Caring Corrupted

Written by: Miri
June 21, 2021
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A couple of weeks ago, I happened upon in the press the very strange and sinister story of Ben Field, a young graduate student who had made a 'career' out of swindling wealthy pensioners by pretending to be in love with them - and then murdering them, to collect the spoils of their will.

By the time he was apprehended at age 28, Field had already seen off Peter Farquhar, 69, and Ann Moore-Martin, 83.

Despite the fact he was some four to six decades their junior, he nevertheless managed to persuade both of these intelligent, worldly-wise individuals that he was hopelessly in love with them, wished to marry them (and did go through a 'betrothal ceremony' with Peter), and, resultantly, convinced them to make him the main beneficiary of their considerable wills.

When Field was caught, he was living in an upmarket flat in Buckinghamshire, which he had purchased with the proceeds of Peter's house sale, and had a list of up to 100 other 'prospects' for future predations, which included his own parents and grandparents.

At trial, Field confessed to defrauding Farquhar and Martin and fabricating romantic feelings for them (when asked to describe his real feelings towards Martin, to whom he had written a series of passionate love letters and proposed marriage, he replied 'very close to indifference'), but denied murder.

The trial found otherwise, exhuming Farquhar's body to prove he had been systematically drugged over a period of months, which eventually led to his death. Farquhar had become very disoriented and confused in his final months, which Field - his live-in carer - blamed on dementia and alcoholism. None of Peter's many friends had ever known him to be a big drinker, but they took Field's word for it, when Peter was found dead by his cleaner, slumped beside a nearly empty bottle of whisky.

Ann Moore Martin, meanwhile, died in hospital of what were deemed natural causes, but not before starting to suffer inexplicable seizures after a period of living with suitor and 'carer', Ben Field. 

The reason it took so long to catch "psychopath" (according to multiple psychiatric reports) Field is simply because the people around him could not conceive of that level of evil existing. After all, he said he loved Peter and Ann. He dutifully cared for them. It is impossible for the average mind to conceive of the possibility of this all being an elaborate self-interested fraud to swindle them out of their money, because, well, that kind of sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory.

When Field calmly told concerned friends and family that his beloved Peter had developed dementia and alcoholism, and that was the reason for his increasingly erratic behaviour and slurred speech, they believed him. After all, why wouldn't they? It would be absurd to even imagine as a possibility that Field's feelings were being completely fabricated as a prelude to the ultimate deception, that this was all a ruse to kill people off and steal their stuff. Because, I mean, no normal human being would do such a thing!

And therein lies the rub - a normal human being wouldn't do it. But a psychopath would. And what most people really struggle to accept is this fact - psychopaths exist. They're real, and they walk amongst us. But you can't tell them just by looking at them. They look just like anybody else. And you can't usually tell by everyday interactions with them, either, as they come across initially as quite normal - indeed, are often intelligent, articulate, and charming. 

But fundamentally and at core, they are nothing like you and me. There is something colossal and critical missing from them, that something being what ultimately demarcates us as human and not amoral beasts. You might call it empathy, you might call it love, you might call it the divine soul - but whatever it is, they haven't got it.

So, they think nothing of telling the most egregious lies, of faking and feigning empathy and care to manipulate and exploit others, and of stopping at nothing to get what they want - most certainly including murder. If it's the case that these people exist in the "small-time" - as students and carers inveigling their way into the affections of ordinary people to get at their money and property - why would anyone assume they don't exist on the world stage, too, where the stakes and the rewards are so much higher?

All that is happening at the moment is that the "Ben Fields" of the world have risen to prominence in all our major global institutions (and of course they have, as they are completely ruthless and will do whatever it takes to ascend the greasy pole - including eliminating the competition), where they feign care and empathy for the general populace, during a pretend plague that they have invented and convinced the world of - just like Ben Field did, when he made up Peter Farquahar's alcoholism and dementia and got all Peter's friends to believe it.

They dole out the 'medicine' for this feigned plague, in the shape of 'vaccines', and they prey on people's natural, trusting natures and the fact that most people simply can't conceive of the fact that psychopaths really exist - not outside of movie theatres, anyway (try and tell any 'normie' about how the world really works, and all you get is tuts and eye-rolls and "I think you've been watching a bit too much television"). 

These individuals pose as caring, learned figures - leaders, scientists, "experts" - earnestly espousing that they only have our very best interests at heart... just like Ben Field so convincingly did to his victims, as he quietly drugged them to death.

And then, when people all around them start to drop dead from the very 'medicine' they themselves have administered, they make up another cover story - worsening alcoholism and dementia for Ben Field, a 'new variant' for the overlords. 

Field was small potatoes - he just wanted the spoils of a handful of individual wills. 

But imagine the spoils of the pensions of all elderly people, everywhere. By far the biggest chunk of welfare spending is on pensions, and the Baby Boomers are one of the largest elderly cohorts ever.

So - if you were an extremely wealthy and powerful psychopath, and you wanted to trick billions of people into committing slow suicide, knowing you would be the recipient of their unclaimed pensions, how would you do it?

By faking a deadly plague and getting people to line up for an injection that you tell them will protect them, but that will in fact end up killing them a few months down the line, perhaps?

If you want to understand and survive the next five years, it is imperative to understand two key facts: 1) psychopaths exist, and 2) they run the world. 

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