Deciphering the deception...

Written by: Miri
December 1, 2023
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... along with a distinct sense of deja vu, as the headlines blare:

"Child pneumonia cases surge in Europe, Netherlands the new victim." (source)

"Pneumonia outbreak in children in US raises 'alarm'. Is it linked to China?" (source)

And inevitably:

"Fears Britain could be hit by own outbreak of China's 'mystery' pneumonia." (source)

We knew they were going to play pandemic again, as they've been telling us so very decisively for months - that there 'will' be another pandemic and it 'will' be worse than the last one - and it seems now it's go-time.

That this alleged outbreak appears to disproportionately affect children is in line with predictions made at this site for some months that the ruthless establishment would target children this time, as said establishment is well aware that another rendition of a bug that primarily affects "granny" wouldn't pack enough of an emotional punch a second time around. People are inured to that idea now, that grannies do get ill and eventually die (and note, the average age for deaths attributed to "Covid" was the same as the average age of death generally), and so the overarching feeling, even amongst most Covid 'believers', is that we can never again sacrifice so much - including and especially the lives and prospects of children - in a bid to protect the elderly.

And therein lies the kicker. Millions of people agreed - you don't sacrifice children to protect adults. It should be the other way around. It should be the adults making the sacrifices to protect children.

That so many people were united in that belief - with even many of the masked-up Covid diehards opposing the ruthless betrayal of children through lockdown, as their interests were put last whilst the world focused on granny - has set them up for this next planned stage.

Because now, the focus isn't on granny any more. Now, there's something far more sinister and scary. Now, there's something that affects children.

Before we go any further, let's first be abundantly clear on exactly what that "thing" is...

I've seen some on our side claim, "this is just another hoax, these kids aren't sick, or if they are, it's just normal colds and flus. Nothing to see here."

But I believe this is a dangerous belief that will trip us up. This was true for Covid: the statistics reflected that Covid was just normal seasonal illnesses rebranded, and flu cases declined to almost nothing whilst "Covid" diagnoses surged. In effect, Covid was to flu what Snickers is to Marathon, e.g., a rebrand, not a new product. Deaths were inflated by improper treatments such as midazolam and ventilation.

Fast forward to now, however, and I believe there is a new illness - not one caused by "a virus", but one caused by the mass global poisoning of children represented by the flu nasal spray programme, which commenced in the UK on September 1st and officially concludes on December 15th. Other countries ran it at similar times.

In the UK, the flu spray had traditionally only been offered to children primary school aged, but, in July, it was abruptly announced that - for the first time ever - the UK government intended to extend this programme to include all three million of the nation's secondary school children, as well.

Even if the flu spray worked (which it most certainly does not), healthy children aged 11-16 are at effectively no risk from the flu, so extending an exorbitantly expensive publicly funded programme to include all of them, whilst the country battles a cost of living crisis, doesn't make any economic or epidemiological sense whatsoever.

As a very pro-vaccine GP I talked to put it, "this is ridiculous, a complete waste of money, this group does not need it at all".

Hence, it was obvious as soon as this extension was announced that the real purpose was not to protect teenagers from something that isn't a threat to them, it was something far more nefarious, a notion ratified by the fact that this year's flu spray is "reformulated", may contain undisclosed ingredients (as has been the case with other vaccines), and has only been tested for two weeks.

That means no data exists on what it does to children after two weeks, and it is well known that poisons can be slow acting and that vaccine reactions don't always manifest immediately.

So this gives the establishment perfect cover, insofar as claiming that it can't possibly be the flu spray responsible for this sudden outbreak of illness in children, as these children didn't (necessarily) immediately become sick upon receiving it.

It's really important to qualify this, because if we go down the "there's no new illness, it's all an illusion" route - The Emperor's New Virus, as per Covid - we will quickly lose credibility and receptivity from people clearly seeing children around them getting ill.

And of course, some children are going to get ill - because when you poison a person, they go on to exhibit symptoms of being poisoned, which manifest as what we call illness.

It was possible for the establishment to coerce compliance with the last "pandemic" simply through the power of suggestion - by endless fear-mongering via TV and newspapers, and by exaggerating the mildest (and even absence of) symptoms as being "evidence" of the deadly plague (of course the fake tests helped with this, too).

They won't be able to get away with that again, though, as trying to control people with a fake threat only has a very limited shelf life. Eventually, the fear wears off, when people realise they're not dropping dead every time they set foot outside the front door, or exit their "bubbles", or walk the wrong way down a supermarket aisle...

So, if the social engineers tried a fake threat again, people would just brush it off - "this is nonsense, exaggeration, nobody I know is any iller than any normal winter, I'm not going through all this again".

That means the establishment needs real symptoms this time - and, as I say, they need these symptoms to affect the one group people are instinctively hardwired to protect, and whom they vowed to protect the last time - children.

Therefore, in addressing this situation robustly and effectively, it's crucial we keep two key facts at the forefront:

  1. Yes, some children are genuinely ill, and more ill than they usually are this time of year, and;
  2. This illness is not caused by "a virus", Covid or otherwise, but rather, it is the direct and predictable result of millions of children being poisoned by a dangerous and toxic product that has barely any safety data to support its use, and that is known to create and spread poor health.

