Billionaires on a boat - distraction or direction?

Written by: Miri
June 23, 2023
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Whenever there's a big, bombastic mainstream news story taking up all the headlines and generating miles of column inches, constituents of the conspiratorial community (of which I am proud to call myself a member), often label such an event "a distraction"- and, while there's an element of truth in this (certainly, the social engineers would rather you focus on the glamorous and glossy plight of rich people underwater, than the bleak and ordinary plight of millions about to go under), that's never only what they are.

The overlords never invest gargantuan (titanic, even...) amounts of time, money, and resources merely to 'distract' you. They know the average person these days has the attention span of a gnat, and can be sufficiently distracted by a few cheap baubles like a new series on Netflix or discount for their favourite fast-food joint. "They" don't need to stage epic underwater edge-of-your-seat thrillers merely as "distractions" - and they don't.

Prominent, high-profile news stories - world stage dramas - always have an additional, different purpose to that, and that purpose is to programme you, or rather, to 'direct' you - and please note, they have none other than the director of the 'Titanic' blockbuster (the one that actually admits it's staged and acted, rather than the current one that doesn't), James Cameron, commenting on this scenario...

When I first saw the headlines about the billionaires-on-a-boat, I thought, hang on, exorbitantly wealthy people on an expensive sea voyage, in a vessel involving the word "Titan", that sinks and kills them? I've seen this movie already... (that being the exact plot of 1997's 'Titanic', for anyone who was mercifully fortunate enough to avoid the dire schmaltz-fest... And yes, I know 'Titanic' is 'based on a true story', but so is The Only Way Is Essex, so...).

It was the same thought I had when I read the recent news headlines about the "sociopathic adult dwarf", Natalia Grace, who posed as a child in order to be adopted into a family she then terrorises - which is the exact plot of the 2009 movie, 'Orphan'.

Please note also the mirrors and parallels between the "scandal" that recently engulfed British breakfast TV show, 'This Morning', and the near-identical scandal acted out on the American TV series 'The Morning Show'.

The latter is explicitly fictitious, and stars Jennifer Aniston as the female co-host on a beloved breakfast television show, who has to publicly denounce her once widely revered male co-star after his "sex scandal".

Many have observed the parallels between this, and what happened "in real time" on the UK's 'This Morning', and how host Holly Willoughby's speech denouncing Phillip Schofield was almost identical to Jennifer Aniston's condemning her lascivious co-host on 'The Morning Show'.

Lest anyone is tempted to dismiss this as "just a coincidence", please note that the aforementioned Willoughby and Schofield had previously made a cameo appearance on The Morning Show.

So what's going on here? It's simple. The overlords are working overtime to completely obliterate the distinction between fantasy and reality, to make it impossible for you to tell the difference. While you know that 'The Morning Show' is fictitious, because you are explicitly told that, is 'This Morning' any more real, or are Willoughby and Schofield also just actors playing parts, mirroring an identical, already scripted drama?

Equally, is there really a "sociopathic adult dwarf" named Natalia Grace terrorising US families, or is this just another staged, scripted drama, just like the movie 'Orphan' was?

This brings us to the billionaires on a boat - did any of this really happen, or is it just an expensive, high-profile movie production, just like James Cameron's 'Titanic' was? The same James Cameron whose opinion is now being prolifically sought on this latest big-budget drama...

As soon as the submarine story hit the headlines, I immediately thought it was fake, because - as Naomi Wolf adroitly explains in this short video - when a world stage event seems particularly theatrical, dramatic, and high-octane, it usually is (see big-budget "terror attacks" etc - Wolf gives the example of the Boston bombings). Please remember that the media faking events and presenting staged events as real for the purposes of propagandising the public is a perfectly legal thing to do.

But what qualified the fakery of these particular aquatic world-stage theatrics beyond any reasonable doubt was this: one of the billionaires supposedly submerged beneath the sea is named Hamish Harding (HH = 88, symbology the overlords are very fond of). Harding is described by the MSM as being "renowned for his lofty travel ambitions, with a resume including a record-setting circumnavigation of the Earth, an Antarctic expedition with Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and a seat aboard the fifth human flight of Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket last year."

So have you got that? Not only is he now famous worldwide for dying ultra-dramatically on the latest movie adaptation of 'Titanic', he's also been to space and is friends with Buzz Aldrin.

Excuse me for a minute, but.... bahahaha! Just how stupid do they think we are?! (Actually, don't answer that...). This is blatantly just trolling at this point.

Anyone with even the faintest "conspiratorial" leanings - that is to say, anyone faintly in touch with the fact that the media and politicians lie to us constantly - is at least somewhat suspicious of the veracity of the "moon landings", with most of us finding it tediously obvious they never happened, and were most likely - as the Red Hot Chili Peppers told us ("they" always have to tell us) - made in a Hollywood basement, by Stanley Kubrick.

Given that is one of the most well-known "conspiracy theories" out there, and one that even the mainstream admits has a lot of legitimacy to support it, to link it to this latest ridiculous staged drama is effectively a calling card - it's the overlords telling us, "yes, this is faked and acted, just like the moon landings, so are you going to fall for such obvious fakery again and keep willingly being deceived?"

Obviously, the answer for the overwhelming number of normies is 'yes', but even they are expressing confusion about how "weird" and "freaky" it is that there are so many parallels between "real" events, like the billionaires on a boat, and fictional ones, like the Titanic movie; between Natalia Grace and Orphan; between This Morning and The Morning Show.

