Duper's delight

Written by: Miri
December 8, 2021
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Since I wrote my piece on Monday, regarding the rule-breaking revelry of partying politicians, astonishing new footage has emerged, featuring various members of the UK Government laughing and joking about their illegal Christmas parties last year - whilst the rest of the nation was in thrall to a "deadly pandemic", forbidden from leaving their homes, or even comforting dying relatives in their final hours.

With these latest revelations hitting the headlines all across the country, I'm going to say this once again so that it is really, irrefutably clear: these rule-flouting politicians are not 'hypocrites', they are liars. If they believed for a single second that there was a 'deadly epidemic' sweeping the globe and that their own lives were therefore at imminent risk, they would all be barricaded off in their country boltholes and bulk-buying military-grade PPE.

However, you can see from their relaxed, mask-free smiles and their easy, jovial banter that these people are not afraid of anything. They laugh and joke about their parties and breaking the rules, because they know that doing this poses no risk to their health whatsoever.

They find this situation rather hilarious due to a well-known psychological phenomenon called 'Duper's Delight'. When people are telling particularly gargantuan whoppers and getting away with it, they often can't help but grin and smirk with delight at their accomplishment, and the concomitant power deceiving others brings them. You will note just how often senior politicians have grinned, smirked, and on one occasion, actually cried with laughter when discussing "the pandemic". This is because - and I want to be absolutely and unambiguously clear on this - there is no "pandemic". There never was. If you think otherwise, how on earth do you explain this ostensibly "reckless and cavalier" behaviour of politicians, flagrantly disregarding their own safety and laughing about it? Do they all have a death wish?

No. Of course not. They break the rules and laugh and joke about it because they know this whole thing is nothing but one big, bad joke - a scam, a charade, a fraud - and they find it hysterical that the idiot plebs are falling for it.

Just think, what was the name of the first man to receive the Covid vaccine, live on air, whilst Matt Hancock looked on literally crying with amusement? William Shakespeare. What line is Mr. Shakespeare particularly well known for volunteering? All the world's a stage... These little 'coincidences' are nothing of the sort. They are the ruling classes telling you - whilst openly mocking you - that, look, this isn't real. It's all an illusion. A stage-show.

How can I be so sure about this? It's because, prior to my current incarnation as Chief Conspiraquack, I worked for many years in sales, and a lot of sales operations recruit primarily through Stage magazine, because actors have all the attributes necessary to be successful sales people: they can read from a script, they're persuasive, confident, and charming, and they can be anybody you want them to be. I've spent years around professional salespeople who came from thespian backgrounds, and so, believe me, I know acting when I see it - and the crossover between theatre and politics has always been huge. They say that "politics is showbusiness for ugly people", and they mean that very literally. Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock et al, when they struggle to keep a straight face as they tell you about "the deadly pandemic" and how you can't sit on park benches, eat Scotch eggs, or go within a mile of a granny, are ACTING. It's not real. They work for the world's darkest magicians who have bewitched the whole world by conjuring up the illusion of a deadly plague to coerce your compliance into tyranny.

I don't know how anybody can reasonably draw any other conclusion at this point, because it's all so obvious, and that - like this whole performance - is by design. Apparently, "anonymous sources" have linked the footage of cackling cabinet ministers to the press. Well, you can be sure that if it wasn't all part of the plan for you to see said footage, you wouldn't be seeing it. You only see things in the corporate media that have been endorsed by the overlords who own it as ultimately being in their interests. That's why you never read a single news report about the time Tony Blair's teenage daughter tried to kill herself whilst Blair was Prime Minister, despite the fact it was one of the most shocking and newsworthy stories of the time (what exactly was she witnessing at 10 Downing Street to induce that kind of behaviour?). If the dark magicians in charge of the show determine it is not in their interests for something to be reported in the press, then it isn't.

This being the case, it is also very revealing that the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is in the press every day. I've noticed people keep saying, "the press are ignoring it, they're trying to cover it up", but I think people must only say that because they've heard other people saying it, and because it's what one might expect if this was something genuinely at odds with the overlords' grand plan. The fact is - well, first of all, that Maxwell would not be in court at all if it wasn't what 'they' wanted ('they' control the justice system, after all) - but that the trial has had major press coverage in all the main newspapers, with many providing daily, detailed updates. Yes, it's not headline news, but trials rarely are whilst they're still at the trial stage, it's not until a verdict has been reached that they really hit the headlines (as with the tragic case of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, which I had been following for months, but that didn't make the headlines until his tormentors were found guilty).

The reality is that these latest "plot twists" - politicians 'exposed' and high society 'threatened' with the Maxwell trial - are all scripted and preordained and planned. Note that Jacob Rees-Mogg even joked in the leaked footage of him addressing other politicians that "this party is not going to be investigated by the police in a year's time", to peals of raucous laughter. That's some extraordinarily specific psychic gift he's got there, eh? Or, maybe not... Maybe the reason he was able to be so astonishingly exact about what would happen and when is that HE KNEW. They all knew. They'd been told. They knew the whole thing was being staged and scripted to bring us to the nail-biting, edge-of-the-seat season finalé that we find ourselves at now. Will the duplicitous Prime Minister be held to account?! Will the shady health secretary step down (again)?! Tune in next time, folks...

It's all a show. A Christmas pantomime. There's a reason I've called this the "pantomime plague" from the beginning, and now - just like in any good seasonal stage show - the cartoon villains are being (to coin a phrase) 'unmasked', Scooby-Doo style.

What we can expect to see in the coming weeks and months, as I've written about before, is The Great Reveal - a key part of The Great Reset. Our whole culture is going to be exposed as thoroughly corrupt and rotten to the core (that's what the "leaked footage" of giggling ministers, and the Maxwell trial and all its links to high society, are really all about) - in order that it can be dismantled and overthrown for something "new" (world order), where we can all live as "one" (world government).

I know it's tempting to feel victorious and vindicated with all these revelations about lying ministers and compromised 'elites' coming to the fore, but remember that nothing is revealed in the mainstream unless the overlords want it to be, and that they are always, always playing the long game. Average people plan in terms of weeks and months, but the overlords plan in decades and centuries, and they've been building up to this for a long while.

I've even heard the theory, which I can't entirely discount, that the truth about the Covid injections will be revealed on the world stage, in order to whip up the world's injected populations into a frenzy of ferocious rage against the wickedly duplicitous authorities who have imposed this terrible fate upon them. In retaliation and raw rage, these people will raze our current evil institutions and abominable authorities to the ground - which will make way for "the new".

All of this is being meticulously timed, and I note that current figures suggest roughly 70% of the population is now double-jabbed. I know we can't get an exact percentage since figures are fudged and GPs cook the books for their £25-per-patient kickback, but what we can be sure of is that it's no coincidence that all these revelations about government and high society corruption are coming out NOW, when the majority of the population is jabbed. Although the creation of a fake plague has had several goals, the primary one was always to get that injection into as many arms as possible, and it may well be that authorities have determined they have injected enough people at this stage to move on to the next Act - The Great Reveal.

What and how much will be revealed is impossible to say, but what is certain is that nothing that is revealed in the mainstream press or on television is there by accident. It's all part of the plan. So it's really important that those of us who have seen through one set of illusions (pretend plagues, fake tests, poison injections, etc.), don't fall for the next set (authorities 'exposed', politicians 'held to account', the mainstream clamour that 'something must be done!'). There's a better future beyond all this, and we'll be able to exit stage left eventually, but we're going to have to endure quite a few more badly acted 'plot twists' first.

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