Are we really living in the midst of a deadly plague? Part one.

Written by: Miri
August 10, 2021
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If you look at world population figures and global death rates over the past ten years, you will see 2020 - the year of the deadliest plague ever known to man - was in no way remarkable. The global population increased (yes, increased), by 1.05% - a slight decrease on 2019's 1.08% increase, which was a slight decrease on 2018's 1.10% and 2017's 1.12%.


In other words, the change between 2019 and 2020 was absolutely no different to the change between other recent years. The population increases every year, but that increase is declining by a couple of decimal percentages every year. This has been the consistent trend for years and 2020 was absolutely no different.

That alone should be the conclusive evidence as to whether a deadly plague is really ravaging the globe or not (for the logic impaired, of which there alarmingly seem to be many millions - it isn't).

To focus on the UK, the overall all-cause mortality rate in 2020 was 9.4 deaths per 1,000 people (source: ONS), which is completely normal. I know the media would have us believe we were all immortal until coronavirus came along, but alas, t'is not so (unless one happens to be Keith Richards). In the UK, in normal, non-plague times, approximately 1,400 people die every day.

If there was a screaming news headline today saying, "OMG, OVER A THOUSAND PEOPLE DIED TODAY, THE PLAGUE IS UNSTOPPABLE!" - half the nation would immediately imprison themselves in their homes in hazmat suits (I know there's someone in the world right now taking a shower in a mask, I just know it), paralysed by undulating terror due to this horrifying figure.... Yet this is a completely normal and unremarkable number of people to die. There are over sixty million people in this country, a lot of them are old, and - I know this will come as a staggering, paradigm-shattering shock to many - when you have been old for a long time, you die.

Death in itself is not a tragedy. Premature death is a tragedy, but if someone is 96 and has lived a full life and dies peacefully at home surrounded by loved ones - well, that's the best that any of us can hope for and there's nothing tragic about that. It's sad, yes, but not all sadness is tragedy, so let's get some perspective - the one thing that is sorely lacking in this whole preposterous pantomime, and if we could just get some, the curtain would finally fall and we could get back to normal (or, the less tyrannical iteration of abnormality we had beforehand, at least...).

If you are in the midst of a real deadly plague, you don't have to constantly propagandise the public to remind them about it, since they all know - all too painfully clearly. All families have been touched ("bring out yer dead!" and so forth) and the role of the state and the media in such a situation is to promote and maintain a sense of calm, as the last thing you need in a genuine emergency is a country full of petrified people, since - as is well known by all behavioral science - frightened people don't think or behave rationally, and thus become a serious liability.

If you are a soldier in a war zone, does your commander want you to be a) a terrified wreck unable to leave base or perform your duties as you are petrified you might die, or b) calm and focused and able to continue to perform your duties optimally, despite potential danger? In the UK in the blitz, was the media constantly pumping out "OMG, BOMBS, DEATH, YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE IF YOU DON'T STAY IN YOUR BUNKER!!!", or was the UK war effort in fact well known for the slogan "keep calm and carry on"?

In a real emergency, keeping the population in a permanent state of terror would be completely counterproductive at every level. That's (yet another) way you know we're not in a real emergency, and for even the most die-hard of plague enthusiasts, surely you don't believe there is more of an imminent threat to your life now, than in the war, when actual bombs were being dropped in the nation's back gardens multiple nights a week? Yet then, the advice was to "keep calm and carry on", and now it's "EXIST IN PERPETUAL TERROR AND NEVER LEAVE YOUR HOME OR INTERACT WITH OTHER HUMANS EVER AGAIN".

In addition, when a country is in the midst of a genuine life-threatening emergency, that country does not need to perform extraordinary sleights of hand regarding hospital admission and death figures, to convince others the emergency is real. In a real emergency, hospitals really are full, and you don't need to:

*Conflate "virtual wards" (e.g. people's own living rooms) with hospital admissions (yes, the sacred, holy NHS does this)

*Put 'Covid-19' on a death certificate even when no Covid test has been carried out (common practice)

*Put Covid-19 on a death certificate even when someone was terminally ill with longstanding cancer, heart disease or other serious illness (happens all the time)

I could go on (and on and on), but I think you get the point.

This is all a hoax. A mirage. There is no viral pandemic and never has been. All you need to do is the most rudimentary of statistical analyses and that fact becomes abundantly, irrefutably clear. You can also speak to funeral directors and ask, were you busier than usual in 2020? They all say no. Many had their quietest period for years - until the vaccine programme began. Then they saw an abrupt upswing in deaths, which has continued to steadily rise as the vaccine programme intensifies.

So are we going to see significantly increased deaths this winter? Yes, I'm afraid we are. But if people cannot see that the fact there was NO increased death whilst we were in the throes of "world's deadliest plague", but there IS now we have the supposed "remedy" for it suggests something is a little awry here...

All that is happening right now is that warfare has upped its game very significantly. War started with tribes throwing rocks at each other, and escalated over the centuries to involve sophisticated technologies, tanks and bombs, but the evolution of warfare didn't just stop there - why would it?

Modern warfare realises the kill rate will be much higher if you can convince the enemy to administer the fatal "shots" to themselves. When people know they are under attack, they resist it and fight back. If you use psychological warfare to convince them the enemy forces are actually their friends who want to "help them" and that the deadly poison is "medicine", there is no resistance and they line up for it. It makes perfect, and painfully obvious, sense.

All you need to do is make the poison slow-acting and dependent on cumulative doses - which even your most amateur aficionado of poison could confirm is not difficult - so the connection is not made between administration of the shot, and death. A period of several months is plenty of time for plausible deniability and the "coincidence" defence - or, of course, to blame the death on "the new variant", consequently scaring even more people into lining up for the death shot.

That's so OBVIOUSLY what's going on that, short of mass hypnosis, there is no way anybody would not be able to see it. But of course, mass hypnosis is exactly what the nation is under, and so all the easily verifiable facts in what I've just written above will be dismissed, derided and mocked as "crazy conspiracy theory".

And is it crazy? It most certainly is. The plans of ruthless psychopaths tend to be. Is it a conspiracy? Of course it is: the ultra-wealthy and powerful orchestrators of world events have got together and conspired - it's kind of what they do. But it's no theory. It's happening.

In closing, I will just say this: never take health advice from people who think the world is overpopulated. I shouldn't have to explain that one.

Read part two.

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One comment on “Are we really living in the midst of a deadly plague? Part one.”

  1. Dear Miss Miri, I am elated that I have found your site .I don't understand why more people do not see what you have outlined here.
    Has common sense died ? People have lost critical thinking skills
    at the least. Logic and reason are on a holiday ,I hope to see them soon. Those bastards have not sent me one postcard.

    Cheers, Matt

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