Don't let convicted criminals inject things into your children

Written by: Miri
September 16, 2021
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Parents generally put a lot of time and thought into deciding who to entrust with their children's welfare. They conscientiously research day-cares and schools, and make sure they send their children to the best possible environments with impressive ratings from regulators and stellar reviews from other families.

So, how would your average parent feel about entrusting their children to serial felons who have been slapped with the biggest criminal fine in all of history for defrauding families over health? And not just entrusting said convicts to look after their children, but to inject something into them?

Because that is the situation with the Pfizer vaccine imminently to be administered to millions of healthy children.

In 2009, Pfizer was fined $2.3 billion for mispromoting medicines and paying kickbacks to compliant doctors (yeah, I know this will have normies spluttering in outrage - as if the holy saints of the hallowed health services would EVER be motivated by money, the primary reason someone goes into medicine!). This was only 12 years ago, so does anyone with a scintilla of common sense honestly believe anything has changed?

The 2009 Pfizer case is no outlandish exception, either. Criminal activity is by far the norm and the rule with all pharmaceutical and chemical companies, who are always being fined and convicted for lying, defrauding, bribing, poisoning, and so on, but as these companies are so immensely wealthy, it makes no difference to them - they simply pay the fine (a fraction of their colossal wealth), and then it's back to business as usual. If you also factor in that, when it comes to vaccines and unlike all their other products, pharmaceutical companies are not liable for any damage these injections cause, how confident would the average parent feel about having a Pfizer concoction injected into their children?

On the subject of medical kickbacks, doctors are already getting £22.58 for injecting 12-16 year olds (nearly twice what they get for injecting older age groups), and God alone knows what shady bribes and dark deals schools are being offered to comply with this genocidal assault.

The BBC-brainwashed and Guardian-gullible need to open their eyes right now and see what us crazies have been telling you from the start. This is not about a virus. This is not about health. This is not about "staying safe" or saving granny, It's about inducting us into a tyrannical social control grid with a particular emphasis on population control through inducing infertility in younger people and premature death in older ones. The time has passed for you to laugh and scoff at this, because even your beloved "experts" have expressly said there is no health reason to give this injection to healthy children. So why is it being given? Why is the Government spending an unprecedented fortune rolling out this product to people who do not need it and who are much safer without it?

It's all to do with the ruling elite's primary focus and open preoccupation for all the post-war years - population control. As I have said previously (please see here:, you can bet that if these injections go ahead, teenage pregnancy will all-but vanish next year and, within five years, mass infertility will be the norm throughout the country, and be blamed on an effect of "long Covid" or "a vaccine resistant strain of the virus".

The current epidemic of double-jabbed people "dying after a short illness" will explode exponentially the more injections that are given, and, of course, all these deaths will be blamed on ever-mutating "virulent new strains".

I know time has almost expired for issuing this warning, but I will give it one last time. If you haven't taken the vaccine, don't take it (and no matter what sacrifices you have to make - nothing is worth gambling with your life for). If you've taken it once, don't take it twice. If you've taken it twice, don't get the "boosters". And, most fundamentally important of all, do not allow this witches brew to be injected into your children - and ensuring that doesn't happen may have to include (depending on how confident your child is and how much you trust the school) pulling them from school until the vaccine programme is complete, given consent for these injections resides with children, not parents, and many schools will stop at nothing to bully children into them, just as they do with the HPV vaccine. No school has ever been held to account for this egregious medical assault of minors as they simply cite "Gillick competence" and get away with it.

Even for the most vaccine-enraptured of the populace, surely even you must find it extremely troubling that 12-year-olds can give consent for invasive medical procedures there is no health reason for them to receive, and overriding the wishes of their parents? What exactly is the point of having age-based consent laws to protect children if these can be overridden whenever it is politically convenient? Furthermore, it is not reactionary hyperbole to see that lowering the age of consent for one adult decision flings open the floodgates to lowering it for other things, too. If a child can be considered legally competent to consent to their own medical treatment, then why not their own relationships? How long before a paedophile goes to court and cites "Gillick competence" as their defence?

None of this is conspiratorial fearmongering. These are the issues we must now face. There's no possibility of pretending any more that government ministers may be a bit bumbling and incompetent but ultimately have our best interests at heart. It is now blatant and undeniable that the individuals currently occupying the UK Government, and the shadowy true ruling elite who control them, are a hostile enemy force. We are at war.

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