An open reply to Dr. Aseem Malhotra

Written by: Miri
October 8, 2022

I must say I was rather surprised, as I enjoyed an evening of leisurely sauntering through the cyber saloons of the Wild West Web, to be confronted with a screenshot from one of my very own articles - shared by none other than Dr. Aseem Malhotra.

As regular readers will know, Dr. Malhotra has been the subject of two of my recent articles, regarding his new research paper and press conference relating to the harms of the Covid vaccines. As a long-time fan of Dr. Malhotra and his work on diet, I was pleased to promote his new work widely, both on my site here, and my other site, Informed Consent Matters.

Needless to say, as someone who has been warning of the inevitable harms of this vaccine since a year before the "plague" even started, and who has been very active in vaccine safety advocacy for the past seven years (having launched my own vaccine education site in 2015), I am happy to promote anyone who is helping to bring the catastrophic harms associated with this vaccine to light.

However: many thousands of people have been doing this since Covid vaccine development began, and most have been smeared, vilified, and ultimately silenced altogether - de-platformed and demonetised - so I speculated that - as revealing the harms of the vaccine has always been part of "the plan" - Dr. Malhotra could be being unwittingly used by hidden hands to manifest the next stage of their agenda.

You don't have to agree with my thesis (and neither does he: nor would I expect him to!) but you do have to recognise my right to formulate such a thesis and to share it with my audience, since that is kind of what I do... I do not take things uncritically at face value, and I always strive to analyse, question, and look at the bigger picture, and I would encourage everyone else to do that, too.

Anyway, back to this screenshot that Dr. Malhotra shared: it was, I thought, a curious choice, since it focused only on a few flattering comments I made about him, and my statement that he appears to have had extensive media training. He shared this screenshot completely out of context - without linking to the full article - and said "thank you Miri (whoever you are)", which was weird, as he obviously must know who I am, as he must have visited my website in order to acquire the screenshot (and I know a lot of people have been sending him my article about him and asking for his comment: the article was also repeatedly shared in the comments section of his thread). After thanking me for my remarks, he went on to state that he had not in fact - as I alleged he had - had any media training.

Well: of everything I said in my articles regarding him, this seems a very odd bit to focus on!

So he says he hasn't had any media training, and that he is naturally just that confident and fluent in front of a camera. Ok. So he is even further naturally blessed than I initially thought: not just clever and good-looking, but naturally suave and charismatic, too! Good for him.

So, with that out the way - that one relatively throwaway speculation - what about the actual main focus of my article?

The main thrust of my piece was that Malhotra is potentially being used to reveal the harms of the Covid vaccine to the mainstream, as part of the "controlled demolition" of our society - that we are to be shown that governments, health agencies, and regulators failed us so egregiously with the lethally dangerous injection that they can never be trusted again and must be dismantled - so that the overlords can '6uild 6ack 6etter' with a new system like, ooh, how about - a One World Government?

The new system will win our trust by presenting us with "heroes" who will reveal, strategically, some of the terrible harms of this one - such as the Covid vaccine. These people will then persuasively be able to declare they have our best interests at heart when they go to make further health recommendations, such as taking other vaccines. "You can trust me, because I told you the Covid vaccines were dangerous. But not these new vaccines. They're completely safe."

The main bone of contention I have with Aseem Malhotra is that he has stated his belief that the other, more traditional vaccines on the market are some of the safest products in medicine, when anybody who has spent any time researching vaccine safety knows that that is not true.

It could be that Dr. Malhotra simply hasn't had the time to research other vaccines in the way he has the Covid injections, so is simply repeating dogmas picked up from medical school (if that is so, he'd be better off admitting he hasn't actually done his due diligence on other vaccines and deferring to others who have); it could be that he knows other vaccines are dangerous, but to say so would completely blow any remaining credibility he has with the mainstream, so he has to do the whole "I'm not anti-vax but..." thing to get them to listen to him (and I get that, but it's a questionable and risky strategy). Or it could be something else.

The issue is, it represents some very significant cognitive dissonance for him to simultaneously believe health agencies and regulators are completely captured and corrupt (indeed, he has - correctly - called the pharmaceutical industry "psychopathic"), but that they are somehow still totally rigorous and to be trusted over all other vaccines. You really can't hold both those beliefs at once. If the pharmaceutical industry and those beholden to it are psychopathic, then of course we can't trust them on anything, and the extensive history of criminal fraud endemic in the pharmaceutical industries, makes it obvious we can't.

