Coordinated PayPal bans for all dissenting voices: why this, why now?

Written by: Miri
September 22, 2022

Just over a week ago, I was banned from PayPal - my main source of income - with no notice or warning, and with no actual explanation as to why this ban had occurred, other than a vague assertion from the organisation that I had "violated their acceptable use policy" (please note they also banned an old PayPal of mine for the same ostensible reason, despite the fact this account was under a different name, associated with a different email, and hadn't actually been used for anything in years, so in reality, the only "violation" that account could possibly have been guilty of, is being owned by me).

Obviously, this was a deep and significant shock and very damaging to my finances - but did seem to be an isolated event. I assumed it had probably resulted from one of my ever-fomenting hate fans reporting me to PayPal. I never expected for a minute that this was indicative of the fact that all alternative and dissenting voices were imminently in for the same fate.

In the last few days, PayPal has gone on to ban such important, influential, and entirely legitimate voices as Us For Them, Law or Fiction, Lockdown Sceptics, and The Free Speech Union, amongst many others. Like me, none of these organisations or individuals were given any advance notice or warning - surely if PayPal has a legitimate case that we have breached their terms of service, we should be given a chance to rectify this before such draconian and heavy-handed action is taken? - and none have been given a clear reason for their ban, other than vague allusions to "the nature of their activities".

The nature of their (any my) activities is nothing more than sharing information. Us For Them campaigned for schools to be kept open during the pandemic, and for children to be put first in public decision-making that affects them. Law or Fiction is a legal blog which explains the difference between actual law, and media misinterpretation of the law. Lockdown Sceptics, well, that's pretty self-explanatory, as is The Free Speech Union.

How can any of these activities, in a free and democratic society, be considered so dangerous and subversive that they have to be ruthlessly de-monetised with no warning or notice?

What's more, how is it possible that this demonetisation can be happening in such a systematic and coordinated way?

It is quite clear, then, that rather than PayPal bans resulting from one-off disgruntled complaints from bored internet trolls, this is coming from the top. That the ruthless attempts to de-platform, de-monetise, and ultimately silence altogether alternative and dissident voices, is being expertly coordinated at the highest levels.

This should legitimately terrify all of us. I have, of course, heard the argument that "PayPal is a private business and so they can do what they like". Okay, but as a very large and powerful global organisation that handles large amounts of money, they are subject to certain rules and regulations, including anti-discrimination regulations. In an ostensibly free and democratic society, brutally suppressing the ability to earn of people whose political beliefs you don't like, should be a serious offence that is not tolerated by regulators - because if PayPal can do this, what's to stop every other platform that handles money doing this too, including banks? After all, they are private businesses too - and we've seen stark evidence that bank accounts being rendered inaccessible if you express the "wrong" opinion, can and does happen, as per the people who supported the truckers in Canada.

I am also extremely concerned about the timing of these systematic PayPal bans, since this won't be incidental (nothing ever is on the world stage). We've been hearing rumblings for a long time of an imminent financial crash, with bank accounts possibly going offline, being emptied, or otherwise becoming inaccessible. Many have predicted "something big" on or around the 24th of this month. A usually-reliable activist I follow on Facebook, Jason Christoff, has predicted this happening as early as tomorrow, Friday 23rd September. He cites recent historical examples of the banks suddenly making money unattainable, such as Argentina in 2001. By a strange coincidence, I actually happened to be in Argentina at the time, on a family holiday, and Buenos Aires, where we were, literally transformed overnight. One day, all was peaceful, normal, predictable, and the next, people were literally rioting in the streets because all the banks had closed their doors and they couldn't get at their money.

