I spy an establishment psy(op)

Written by: Miri
October 25, 2022

So, another day, another random unelected UK Prime Minister saunters into number 10... (as an astute memer recently observed, we'll have Sam Allardyce tomorrow, Inspector Gadget the day after, and Peppa Pig to round off the weekend). If you think this is an utter farce, a slapstick mess, a preposterous mockery of democracy and all our forefathers fought for, then, don't worry - you are meant to. It's all part of the show to trigger "change", ultimately leading to a General Election - but not until infiltrating intelligence asset, Rishi ("Sunak the Spook" has quite the ring to it, don't you think?) has done his bit first.

Mr. Sunak is not a "politician" in any conventional sense and it seems senior politicians in the UK and worldwide Western cabinets have not been so for quite some time. Rather, he is an infiltrating asset of the deep state who has been manoeuvred into power on their behalf and to fulfil their requirements (and they're not really even bothering to hide this at this point - Sunak was not elected by the country, not elected by the party, and yet, here he is). Bear in mind, Rishi "richer than the Royals" Sunak presides over a huge fortune, with his personal wealth set at £730 million and his good lady wife's, $1.2 billion.

Why would such a fabulously wealthy man want to slum it in a glorified office job for £160k? Someone with that level of wealth is so colossally out of touch with the concerns of ordinary people - at any time, let alone in a cost of living crisis - and so insulated from any struggles that affect the people he claims to represent and "serve", it is transparently obvious that he is not occupying the highest office in the land for any reasons but nefarious ones and to serve his real masters, whom - surely needless to say - are certainly not the British public. So who is he really serving and why?

There was a very revealing piece in the Daily Mail today, entitled: 'Rishi Sunak studied at Stanford, but NONE of his professors remember him!'

Taken at face value, this seems a very odd, non-article: if none of them can remember him, there's not much for them to say about him, is there?

But look more closely. If someone claims to have attended a university, yet none of their professors have any recollection of them having done so, what is the most likely explanation for this?

The most likely explanation is that they didn't really attend (at least, not in the conventional sense), and that rather, this is part of a concocted backstory often given to spooks to conceal the time they spent in intelligence training. I remember a very similar scenario occurring with Barack Obama - that nobody at the university he claimed to have attended had any recollection of him.

Universities of course are enormous institutions processing tens of thousands of students every year, so, on the surface, it seems plausible that professors wouldn't remember one individual student from 15 years ago.

But in reality, if we examine the specifics of this particular situation, it's not plausible. First of all, Sunak and his then-girlfriend (now wife) were, according to other students at the time, a very high-profile "power couple" on campus. They got noticed, and not just for their wealth and style, but also because, in Sunak's case, he had an English accent. Americans love English accents, and I happen to know - having attended an American university myself, and not that long after Sunak did (he went in 2006, I went in 2013) - that being an English student on an American campus is enough on its own to bestow upon you a kind of celebrity status. Everyone knows "that English student" ("that English girl with the hat" was my official title for the entire time I was at university over there). So, Sunak's cut-glass English vocals, coupled with the fact he was going out with a billionaire's daughter, would certainly make him memorable - but not only that: he was at the college on a top and highly sought after scholarship, The Fulbright Scholarship, signifying great academic prowess. The Fulbright Scholarship is a sign someone has been identified as highly talented and is destined for greatness, with its alumni list a glittering who's who of top politicians, literary stars, and other major establishment players. So with all these extraordinary credentials to Sunak's name... Is it really plausible that none of his professors remembered him?

No, it isn't. The reason they don't remember him is that Sunak's time at Stanford was not spent attending lectures and doing coursework for an MBA, as the "official story" suggests. That was the cover, for what he was really doing there: training as an intelligence asset with the CIA and similar agencies in order to fulfil his future role of infiltrating the UK political establishment to install the deep state's agenda.

That this happens within US academic institutions is no "conspiracy theory", it is very well documented fact. Commenting on the subject, the site Democracy Now reports:

"The Intelligence Authorization Act is an annual bill that allocates funds for intelligence agencies. When congress passed the 2004 legislation and President Bush signed it into law, the bill drew fire from many corners because it expanded the Patriot Act and was passed with little debate.

But there was another provision in the legislation that received almost no attention. Section 318 of the bill appropriated 4 million dollars to fund a pilot program called the Pat Roberts Intelligence Scholars Program, known as PRISP. The program is named after Kansas Republican Pat Roberts, who is chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. The scholarship was created in order to train intelligence operatives and analysts in American universities for careers in the CIA and other agencies. The students receive up to $50,000 dollars over a two-year period and are required to complete at least one summer internship at the CIA or other approved agencies. The program is veiled in secrecy–there are no public lists of the participants and there is no requirement that they disclose their affiliation to their professors. David Price in his article in CounterPunch titled, “The CIA’s Campus Spies,” writes that he tried to obtain more details about the program but the CIA spokesperson was reluctant to discuss them. Price states that the agency did confirm that ”PRISP now funds about 100 students who are studying at an undisclosed number of universities…. but they refused to identify which campuses are hosting these covert scholars.

Sunak was almost certainly recruited for this programme whilst at Oxford, his PPE degree being known prime hunting ground for intelligence agencies. Interestingly, MI6 have been focused in recent years on recruiting more assets from minority backgrounds. Much has been made in the press of Sunak's Indian heritage, which is a powerful political weapon to crush dissent - anyone who criticises or scrutinises the man can immediately be quashed with accusations of "racism".

Of course, Rishi's race is completely irrelevant. The idea that an enormously wealthy privately educated recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship has somehow endured a difficult path in life due to his race and, therefore, that his undemocratically inhabiting the highest office in the land is a victory for oppressed minorities, is totally ridiculous - but it's a handy red herring to derail the real discussion, namely, his quite obvious intelligence background.