The refrain from our critics will be twofold:

  1. "But my child didn't have the flu spray and they are nevertheless really ill" - which will unfortunately happen in some cases, as the flu spray is known to "shed" its toxic particles, therefore inducing symptoms of illness even in those who did not receive it, but who were in close contact with those who did (and close contact with classmates for schoolchildren is unavoidable), and...
  2. "But my child had the spray and isn't ill, nor are any of their friends who had it" - a scenario which will also happen, since, as always with vaccines, some batches are far worse than others and some are straight-up placebos.

The establishment could not cope with all or even most schoolchildren in the country becoming ill, and nor is that necessary to create the required "scare", so only some children will have received the full-dose poison, therefore only some children will become ill.

These cases, of course, will be sensationalised dramatically by every media vehicle in the country in order to strike terror into the hearts of parents everywhere, and encourage them to join the ever-growing clamour for earlier, harsher, and longer restrictions - "to protect the children".

You will note, that as global hype for this new "pandemic" intensifies, the UK's Covid Enquiry is concurrently running alongside, and the purpose of this ludicrous theatrical sham is to get us to conclude that the cavalier government recklessly gambled with our safety by not locking us up sooner and removing all our rights quicker.

The Covid Enquiry is deftly manipulating the masses, to get them to declare, "those selfish politicians, they don't care about us or our kids, they should have locked us down sooner, but they didn't because they wanted to have Christmas parties and snog their aides!"

That means that we will see the public this time begging the government to shut down their lives sooner, believing they are "sticking it to the man" and defying uncaring authorities by doing this - when in reality, quite clearly, this is transparent problem-reaction-solution and the "manufacture of consent".

So we must be very clear - yes, there are some unwell children, but no, we do not need or want illiberal and unlawful draconian restrictions imposed on the populace at large in response to these ill children. Because people being locked in their houses and wearing face muzzles doesn't stop the government poisoning children, which is the source of this new illness, and not "a virus".

Even for those who believe in standard virology, the evidence remains overwhelming that lockdowns, masks, and the other nonsense did nothing to improve the national health and quite a lot to severely undermine it. We actually have the real world data demonstrating that this time, not the computer modelling governments purported to rely on last time.

Plus, as we said so many times throughout 2020 and 2021 - even if there was a "dangerous virus" circulating, that doesn't give the government any legitimacy to impose unilateral orders on the population in an alleged bid to "protect their health". It isn't the government's job to protect our health, it's the government's job to protect our rights - that is their only legitimate job, and there exists no "right" to never experience ill health. To reiterate, lockdowns and so on don't improve anyone's health, but even if they did, there is never any situation where the government can justify imposing them. The measures one takes to protect (or risk) one's health are always a personal choice.

We are, in addition, under no obligation to "protect the NHS", either. Rather, it is the duty of a national health service that we all pay for, whether we want to or not, to protect us - that, if we require its services, it is available for us. If it can't reliably be available, then it is unfit for purpose and should be dismantled, not coddled like a spoiled child by way of putting the entire population under house arrest (and if there's a more ludicrous sentence in the English language, I wouldn't like to see it...).

Nobody enters this world promised good health or long life, and even if lockdowns and so on worked to prolong a few people's lives (once again: they don't), the government still has no moral or legal legitimacy to impose them on a population en masse that has not consented. If an individual believes incarcerating themselves in their home and sanitising their shopping improves their health, then, by all means, let them get on with it. But there never was and never will be any valid argument of any sort, at all, for forcing people who do not wish to to participate.

The good thing about this is that the above paragraph is now a belief staunchly held by far more people than it was in 2020, when the alleged "pandemic" came as a huge shock. Even those of us who didn't believe there was a "deadly virus" were left reeling in shock at such an extraordinary, unprecedented situation (banned from sitting on park benches and so on), and we were not at all sure of how to handle it.

We're veterans now, though, and already have the apparatus and support networks firmly in place, enabling us to immediately coordinate a resistance strategy and fight back.

Children who are ill need the correct treatment - as is always the case. But we will not be coerced and browbeaten by psychopathic social engineers into dismantling our lives again, no matter how much malevolent, manipulative heart-string-yanking they try ("people who don't agree to abandon their jobs, close all schools, and exist under permanent house arrest forever, clearly don't care about children").

Remember that the one good thing about psychopaths (the only good thing) is that they always underestimate their 'prey', and often overplay their hand.

They had such success with getting millions to comply with all manner of nonsense last time, they glibly assume they'll be able to do it all over again (but even more harshly this time).

I'm delighted to say that I think they're going to be in for a rather nasty surprise. Their own arrogance blinds them to the fact that we are not all human cattle and NPCs, without agency or power, just dumb meat-suit avatars to be "hacked".

Very many of us - far too many for their liking - have minds of our own.

The two things they need to move forward with the next stage of the agenda are our fear and our compliance. And I can confidently assert, on behalf of millions of people in this country and around the world, that they are not going to get either.

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