Far from vaccines being exempt from this, they're actually the most implicated, because vaccines are the only products pharmaceutical companies produce for which they have absolutely no liability - no matter how many people the injections injure or kill. That's not just for the Covid vaccine, that's ALL vaccines. In the UK, if you are seriously harmed, or a family member is killed, by a vaccine, the only recourse open to you is to appeal to the tax-payer funded Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme, where if you can prove you are "at least 60% disabled", you may qualify for a one-off payment of £120,000 (but please note your benefits will be affected by this).

This being the case - that already "psychopathic" pharmaceutical companies have no financial liability if their vaccines severely injure or kill - does not and should not inspire any confidence that they are incentivised to make these products safe.

And, indeed, they do not. Vaccine "safety" testing is an absolute farce, with vaccines very rarely tested against a true inert placebo, but rather, against other vaccines, or solutions containing the same adjuvant as the vaccines, when it is the adjuvant often responsible for many adverse reactions.

The extensive work of internationally renowned scientist, Professor Chris Exley, has demonstrated in great detail how harmful aluminium adjuvants in vaccines can be, and also that the amount of aluminium in vaccines is akin to "a lottery"

However, questioning the safety of holy elixir vaccines (which seem to have conclusively replaced baptismal rites in the West) is utterly taboo in establishment $cience, so despite being a top expert in his field with 30+ years experience, Chris was scandalously forced into early retirement by his university who effectively withdrew all his funding (please see the full story here).

The psychopathic pharmaceutical industry and those who benefit from its wealth will ruthlessly go after and destroy anybody who credibly highlights dangers with vaccines, because if real, unbiased science was done on all these injections, we would find they are all dangerous and unnecessary - that whatever benefits they may have are always outweighed by the risk they represent. It's a bold claim, but it's the conclusion almost everyone comes to after enough time researching these injections.

I don't expect someone who has only started researching vaccine dangers in the last few months to have come to that conclusion yet (and they may not ever), but I certainly don't either expect them to state other vaccines are the safest products in medicine, or that we shouldn't evaluate them with the same discerning and critical eye we do all other products manufactured by criminal psychopaths.

So, while I'm delighted Aseem Malhotra is putting so much time and energy into exposing the Covid vaccines (just as many other great and dedicated scientists, doctors, lawyers, journalists, filmmakers, and lay people have), I retain my right to be discerning and questioning, and wonder why he is still so enthusiastically advocating for other vaccines. Why not say, "I haven't looked into other vaccines the way I have with the Covid vaccine, so I really can't comment on them at this stage", rather than telling us all they are safe? This obviously undermines his credibility and our ability to trust him, because most people who follow Dr. Malhotra are further along in their vaccine journey than he is and know that the other vaccines are not safe either.

I'm also baffled as to why Jeremy Vine or Piers Morgan - previously zealous pro-vaccinators, and both of whom are known personally to Aseem - haven't commented on his new research or press conference? They obviously know about it - but not a peep out of either of them, neither condemning him as a "crazy conspiracy theorist" who's gone off the deep end, which is routinely what they've done to anyone who's questioned vaccine safety over the last two years. Just... nothing. This is obviously because they've been told by their paymasters to say nothing about it... yet? It does still look to me like this is leading up to some planned "big reveal", because Aseem seems able to say what he wants without being censored or de-platformed by Twitter, YouTube etc., and this has been profoundly unusual for prominent activists in the last two years. So it looks very much to me like these platforms are now cooperating with getting the word out, because they're building up to the big "great reveal", which I have been predicting since April last year.

Again, I want to stress that the establishment can use well-meaning people in this way, without the overt complicity of these people. In fact, it often does. It is eminently possible to be advancing the agenda without realising you are so doing (for instance, I know of people who are against the vaccine, but still believe wearing a mask is a must - they're not "controlled opposition", they're just wrong - but their wrongness is unwittingly pushing part of the agenda).

There's also the issue, that several people have understandably raised, that Aseem Malhotra is late to this party and maybe could do with eating a little more humble pie before being uncritically hailed as a hero. Many people just as eminent as him have been sounding the alarm bell about the Covid vaccine since before it hit the market, but Aseem admits he dismissed this as anti-vax nonsense, encouraged others to take the vaccine, and took two doses himself. Now, I don't think anyone should be blamed for making a mistake or getting it wrong (we're all fallible and we all get it wrong sometimes), but they should be accountable for it, and apologise to those people who they insulted, dismissed, or gave bad advice to. I can't really see any evidence Malhotra has done that (please correct me if I'm wrong) and I think that is rubbing many people up the wrong way.

So, these are my questions for Dr. Aseem Malhotra: I meant all the complimentary things I said about you, but why did you share these comments totally out of context and without a link to the full article? This obviously confused and misled people.