So, now we have a highly trained intelligence asset working for the deep state installed in the country's most powerful office, and - while he won't be there for long - he has not spent 15 years in training for this for nothing. He has been tasked with first creating a financial crisis through printing billions with "furlough" and the like, and then initiating the "solution" to the problem he intentionally created - e.g., some combination of CBDCs, digital IDs, and social credit scoring, as per the business interests of his wife's ultra-wealthy and powerful family, and the deep state that very powerful families are always closely entwined with.

Once he's got this part of the agenda in motion, a General Election will be called and I would put good money on the fact that, at this point, Mr. Sunak will disappear from public life altogether.

The key thing to remember when analysing what's going on in the political pantomime, or indeed anything else on the world stage, is just how much of modern life and global events are illusory - staged deceptions concocted by intelligence agencies to dupe the public. High-level politics isn't "real", it's a military-intelligence psy-op, just like its close cousin, Hollywood (note the relentless crossover between politics and showbiz - this is because they are, in effect, exactly the same thing).

Rishi Sunak is no more a legitimate "Prime Minister of Britain", genuinely invested in improving the direction of the country and the lives of the people in it, than Hugh Grant was in Love Actually (and indeed, were it to go to the polls, I think we can safely assume Mr. Grant would get markedly more votes). It's all theatre - and it's a production that has been going on for a very long time, since at least the 1950s, when Operation Mockingbird was introduced, a high-level propaganda campaign with the ultimate aim of creating a completely false reality, using fake news stories and other means, as this gives the architects of the deception such enormous power.

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." - so said William J. Casey, director of the CIA, in 1981 (when Rishi Sunak was one).

"They" know just how much power they have over the public consciousness when they can get the public to invest in a fabricated mirage - as Voltaire said, "those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities" - so the way we reclaim our power is by relentlessly exposing them, drawing attention to the holes in their narrative (cf. being a top scholar and campus celebrity at a university where nobody remembers you), and refusing to ratify their dark mind games by treating them as real.

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20 comments on “I spy an establishment psy(op)”

  1. I've been watching old DVDs recently (never was much of a cinema goer). Last night I watched The Good Shepherd (CIA) and a couple of nights ago The Happening (plants killing people by toxic emmisions - wasps and stem borers). I reckon the timescale from introducing the idea to actuallity must be about ten to fifteen years. Lots of other conspiracy movies which should have wakened people up.

  2. To say I was suspicious regarding Sunak's rise is an understatement and considering his wealth and successful "city" career are we to truly believe and accept that his entry into politics was borne from a desire to "do good"? If he was meant to succeed Boris that plan was derailed by the little matter that the winner (Truss) was determined by democracy by the rank and file conservative members. Damn democracy so how do you then get rid of Truss? Perhaps ensure her position becomes untenable and lacking the confidence of the money markets by virtue of a mini budget, no doubt created by the civil service treasury advisors (Are we meant to accept that an MP once becoming Chancellor has the requisite financial and economic knowledge in a few days to fully understand the complex nuances of the British economy all by himself and not rely on the advice and experience of the treasury civil service?) so it came as no surprise to me that 1) nominations for a new party leader increased from 20 MPs when Truss succeeded to 100 MPs thus ensuring at most 2 candidates and 2) that any competition to Sunak would fail to obtain the required 100 MPs support, thereby automatically giving Sunak the leadership, without, it should be added the uncertainty of those pesky rank and file members having the ultimate decision.

  3. You’re amazing! Thanks very much for all your hard work keeping us all informed about the real agenda, I think you are absolutely right about what’s really going on. The evil will one day ( hopefully very soon) will be revealed and people will wake up to what’s really going on.

  4. Hi Teresa, Could you elaborate about UN soldiers,please?.
    I haven't read or heard about this on any of the ( non mainstream ) sites I visit.Not to cast doubts on your reply, I'm just very uneasy about their purpose here.Thanks,Ian Miller.

  5. Very astute analysis highlighting our current perilous state if anyone had any doubts! Thank you.

  6. Wait! Does this mean it is possible Keir Starmer didn't really go to Oxford, isn't a real barrister, was appointed head of CPS to get buddies off when they got arrested for having sex with children, and wasn't really "elected" as an MP either. Also, is his wife a boy? Please do a deep dive on this fascinating character, Miri!

  7. Hi Ian my name is Diane and as this was a post sent by a colleague..perhaps i should not ansa you question,unless of course to PM me on messenger.. Then i provide ansa [proof]

  8. It’s just not funny! It is very very serious! To think that Rishi, his wife and family who could have been the focus for so much good are wolves in sheep’s clothing! Liz Truss was a genuine hard working lamb to the slaughter! Shame on us! Those of us asleep enough to let her be led up to the slaughter!

    Wake up! Wake up,

    Good must over ride evil! No seriously we must unite to fight the GOOD fight! Wendy Mason

  9. Sharon, Thank you for this timely post on Risky Rishi! Timely and just in time to avoid complete seduction under the umbrella of “all that glitters is not gold”
    Liz Truss was an innocent lamb to the slaughter yay a sacrificial lamb! Her human nature will need healing but the truth of her BEING will live on! Your good work bringing these things to our attention is much appreciation ongoing! With love from,Wendy

  10. Rishi Sunak Hindu Maharaja Of Great Britain along with the wealth to buy anything he likes

  11. I thought why would he want the job of PM when all is a mess, plus our Government is not the people in control - as we know already it is the Elites pulling the strings - it matters not which "Party" get into "power" they don't get to make the decisions. Time to de-elect all of them and start again and banish these Elites and Cabal.

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