Cracks (and quacks) are how the light gets in

Written by: Miri
September 10, 2021
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I spend a lot of time thinking about - as I'm sure the overlords do too - what ultimately causes someone to be a 'normal', obedient, order-following dolt (henceforth, NOODLE), and what causes someone to become a crazy, quacktastic, conspiraloon (we don't need a disparaging acronym as there are already so many imaginative pejoratives to describe us 😁).

I have come to the conclusion that the answer is how well the system has served us, starting from childhood. Much as I'm very much in favour of happy childhoods, in the Western world over the last 70 years, I think they may serve to seriously disadvantage someone in terms of their ability to discern what is really going on in the world as an adult. A happy childhood where one is consistently able to trust the authority figures around one, and where doing as they say consistently results in positive outcomes, is highly likely to result in an adult who will carry those same behaviours out into the world, e.g. if you trusted mum, dad, and teacher, it tends to follow that you will trust doctor, journalist, and politician (unless you were lucky enough to have crazy quackaloon parents who warned you not to!) - because your own experience tells you that authority figures are solid and reliable and have your best interests at heart.

If we lived in a remotely sane society, then of course this would be true - there would be checks and balances in place to ensure dangerous and deceptive people didn't rise to positions of authority and power, and that, if someone had managed to ascend to the level where they are considered an "eminent expert", setting national health policies, we could indeed trust them.

Unfortunately, however, we don't live in such a society, we live in one rife with jaw-dropping corruption and based on murderous lies, and, as the lawyer who sued chemical giant DuPont for maiming and murdering people with its poisons said at the end of the dramatised version of events ('Dark Waters', it's very good): "The system is rigged. They want us to believe that it'll protect us, but that's a lie. We protect us. We do. Nobody else. Not the companies, not the scientists, not the government. Us."

When and whether somebody realises that seems to be entirely dependent on when and whether their trust in authority figures is lost (hence why it is often a vaccine-injured child, who is callously dismissed by authorities, that is the catalyst for many parents to 'wake up').

Therefore, unhappy childhoods do seem to give people an advantage in realising sooner rather than later that 'the system' is not to be trusted - whereas people who the system has served well often cannot let themselves see past its illusions, and so, as The Matrix told us, "will fight to defend it".

A certain subsection of society has been served very well by obeying the system and playing by the rules. We were all told, "do well at school, follow the rules, listen to teachers and doctors and experts", and (astounding as it may seem...) that advice actually worked out really well for a lot of people. A lot of people did exactly what they were told, never rocked the boat, never rebelled or caused trouble or courted controversy, and were handsomely rewarded, with the lucrative career, the big house, the jam-packed social calendar and glittering social status.

This is exactly how someone inadvertently becomes a gatekeeper and complicit in what is unfolding around us. Yes, there are ultra-wealthy members of the elite who are born into it, but your average doctor, scientist, and "expert" pushing this agenda is an ordinary person who followed the rules and got rewarded - and now the dark cult they did not know they had been inducted into is demanding its pay-back (which, not incidentally, is exactly how the Freemasons operate, too - they get you your dream job, they get your children into the best schools... And then it's payback time. It's no coincidence the ranks of Freemasonry, and the qualifications one acquires from universities, have the same name).

So all these doctors and nurses, scientists and experts, police officers and teachers who are rolling out this evil agenda on behalf of the ruling elite, are doing so because, at core, they lack the psychological capabilities to rebel, challenge, and dissent, having never done it - and having been so well-rewarded for having done just the opposite.It should be obvious that doing the right thing is almost never synonymous with doing the easy thing, and that rule-followers and order-takers have never stood out in history (or at least, not for any positive reason). That, by definition, if you always follow the rules, you are not going to stand up to tyranny or oppression - because, generally speaking, from a historical perspective, tyranny and oppression has been the rule. The people who stand up and fight back are the rebels and the outcasts; the crazy conspiracy theorists who have the temerity to challenge those in charge.

The crazies do that because they learned at some point in their lives (often as children, or when something terrible happened to their own children) that trusting those in charge is a very dangerous, and potentially fatally dangerous, position to take. NOODLEs never learned this. Their life experience has been that following the rules and doing as you're told equals rewards; they believe that people who reach positions of power do so because of their own merit and integrity; and that, ultimately, the system - whilst it could be improved in places - works.

This may have been their consistent experience for forty, fifty, or sixty or more years, therefore meaning they lack the psychological ability to accept they've actually invested in a huge illusion, a massive lie. That's why these people behave so bizarrely when confronted with clear evidence that the system is broken and corrupt - like the Chief Executive of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, whose response to my reasonable and non-accusatory letter alerting her to some safeguarding issues in the profession, was an instant block on my email address (see here:

This is not a rational, professional response, it's the response of someone who is terrified and in the throes of extreme cognitive dissonance as the illusions that have served them so well for so long are starting to shatter.

It's simply psychologically easier for these types to tell themselves there are a tiny handful of fringe lunatics spinning crazy yarns, than it is to confront the reality that the entire system they have based their lives and identities on is a fraud, which not only doesn't operate on the basis of merit and integrity, but is actually nothing but an organised crime ring (and the crime currently underway is mass genocide on an unprecedented scale).

So, much as I wouldn't wish adversity, trauma, or tragedy on anyone, it does seem to be a necessary prerequisite for 'awakening' and seeing the world for what it really is. As they say, what is to give off light [and therefore drive away darkness] must endure burning.

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