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February 16, 2021
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A pitch-perfect example of cognitive dissonance (which we may as well rename covidian dissonance, since nothing exists but Covid now) is the belief that:

a) All deaths following a positive Covid test are deaths from Covid, yet;

b) No deaths following a Covid vaccination are deaths from Covid vaccination.

Even when category a) individuals are extremely elderly and suffering multiple other serious health problems, and even if the positive Covid result was weeks or months previously, we must nevertheless unquestioningly accept they died "from Covid", thereby making their death far more tragic than if they had met their demise from any other cause.

As we know, the death rate was no different in 2020 to any other year, and so, yes, people "lost loved ones" in 2020, because millions of people do every year, since - apparently this wasn't common knowledge prior to 2020 - people get old, they get sick, and they die. It's very sad for everyone who knew them, but it's life!

However, what we have learned since the inception of "the pandemic" is that the death of a loved one is far more tragic when the TV says it is.

As for category b) deaths, even if these people were young and healthy, with no pre-existing conditions, and died within days or even hours of being vaccinated, it's just a random coincidence with no relationship whatsoever to the holy manna from heaven that are vaccines - correlation doesn't equal causation, you know! (And, quite frankly, they should count themselves lucky they never got Covid, which would have been far nastier.)

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