'Covid: masks and tests not compulsory in English schools, says minister.' - The Guardian

Written by: Miri
March 1, 2021
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Pay close attention to articles like this; they're revelations of the overlords' "code", which is that we must offer our consent for whatever they attempt to impose upon us (with some notable exceptions, such as having your DNA taken by the police; I am going to take every opportunity available to reiterate that the police DO NOT need your consent, nor "a contract" with you, to arrest you nor to forcibly take your DNA, and anyone peddling anything to the contrary has either never dealt with the police, or has a more nefarious agenda for misleading you).

You may think this sounds ridiculous or implausible, but the reality is the evil overlords - and evil they most certainly are - nevertheless realise they are bound by the same universal moral laws as everyone else. What they believe, however, is that they can escape karmic retribution for their actions by persuading people to consent to the interventions that lead to their own demise. I suspect that's why "consent" has been such a buzzword in the fashionable press and amongst their acolytes for such a long time. I have always thought this was preposterous and faintly ominous, because surely it is patently obvious that abusers, manipulators, and liars can manufacture your consent by misleading you? "Consent" is certainly necessary, but it isn't sufficient.

Nevertheless: in a court of law, "consent" is a robust defence, and so it is with the overlords, which is why the concept of the "manufacture of consent" is such a key principle to understand in making sense of what's happening around us. This concept has been around since the early 1900s (see 1922's "Public Opinion" by Walter Lippman, which first proposed the concept of the manufacture of consent on a national level, expanded upon in the '80s by Noam Chomsky); the notion that you can manipulate people to do what you want, even when it's staggeringly bad for them, if you manipulate them with clever media and PR.

If we lived in an out-and-out dictatorship, the overlords would just force us to do their bidding at gun point and shoot us in the head if we refused. But they're not doing that; karmic laws won't let them. They've found what they believe is a way of "hacking" morality - getting away with evil, by gaining the consent of those they wish to impose evil upon. This is a form of inversion of all the major religions, which stipulate people must come to God out of free will and choice - it can't be forced upon them. As above, so below - same with Satan (and yes, the elites believe in Satan, even if you don't).

However, there's nothing in the overlords' code stating they have to play fair. They can lie to, mislead, deceive, frighten, and gaslight you to gain your consent - because you're still being given the option to choose. You have the option to research, to investigate, to challenge - you don't HAVE to give into them. That is what this article is reminding you of - and the overlords always remind us of the rules of the game, because that's part of their code, too - they have to tell us exactly what they're doing, and if we don't stand up to it or fight back, then that qualifies as our consent and immunises them against retribution.

So, they've utilised the media and various useful idiots to put the fear of God into parents regarding the current circulating cold, and manipulated and gaslighted them into muzzling their infants and forcing traumatic, invasive medical procedures on their teenagers - but, as qualified here, it's not compulsory. You don't HAVE to. You choose to. You always have free choice. That certainly doesn't mean it's an easy choice or they will make it simple for you. They won't. But you still do, always, get to choose.

If you choose to defy them, and you keep making that choice, then ultimately - they lose. Game over. And they know it.

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