Are Viruses Contagious?

Written by: Miri
November 4, 2022

(I am often asked my opinion on this subject, so I am republishing this from August 2021...)

This comes up again and again in the comments' sections of my posts, so I thought I would record my position on this formally and for the record, and then I can just link to it if ever I am accused of "promoting dangerous misinformation" (and I am always being accused of that by someone, right FB fact-checkers and hate fans...😁).

First, I will counter the question with a question: are periods 'contagious'? Is pregnancy? How about yawns?

Well, in a way they are, insofar as women who live together see their menstrual cycles fall into synch; there's often a spate of pregnancies amongst close friendship groups at around the same time, and what is very common is couples who have been told they are infertile and so adopt, find within months of caring for a baby, they have 'miraculously' conceived naturally. And, we all know that once one person yawns, they rapidly 'spread' around the room.

So it depends on what you mean by 'contagious'. Our bodies are very complex and certainly not fully understood by science, and they communicate and synchronise with each other - they influence each other, so in that sense, yes, you can 'catch' something from someone else, including a virus.

A virus is part of the body's internal detoxification process, a sort of internal soap produced by the body to help with deep-cleaning when you are overly toxic. That is why when sick people are tested for viruses, they test positive. Yes, viruses are present when people are ill, but that doesn't mean they caused the illness. That is like saying, in areas where there is high crime, there are a lot of calls to the police. Therefore, calls to the police cause a high rate of crime.

Because of how innately intelligent and intrinsically connected our bodies are, when one body is having a detox and thus producing viruses, it can send signals to other nearby bodies that now is a good time to have a detox. Given that people in the same environments are exposed to similar toxins, it makes sense they would need clear-outs at around the same time. But that doesn't suggest a virus (which has no ability to respire or take on nutrition, therefore is not alive) jumps from one body to another and produces illness, the way cartoonish 'germ theory' suggests.

There is only one way a virus can be directly transferred into the body from outside, and that is by injection ('vaccination'). Otherwise, viruses are solely something that are produced internally by the host - but, because we are all connected, that production can be prompted by close contact with someone else producing viruses, just like menstrual synchronising will be prompted by women having close contact with each other, or fertility can be prompted by caring for babies.

If you are in very fragile health, and very elderly, then your body may not have the energy to withstand the powerful detoxification that viruses assist with. So, in that sense, a virus could be involved in the end of someone's life, but that doesn't mean it killed them. Their pre-existing health conditions did, which had weakened the body to the extent it was no longer able to properly detoxify.

For people in any other category, a viral clear-out is nothing to fear and is actually something to welcome. People who boast of going for years "never getting sick" often succumb early to conditions related to toxicity like cancer, because their body has not been getting regularly cleared out. Of course, getting sick frequently is not good, but neither is never getting sick - as in all things, seek balance.

A good clear-out once a year or so is likely to be very good for you, especially in our profoundly toxic environment (which, yes, you can mitigate to some extent with diet and lifestyle, but certainly not completely), and if you go years without this happening, it can be a sign of low life force and your body lacking the energy to clear out. Note that super-busy businesspeople tend to never get sick whilst they're working and can do 20-hour days on no sleep etc. then they take some time off, and boom - they get sick. It's because they finally have the spare energy to dedicate to a detox, which they didn't when they were constantly on the go.

In terms of the current injections and their propensity to cause 'vaccine enhancement syndrome', this will occur when people begin naturally producing viruses, which tends to happen in the autumn and winter months. The injections have weaponised this natural, healthy process to ensure it will cause a catastrophic reaction in the body, and because human beings do tend to produce viruses more in the last four months of the year, this will create the illusion of a "third wave" and "dangerous new variant", as a lot of people will get very sick around the same time. Of course, those who did not get the injection will not become very sick, they will just get normal colds and 'flu, but will be told they were just lucky - they just had a 'mild case' of the plague, but they passed it on to others in whom it 'mutated' and caused severe illness.

So, to return to the initial question - are viruses contagious? Yes, but not in the way conventional dogma suggests. Viruses are as contagious as periods, pregnancy, and yawns, and transmit in the same way - via energy and connection - not "germs".

(A relevant follow-up to this piece, written more recently, is 'Is it possible to have a 'safe vaccine'?)

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6 comments on “Are Viruses Contagious?”

  1. Very well said. We could add that many 'viruses' are also essential, because without them we would be consumed by bacteria, which the 'good viruses' devour.

    What many call viruses aren't viruses at all, but exosomes. These are the vehicles bodies use to excrete toxins.

    You are also correct to highlight that people becoming ill at the same time are not succumbing to spread between each other, but to external circumstance(s). As someone rightly said, to think that a cockerel crows because another has, is to forget that they all crow because it's daylight.

  2. Bullshit is most certainly contagious, look how it has spread through msm and governments worldwide!

  3. Fear is contagious. That's what governments and the World Economic Freakshow and the World Health Obliteration etc. have counted on. People should stop being socially engineered and develop spirituality. They are too identified with the body. The technocratic mind is most definitely NOT something to admire or want to attain. These people are sick and that sickness is contagious.

  4. Whilst I do agree with what you say about virus' not being contagious. How do you explain chicken pox which appears to spread from close contact? Is this just vibrational?

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