By sheer luck, we had taken out £100 the day before (obviously worth more in 2001 than it would be now), so were were able to weather the storm and get home safely a few days later. But many Argentinians were not so lucky. Families who had previously been wealthy and middle-class, suddenly found themselves staring the abyss directly in the face, as they could not access money to buy food or any other essentials. So I've seen first-hand how quickly and suddenly this can happen, and although I don't know if it will come as early as tomorrow, I'm certain something like this is coming soon. Further proof of this is that the immensely wealthy Vatican is currently moving all its financial assets into the Vatican Bank "to protect the Church's Finances" (please see here:

So PayPal suddenly enacting mass bans as looming bank collapses appear imminent, is probably entirely intentional, to limit the financial power and therefore personal autonomy of "dissidents" as much as possible. PayPal effectively functions as an alternative bank, as people are able to carry out many transactions using the service, without dealing with banks at all. Occasionally, I've been unable to access my online banking for whatever reason, so I've just used PayPal instead. If in a banking crisis, where bank funds were severely limited or unavailable altogether, alternative voices still had access to their PayPal, this would help them avoid the worst consequences of banking limitations and keep providing content.

However, by abruptly severing all these organisations from PayPal, the dark forces behind all this are ensuring any bank collapse will have full and maximal impact on all dissenting voices.

Whenever the establishment takes such huge and significant action as this (the mass PayPal bans have even made the mainstream press:, you always have to ask, why this, why now?

Why ban us all from PayPal, at exactly the same time, right now, rather than months ago in the height of "the pandemic", and when there was far more resistance to what we were saying? (A lot more people have become open-minded and sceptical now, than was the case in March 2020.)

Is it because they didn't want to give us time to establish other platforms before hitting us with a bank collapse?

It looks very likely to me that that's what the reason is.

Please take heed of these signs and take whatever sensible precautions you can, such as keeping some cash in the house (I know many of us haven't got much in the bank to lose, but even a few £20 notes can buy a lot of rice and beans in an emergency), some non-perishable food (including supplies for pets), and plenty of alternate heat and light sources, such as blankets, torches, candles, etc. Also non-electronic entertainment such as books, games, and cards (as I definitely think significant periods without electricity and screens are on the cards at some point soon).

It looks like we're in for a bumpy ride, but of course we always knew we were going to be, and the best thing about being a "conspiracy theorist" is the ability to spot signs and see patterns - indeed, that is literally what being a conspiracy theorist is - which gives you vital time to prepare, practically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Hopefully I'll be back here three days from now reporting that the 23rd and 24th passed uneventfully, but in the meantime, I'm off to the wholesalers to buy one of those industrial catering jars of picked eggs (to be fair, I've always wanted an excuse to buy one, so silver linings and all that...).

Hold onto your hats. Things are about to get challenging, but we all know what they say regarding when the going gets tough...

EDITED TO ADD: Upon publishing this article, I attempted as usual to email the link to the subscribers on my mailing list. I've been using this mailing list service for nearly two years with absolutely no problems, usually sending out multiple messages a week. But today, I was met with the following message:

"Sorry, we can't approve your account

We review all new customers in order to protect you, our system, and others from potential spam email.

Our system performs many checks and tests to determine the validity and quality of new accounts. Unfortunately, your account didn't pass those tests.

Please check your email inbox to learn more about why your account has been declined and what you can do next."

That this has happened in tandem with all the PayPal bans is no coincidence. They are not only trying to shut down our ability to earn and be heard, but even to communicate with each other. Something big is coming.

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4 comments on “Coordinated PayPal bans for all dissenting voices: why this, why now?”

  1. I see you got your email out through Patreon, who also have a reputation for deplatforming dissidents. Options are closing down fast.

  2. • Get on GAB. Follow people & groups on #britfam
    • get a small SAFE that can be secured to a wall
    • buy some 1 gram ingots of GOLD + 1 oz ingots of silver
    • but bottles of TRADABLE spirits, scotch, gin, vodka
    • avoid using anti-freedom platforms (fb, twit, yt etc)
    • open new bank accounts
    • try non-paypal payment gateways -eg.
    • the s is about to hit the fan.

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