Fortunately, a lot of the same people who follow Aseem follow me also and recognised which article the quote was from, so many linked it in the thread - thank you very much to everyone who did (and for all your kind compliments! Aw, you guys...). Many also asked: why have you only focused on the issue of whether you have or have not had media training (a bit of a non-issue in the greater scheme of things) and not the main substance of her article?

So that's what I would like to know as well.

This is not about tedious name-calling regarding who is or who is not "controlled opposition", a "shill" etc (I've had it all myself, and once even had a woman go through my friends' list one by one writing to them all telling them if they continued to associate with me, she would assume they were all satanists). It's about being discerning and diligent and asking questions about things that don't add up. Because that is what (real) journalists do.

George Orwell nailed it as usual with his observation: "journalism is printing what someone else doesn't want published. Everything else is public relations".

If I were to simply write a two-dimensional gushy piece about Aseem Malhotra saying how wonderful he is and what a hero, that would be PR, not journalism. He has a sturdy enough PR team already as far as I can see, and doesn't need me to contribute to it. So I am simply doing the same thing I have been doing since I began my "citizen journalism" two years ago - looking at the bigger picture, asking some salient questions, and hoping to establish the truth.

So, Dr. Malhotra, over to you...

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22 comments on “An open reply to Dr. Aseem Malhotra”

  1. Surely Dr Malhotra needs to apologise to all of those people who have been injured or bereaved by the experimental untested toxic Jabs having followed his advice?

  2. You may well be correct but just a heads up. Malhotra's article and video appearances are now being fact checked as partly false.

  3. Great article, as usual. I agree with everything you have said. The HPV vaccine, is one of the most dangerous, given to young teenagers.
    Why do they have a vaccine court in the US, paying out huge sums to victims??
    Why are aluminum free deodorants advised but they put aluminum in vaccines?

  4. To Mike - how could his recent material possibly not be "fact checked as partly false", since fact checking is a misleading term for the process of checking for consistency with the current agenda, and lately he's completely incompatible with it. I'm waiting with interest to see whether we're close to the "great reveal" that Miri anticipates, but the machine that's been pumping out vaccine propaganda for the past couple of years can't just turn on a sixpence in response to a single permitted dissenting voice. Just for now at least, the whole machinery of applied propaganda grinds on, even as it may be (deliberately?) beginning to fall apart.

  5. He's an "Ego" on two legs basically - as many Consultants are, so I've no doubt that he's supremely confident in holding a position and comfortably promoting it;I once had a discussion in a meeting with a cardiac consultant whose personal opinion he was masquerading as fact- I challenged him with the evidence/data - you could have heard a pin drop. After the meeting I was approached by 3 other attendees and they congratulated me. Probably lucky that I worked for another organisation or I'd have been toast.

  6. Really enjoy your work. Regarding Mike's comment here on Malhotra's stuff getting fact-checked as "partly false", well that just makes him/ his message appear all the more authentic doesn't it? Indeed, he may even recieve full or intermittent suspension on his social media platforms but that oughtn't fool us either. I realise it's hard to remember to cover everything but - given her intuitive prowess - Miri ought perhaps to have included this entirely predictable scenario in the letter because if these things do start to happen to his accounts it's always nice to be on record as having pre-empted it.

  7. I wonder whether the Mark Sexton vaccine centre close-down stunts are linked to this process of controlled opposition? He cites Malhotra in his recent attempt to shut down a centre in Bristol (he even had Malhotra on the phone ready to speak to the Police). To partake in such a process you must need to feel like you are doing the right thing. Maybe that have been told that we are actually at war and have been for a while and that the experimental vaccine was necessary to prevent 'Covid' which is Arsine gas poisoning being distributed via planes aerosol spraying? And this stealth war is in opposition to the stealth war pushing for the 4th industrial revolution and CBDCs and digital/Net zero slavery. This war will end with sovereign gold-backed currency and the revelation of the corruption and evil that is behind much of the current world's ills; the debt-based system and military-industrial complex? In this scenario Malhotra and Sexton are part of controlled opposition but possibly of a different nature?

  8. Thanks Miri

    You may know that since Dr Malhotra’s recent presentation for the World Council for Health, he was on Del Bigtree’s show, ‘The Highwire’. Aseem made the same statement re. the safety of other vaccines and Del pulled him up on it. And Aseem replied and confirmed he simply hasn’t explored them yet (ie. was just repeating what he’d always ‘known’). Del went on to speak about this in the rest of the show, saying Dr Malhotra has a long and extreme road ahead of him, now he’s started down this path of critical thinking and questioning.