So what all this is doing in inducting people into a world where they can't tell the difference: that the line between fantasy and reality, between what is acted and what is organic, becomes more and more blurred until it is simply impossible to tell that most fundamental thing of all - what is real and what is not.

Of course, all this is exacerbated exponentially by the rise in deepfake technology and AI. Even if you saw your best friend on a screen, looking like themselves and sounding like themselves, you still can't trust that as "real", as computers could now whip up a fake image of your friend and clone their voice - as this comedy which uses only deepfakes as "stars" verifies.

The social engineers are working hard to remove what is known as "reality privilege" from the masses. In an interview, billionaire and Meta investor Marc Andreessen explained “reality privilege” like this: “A small percent of people live in a real-world environment that is rich, even overflowing, with glorious substance, beautiful settings, plentiful stimulation, and many fascinating people to talk to, and to work with, and to date [...]” - everyone else lacks “reality privilege” and is, therefore, better off in the metaverse."

You will note that, over the last three years especially, the social controllers have been hard at work repurposing humanity, by relocating their lives - moving from taking place externally in the real world, to internally online.

Going to the office has been replaced with working from home, meetings replaced with Zoom, going to the cinema replaced with Netflix, and so on - and now, they are solidifying that future by exacerbating the cost of living crisis, so every penny people bring in is immediately sucked up by the essentials - soaring rents, exorbitant mortgage repayments, tripling utilities, and ever-more expensive food. One typical quote is, "we've had to cut back on everything. No eating out, we're not buying clothes, or really doing anything social any more."

So, even for the social venues that haven't yet collapsed (as hundreds more do every month), more and more people now lack the money to engage in this kind of leisure anyway. Now, all they can do is sit inside and stare at screens, as that is all they can afford. It's not a coincidence that everything online is so heavily subsidised: that you can join every social media platform for free; that a month's subscription to Netflix costs less than a single cinema ticket, and so on. This has been manufactured so you inevitably conclude that this is your only option for socialising and leisure now: that the real world is out - too expensive, and only reserved for the "reality class" (people privileged enough to still be able to afford it).

Now that the ruling classes have engineered things in such a way that millions of people are forced to exist mostly online, they can use this screen-based world that they control entirely to induct you into a completely false paradigm, as this has always been their ultimate goal. What the intergenerational ruling families are at core is deceivers, and their fundamental goal - as well as absorbing all the world's wealth and resources - is to control you via deception.

They are ruthless control freaks, and the best and most effective way of control is to deceive someone (hence the phrase, "and the truth will set you free").

Their continued stranglehold on humanity depends entirely on their continuing to deceive us on a mass scale, just as they have been doing for a very long time, but now have the tools to do it more ruthlessly efficiently than ever before.

They want us existing in a world where everything we believe is false - hence, as CIA director William Casey said in 1981, "we will know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false".

That's why they stage deception after deception, and psy-op after psy-op, and why they're now taking it to the next level and attempting to ensure people simply cannot discern fantasy from reality at all any more, as movies and "reality" continue to increasingly mirror each other and entwine (this was further illustrated by a Netflix offering I saw recently, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, where the actor Nicolas Cage plays the actor Nicolas Cage, in a movie within a movie, which stars Nicolas Cage playing Nicolas Cage).

This is corroborated by the fact that multiple world stage players claiming to be real people have admitted, when legally pushed, to be character actors playing parts.

The conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, admitted this in a recent custody case, the media figure Lorraine Kelly has also verified this, and more recently, Melissa Hadjicostas, better known on the world stage as 'Jack Monroe' has admitted this, too.

I've said it so many times but I'm going to say it again, because it's so critical to grasp this in terms of making sense of what's really going on in the world and reclaiming our own reality privilege - if they appear on mainstream screens a lot (whether in "the news", on talk shows, or even in Westminster), they're an actor - controlled, compromised, and reading from a script. There are no "real people" - free agents acting organically - on the mainstream world stage, there are only actors and puppets. You're only permitted to star in the world stage show if "they" control you: everyone else is ignored and marginalised into insignificance.

Thus, you only hear about "opposition" they want you to hear about (Kennedy, Bridgen, Musk, Tate, etc), because they control them. Real people are de-platformed, de-monetised, and forced into obscurity. They're never plastered all over the mainstream news, as the aforementioned names repeatedly are - as to reiterate yet again: there's no such thing as bad publicity, and every single MSM editor on the planet knows this. They know that, to really crush a story or to remove someone's influence, you don't do "hit pieces" on them, you ignore them - which is precisely why Andrew Bridgen and Reclaim continue to ignore my letter, despite the fact they have read it and hundreds/thousands of others have shared it and asked for their response.

It's because I'm not an actor playing my part in the cynical world stage show, whereas everyone with mainstream exposure and significance - including Bridgen and Reclaim (which is headed by an actual actor) is, and they will continue to use their acting skills to bamboozle and bewitch us - if we let them (more on the real purpose of theatrical shop front "political party", Reclaim, here).

It's time to let the ruling classes know that - just as they did throughout the plandemic - they have yet again underestimated us. We will not fall for their endless glorified parlour tricks and procession of bad actors, and we will reclaim our birthright to live in the real world (and I don't mean Andrew Tate's website of the same name...).

Billionaires on a boat make a nice movie, and there's nothing wrong with a bit of screen-based entertainment now and then. But now the credits have rolled, it's time to step back into reality.

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