Abuse has no gender - unless you're a mainstream media editor

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October 16, 2021
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I think it's fair to say that I don't shy away from contentious subjects, but I knew when I decided to analyse the latest agenda item - the vilification and villainisation of men - it would prove particularly divisive, since this is a highly charged topic for many people. I entirely understand this, and why it is. The thing is... the media understands this, too. So does the government. And the real puppet masters controlling this whole devious and manipulative narrative. When those with malevolent intentions understand how your mind works, they can use it against you - and they always, always do.

I have been following this week the utterly harrowing and heartbreaking case of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, a six-year-old boy who was murdered by his stepmother after a months-long campaign of terrorism and abuse from her and his father. Have you heard of him? Is his case splashed across the headlines of every national newspaper in the country? Is his story dominating the TV news and talk shows, with the furious demand, 'something must be done!'? No, it isn't. And why is that?

It's because stopping child abuse is of no interest or relevance to the overlords; it's not an agenda item, so they're not giving this horrific case (or the many more like it) blanket media coverage and they're not using it to manipulate the public consciousness by insinuating Arthur's stepmother is representative of all, or most, women, or that her being female is in any way related to her being abusive (which, obviously, it isn't - abusive men or women are abusive people, their gender had no role in making them that way).

Of course, there are many abusive women, and as abusers tend to prey on those weaker than them, abusive women often target children. Anyone who's been involved in social work or related sectors can confirm that hideous cases of child neglect and abuse with women as the primary or exclusive perpetrators are common (remember that horrific recent case of the baby girl who starved to death as her mother left her alone in a flat for six days to go out partying? You could write a book full of the horrific cases of child neglect and abuse carried out by women, and indeed, many authors have).

And yet, we never have and never will see any media campaign highlighting the plight of children all over the country who are trapped in abusive homes and experiencing abuse from women, and then using this as a springboard to create a climate of demonisation of all women as potential sadistic child abusers - because there is no incentive for the overlords to do that. Demonising women doesn't serve them, only demonising men does. (And if there was ever any attempt by the media to demonise women in this way because of the actions of a small minority of highly disturbed women, needless to say, I would be pouring just as much energy into exposing it as I am the agenda to demonise men. But, as I say, that won't happen because that doesn't serve the agenda.)

The ruling elite who orchestrate the national narrative are ruthless psychopaths and have no interest in preventing abuse (they routinely abuse their own children) - what they do have an interest in doing is exploiting and weaponising abuse where it is useful to them, and using it to manipulate the minds of the masses to their own ends.That is what they are doing by suddenly paying huge and disproportionate attention to male violence against women. Their malevolent intentions are easily exposed by observing this is the ONLY type of violence they appear to care about. They don't care about male violence against men (more common and more often fatal than male violence against women). They don't care about female violence against men (which is more common than you think and many men are far too ashamed to ever report it). They don't care about female violence against women (domestic violence is more common in same-sex relationships). And they don't care about female violence towards children.

If you genuinely care about preventing abuse, you care about preventing ALL abuse, particularly the worst kind of abuse of all - child abuse. And yet it is quite clear the media and government does not care about preventing all types of abuse equally. Only the type that they can weaponise and use to serve themselves.

Just so we're clear, I'm comprehensively anti-abuse and believe that anybody in an abusive situation should be supported to leave it. But adults do actually have the option to do that (hard as it may certainly be); children don't. Children are utterly powerless and completely at the mercy of the adults around them. They have no agency and no power of their own. That is why child abuse is such a uniquely awful form of violation, because it's not simply the abuse of someone who has less power than you (which may be the case when men are violent towards women), it's the abuse of someone who has NO power. There were simply no options available to six year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes to remove himself from an abusive situation, he was completely dependent on the adults around him, and they all - men and women alike - fatally failed him.

So why isn't the media bombarding us with coverage about this kind of abuse, why isn't it highlighting the scandal and crisis of abused children (with children's suffering having increased exponentially during lockdown - imagine the horrors of being a child in an abusive home who can no longer escape to school) rather than massively exaggerating the incidence of male violence towards women? If you think this isn't being exaggerated, please remember that The Independent newspaper claimed earlier this week that "most women live with the fear and risk of male violence woven into their daily lives" - 'most'!? 'Daily'!? That is without shadow of a doubt one of the most hyperbolically ridiculous sentences I have ever read, but this is being reported as if it is factual, serious news. Meanwhile, six-year-olds being systematically terrorised and murdered by their caregivers is downplayed if not disregarded altogether.