  9. The way I see it: your article is doing rounds but it is not for the vast majority of today's 10 second attention span memes consumers. So before the other parts of the article got screenshotted and distributed, he cherry picked the most favourable part, and it serves as "I read it for you, my people, that's what this famous article is all about, no need to bother to read it". I might be extra negative but he also made a point personally to you both by calling you "Miri whoever you are" and by using your citical work to add to his character as a hero ("see, it's not about the facts, it's about psychology of the masses, Miri whoever you are, wink")

  10. Fantastic, Miri. Asking all the right questions and thank you for not letting the pharma industry off the hook for one second for the vaccine nightmares they’ve been concocting for decades.

  11. i have no doubt that the depopulation scheme is only the opening gambit in this war against the hearts and souls of Humanity. Stage 2 and the "big Reveal" is intended to drive those of us that sacrificed our children and ourselves to this malintended insanity to the point where we're willing to destroy each other in an effort to assuage our guilt. Blame shifting is the classic response for a truth too terrible to bear and the trigger point when it comes to an outbreak of unholy hell.

  12. There’s so much information to process not having any medical background but Dr Malhotra pre covid helped a lot of us regain health through his books. Question is do we risk having our vaccines! I’ve no idea and it’s a bit worrying

  13. As Nick Roach pointed out, Del Bigtree did ask Malhotra whether he'd actually explored other vaccines he admitted that it wasn't "something he'd looked at yet". (See 25 mins into this video -

    As his recent attempts at exposing the issues with the Covid "vaccines" have not yet caused uproar - and there are many critics of his 2 recent papers about it - I don't personally believe that he's being used "by hidden hands".

    As a former NHS employee (in various guises - diagnostic radiographer then medical secretary) I have had the opportunity to speak to many doctors over the years. Sadly they (mostly) really are brainwashed into believing what they've been taught and, as confirmed by a close relative who trained in medicine more recently, they have such an intense training schedule that there really isn't time to examine everything and question the course content. Probably planned that way! I think the medical schools prefer to take on students that generally never question things or think outside the box. I know that people I know personally who trained as doctors are typically those who are good at remembering what they've been taught, diligently cramming for exams and regurgitating things as required without question...they aren't always the brightest of the bunch. But there are some doctors who do wake up, usually when something happens in their close circle of friends and family which, as Del says, leads them down various rabbit holes.

    A similar kind of scenario happens when medical doctors "discover" the power of homeopathy, for example. They usually ridicule any patient who admits to seeing a homeopath and pooh-pooh homeopathy generally - that is until they have seen with their own eyes (or own experience) amazing cures and recovery from a problem that wasn't solved with orthodox medicine. Then they become the subject of ridicule from their peers!

    Anyway, Miri, despite your reservations about Malhotra, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that he continues to make waves and expose the corruption behind this particular "medical intervention".

  14. I read the phrase "Miri whoever you are" as quite narcissistic, the implication being, because he (purportedly) doesn't know you, you must be a nobody.

  15. Miri (whoever you are 🙂
    Amazing article again.
    I get that you are writing for readers who are at various different rungs on their learning ladders here, but it is now abundantly clear to those of us who have been climbing for some time that Aseem, (whomever he is) has shown his hand - or the hands of those who 'guide' him.
    No question remains following his Facebook post. There is no doubt anymore. He is not being unwittingly used. He,(assuming he posted) is fully aware of his role.
    Thanks for teasing him out!

  16. I've been trying to avoid commenting on this one because just like every act and turn in this circus of malfeasance, nothing is ever exactly as it seems. Although I like some of Dr Malhotra's output, I also admire Miri's reasoning and logic. The former is 'now' coming round to the same viewpoint that the majority of critical thinkers have always maintained...and Miri has mooted that the good doctor hasn't been de-platformed or censored thus far. Which, in my simplistic opinion, is a bit of a red flag....albeit too obviously and therefore questionable. There's just no getting away from doubting and challenging stuff, another cause for vigilance in this entire schmozzle.
    Being the fair-play freak that I am, I spent some time back-tracking, researching, and replaying a lot of pertinent material on this and I came across something a bit spooky that Miri has alluded to. Dr Malhotra does indeed seem to possess above-average presentation and media skills, ( I use the word skills questionably).He's also good camera-candy. But what scared me during my back-research was how much he was almost method-acting during interviews. When I observed his hands, body-language, and diction, I just knew he's been schooled. The disturbing part for me though was closing my eyes and listening on my headphones. My first impression was that I was hearing a kind of Blair/Milliband hybrid. Unpromising sprang to mind.
    No satisfactory conclusion from me apart from knowing that everything still has to questioned, fracked-apart, and challenged. Wearisome.
    For a refereshing, reassuring source, I would strongly suggest anything by/with/from Poornima Wagh sars cov2. Tremendous stuff.

  17. By saying, "Whoever you are," I imagine Malhotra was tipping his hat to the fact that you post anonymously. It strikes me that he was just being collegial.

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