincidence 'vaccines' are called 'shots'.

As a culture, we also need to prepare ourselves for a very dramatic paradigm shift, from ultra-liberal, to completely the other way (I expanded on these themes in much more detail here). We saw just what powerful authoritarian tendencies lurk in most of the populace with Covid, and we're going to see once more how "tolerant" and "open-minded" the vacuous, cowardly liberal left really are as the Monkeypox hysteria is ramped up. Prepare to see the "loving left" become as homophobic as your average Talibanesque extremist, as they foment in paroxysms of fear over the "sauna-spreading" pox. As I said in my last piece, the West has already proven itself as more socially conservative than the Taliban, since in Afghanistan, they only insist on ultra-strict house arrests and face coverings for women - whereas, as per masks and lockdowns, the West insists on them for everyone.

For anybody who has read all the above and still thinks this is nothing but a crazy conspiracy theory because you haven't heard about it on the news, I leave you with another quote from The Art of War:

"O divine art of subtlety and secrecy! Through you we learn to be invisible, through you inaudible; and hence we can hold the enemy's fate in our hands.”

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9 comments on “"Entice the enemy with bait, feign disorder, and crush him."”

  1. Excellent Article.
    Fully agree with this.
    Outlined in very clear terms how the War is unfolding.

  2. We need your knowledge and your ability to verbalise it in ‘easy read’ formula. Please keep on educating us in the truth in this way so that we can share to as many people as possible.
    I am grateful and thank you.

  3. This article is like a voice of truth ringing through the cosmos with such force and clarity it cuts through the enemy's bullshit smokescreens like a laser through butter.
    At this stage there are 2 classes of people: Those aware of the Great Con and avoiding it with all means, and those who have succumbed to it and have no other option than to follow their choice to it's predestined end.
    I feel sorry for those stupid feeble minded idiots. They will get what they deserve for being ignorant slaves.

  4. Great article as always. It's so obvious to us, the enlightened. The question is are the enlightened being marginalised, ring-fenced for something sinister pushed through the corrupt legal system? Shouldn't we be focusing our efforts toward solutions of protection as such? Ideas welcome please?

  5. Perfect extension to "Entice the enemy with bait…"

    The same "liberals" who hid behind the sofa for 2 years will, again, be easily duped into virtuous self-isolation.

  6. Thank you for your excellent article.

    Yuri Bezmenov's useful idiots indeed eh? His information was sound.

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