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Written by: Miri
March 23, 2021
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Courtesy of "Facebook memories", here's my one-year anniversary post of "three weeks to flat-shame the curve".

I still agree with myself... I wonder what proportion of my friends' list, who thought I was monstrous and insane the first time I posted this, now do too?

March 22nf, 2020

Apparently, most of the population believed, prior to coronavirus, everyone was immortal.

BUT PEOPLE ARE DYING!!! I keep hearing screamed at me, justifying the ruthless removal of our livelihoods and all our civil liberties.

Yes. People die every day - 1,400 of them in the UK alone - and most of them, like most people we are being told died of coronavirus, are elderly and/or with serious underlying health conditions. When you are elderly, and are in poor health, you are at a high risk of death. That was a fact before coronavirus, and it is still a fact now. I have seen zero - I repeat, zero - evidence that any more people are dying now than normally do. Have you? Can you share it with me?

People are frothing at the mouth in hysteria over a couple of hundred deaths over a few weeks. Like I said, in normal circumstances, 1,400 people die in the UK every day. Where has your hysteria been about that? Has it been absent, because the media hasn't told you to be hysterical about it?

This whole situation is a manufactured ruse to usher in brutal autocratic tyranny. It is to turn us all into Stalinist snitches, phoning the Stasi if we see someone buying more than one pack of toilet roll, or congregating in groups of more than three, or standing less than two metres apart. It is to reduce us all to a perpetual state of fear, panic, and paranoia, where we are completely helpless and programmable, believing whatever utter nonsense the statist propaganda organs throw at us, and prostrating ourselves at the feet of any and all 'officials', promising our undying loyalty and servitude if they will just protect us and save us. It is making us into nothing more than cowering, servile dogs. Do you want to live like that?

If you have the tiniest shred of suspicion in your mind that what the government and media are saying is not true, and there may actually be an ulterior motive behind putting us all under police-patrolled house arrest, SPEAK UP NOW. You may be running out of chances.

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