The casual dismissing of child abuse the media generally engages in (you might get the odd paragraph on page 12) makes even less sense if they genuinely do care about preventing male violence against women, when one considers it is abusive childhood experiences that all too often sew the seeds for the production of abusive adults. Hurt people, hurt people, and the cycle of abuse is very real, typically continuing for generations. Want to stop male violence against women? Then stop child abuse. That's where it all stems from. You will never find a case of a serial violent offender - whether that violence is targeted at men or women - without severe trauma in their childhoods. That doesn't excuse their being abusive adults or suggest all those who experience abuse as children become abusive adults, but it is a key fact in understanding where abuse generally comes from - and therefore preventing it.

The fact that the media ignores all this and rather prefers to paint men as simply "monsters" - that there is something inherently wrong with them, something bad and evil and "toxic" and that they're all constantly on the verge of mutating into violent killers, reveals that the media has no interest in preventing violence or abuse. Anyone who is interested in preventing anything prioritises looking at the factors that cause it.

What we all must understand - something more imperative to comprehend now than perhaps at any other point in history - is that the media knows how your mind works, and uses it against you (I expanded on how it does that, and why, here: https://miriaf.co.uk/taking-the-me-out-of-the-media/). It knows that, to many people, male violence against women is a highly emotive issue, because they, or someone they love, has experienced it. So the media is simply using this, using your pain and your trauma and your grief, and weaponising it against you, by tricking you into going along with their nefarious agenda, which in reality has nothing to do with protecting or helping you or holding abusive people to account.

Let me frame it another way: imagine that I had experienced a spate of household burglaries. Having your house burgled feels very violating and traumatic and - especially if it happens multiple times - can have a profound and lasting effect on victims. I would therefore be very concerned about the issue of preventing household burglary and particularly sensitised to this subject.

The media has never paid much attention to the issue of household burglary and the police typically don't do much either, so imagine how vindicated and flooded with gratitude and relief I would feel if, suddenly, stopping burglary was headline news across the country. Highly vocal pressure groups were emerging to loudly lobby the government. Concerned MPs were giving grave talks on television... Finally! I would think in relief and delight. This horrific issue is being given the attention and recognition it deserves!

Friends try to tell me it's very odd the media has suddenly become so attentive to this issue when they never cared before, and that I mustn't let my own experiences and emotions cloud the reality that burglary is pretty uncommon and most houses are safe and secure.

But I ignore them, because this issue has had such a devastating and shattering effect on my life and so it's right the media finally prioritise it as the centrally important issue it is. I am not able to engage with the idea that media and government might have an ulterior motive not in my interests, because I'm just so relieved to finally feel seen and validated.

The media then announces the government is introducing a new scheme whereby mandatory CCTV will be placed inside all homes and our every action will be recorded and sent to the state. All to "keep us safe from burglaries", of course.

Too late, I realise I've been had and that the government and media were deviously exploiting and manipulating a real issue, to serve their own agenda. They never really cared about burglary, they were just using it as a ruse.

The exact same thing is happening with the focus on 'male violence against women', to the letter - the press has even announced a new government spying app women can download to their phone, which will track their every move and send the details to the state - all to protect them from men, though, of course!

Please be clear on this fact: the government and media NEVER do anything benevolently and without self-interest, they ONLY serve themselves, and the only reason they dress things up to make it look like their initiatives are of benefit to you, is to make you go along with them. There are so many innumerable examples like the upcoming UBI - free money available without all the obstacles and challenges of the benefits system, great, right?!

Of course, it's not great at all, and is just another way of the government controlling us, as it will be beset with conditions such as mandatory vaccination etc.

So please, please remember - just because you may have experienced something traumatic, this does not mean in any way that the media paying disproportionate attention to it, or the government claiming they will "take action" to prevent it, is a good thing. On the contrary. It's a very, very sinister thing. Surely, if nothing else, the events of the last 18 months re: "Covid" has demonstrated that irrefutably and beyond all reasonable doubt.

It comes down to this: whenever the overlords do anything, there are always two reasons for it: one, the reason given to the public to make it palatable. And two, the real reason.

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