The Devious Deception of Derek 'Diddums' Draper

Written by: Miri
January 7, 2024
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It was terrible when Jim from Neighbours died. Do you remember it? It was awful. He'd been having those chest pains, but he just brushed them off (you know what men are like). Then one day, he just collapsed! Helen was the one who found him. It was so traumatic for her, poor thing. And of course, heartbreaking for his children. I think Scott and Charlene even had to cut the Honeymoon short to rush back. Dreadful business.

The above paragraph is a roughly equivalent sentiment to the one being expressed by those persons who are taking seriously the sensational world-stage soap opera of The Death of Derek Draper (the 'Death of Derek Draper'? It even sounds like one of those straight-to-TV over-acted Hallmark movies that get immediately relegated to the bored housewives slot on Channel 5...).

Yes, yes, I know, I'm a "vile ghoul" for saying so, and for failing to appropriately grieve the loss of someone I have never met playing a part on stage. I know that, because approximately thirteen thousand different bots instantly informed me of exactly this on Twitter, the moment I cast a sceptical eye over Draper's alleged "death from long Covid".

Well, it's a bit convenient, isn't it? (Yes, yes, bots - "not for his poor wife and children, and Helen who found h... " er, whoops, sorry, wrong script.)

Parliament is returning to session tomorrow, the largest NHS strike in history is currently underway, and now, the most famous poster boy in the country for the "dangers of evil long Covid" dramatically dies, therefore creating the perfect conditions for politicians to declare next week:

"This is terrible! A national emergency! Something must be done!"

So am I saying Draper didn't really die? Not necessarily, he may have done (unhealthy middle-aged men dying from heart attacks not exactly being rare, especially at the current time) I'm saying it's a very distinct possibility that he didn't, when you consider the line of work he and his wife are in.

"What do you mean, foul fiend?!" (I consulted the thesaurus to help the bots with some variations on 'vile ghoul', which is getting a bit tired, and I don't think their algorithms have been introduced to the allure of alliteration in insults.)

"Kate Garraway is a national treasure! A martyr! A saint!" The bots continue in chorus. "And she works as an intrepid news reporter, keeping the nation informed as we battle the evil scourges of virulent plagues, that have now even taken her darling husband!"

Oh really?

Au contraire, bloviating bots. Allow me to correct you:

Kate Garraway works for Good Morning Britain. Good Morning Britain is also an employer of Lorraine Kelly, and the two ladies have a longstanding history of collaboration, with Garraway originally presenting the Friday edition of Kelly's self-titled show.

Lorraine Kelly has testified in court that she is an actress, and that the 'Lorraine Kelly' character she portrays on television is a fabrication: an entirely invented persona used for dramatic effect. That she, the real human being behind the 'Lorraine Kelly' creation, is just playing a part on stage, just as Jennifer Aniston plays the part of a "breakfast television presenter" in American comedy-drama, 'The Morning Show'.

It's not real. It's a performance.

This being the case, how likely is it that Good Morning Britain and its spin-offs employ Kelly as an actress, portraying an en entirely fake character, whilst contracting Garraway (who, to repeat, had a regular presenting slot on Kelly's self-titled show) as a real person, simply appearing as she really is?

It's not likely at all, is it?

Far more likely that they are both actresses (which, indeed, is exactly how Garraway is described on IMDB). They are both reading from scripts and portraying personas, every bit as much as Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carrel are on 'The Morning Show'.

Why? To programme the public, of course. That's what television offerings are called: programmes.

Garraway and her TV husband Draper have had key, central roles in the Covid drama, shaping and manipulating public perception from the start, with the "hero martyr" Kate and "poor, tragic" Derek characters carefully crafted to push all the right buttons with the screen-glued, drama-addicted public - and making sure the masses know loud and clear that, if the evils of Covid can come for this glossy showbiz family, they can come for you, too!

Brave Katie has struggled on alone to raise their children, whilst poor Derek ails in a hospital bed, desperately uncertain of what their future holds... and now, utter tragedy! He's dead! Leaving a poor, glamorous widow and two grieving, photogenic children to implore the public to please take Covid seriously, wear your mask, take your injections, lest your beloved hubby and dear daddy is taken from you too!

It's all so insultingly transparent and predictable.

Is Draper really dead? Perhaps, but we'll never know for sure (although obviously, if he is, he didn't die from 'Covid'), and it is certainly eminently possible and plausible that he is not. No more than Alan Dale (who played Jim) from Neighbours is - and that Draper's 'death' has simply been acted out, just as Jim's was.

Actors have phenomenal power to shape public perception and foment cultural trends (that's why they're paid such an extraordinary amount of money), and, as professional deceivers, they do not always tell you when they are acting and when they are not.

The world stage is absolutely festooned with people who don't explicitly confirm that they are actors - reading from scripts and playing parts - but a little digging quickly confirms that's exactly what they are.

Donald Trump? Actor (multiple film credits and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame)

Justin Trudeau? Actor (former drama teacher and prepped for future fame alongside Matthew Perry)

Piers Morgan? Actor (plays shrieking talking heads in disaster movies with top Hollywood stars)

And Kate Garraway is an actor, too, who was given the part - along with all the other mainstream TV presenters - of making "Covid" into a compelling and addictive soap opera.

Her husband Draper, meanwhile, has a long-established history of performing in the industry widely known as "show business for ugly people" - politics.

The crossover between high-level politics and Hollywood is so relentless (e.g., former actor Ronald Reagan becoming President; former actor Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming Governor of California; former actor Laurence Fox becoming leader of fake opposition party, 'Reclaim') because these are the same industries. They both depend on professional deceivers misleading the public in order to manipulate them. The only difference is, Hollywood actors tell you they're acting; politicians don't.

Unsurprisingly, throughout Derek Draper's political career, he quickly and repeatedly revealed himself to be as corrupt as they come. Tony Blair, of all bloody people, said of Draper:

He was an important part of the New Labour story, at the centre of things right at the beginning. But most important of all, he was a good colleague and great friend. And we will miss him deeply.”

I think if we can agree on nothing else, we can agree that, if Tony Blair is going to "miss you deeply", you're not a good person.

Draper first came to public prominence as a lobbyist in 1998, when he was caught boasting to a journalist that his clients could pay for access to Blair and his inner circle.

"There are 17 people who count in this government, and to say I am intimate with all of them is the understatement of the century,” Draper was recorded as saying.

He went on to be suspended from the lobbying firm he worked for, sacked as a columnist from The Express, and terminated as the editor of Labour magazine, 'Progress'.

So, quite clearly, this is a man entirely without scruples or conscience and quite prepared to do anything for money (like virtually everyone else attracted to high-level politics). So to suggest that he would be prepared to collude in a high-level PR campaign to delude the public in exchange for cash, up to and including faking his own death, is really not particularly far-fetched at all.

Draper is pushing 60, after all, so a nice big payoff and a new identity enabling him to enjoy his retirement in style, whilst chuckling at the dumb masses foolish enough to fall for his performative deception, sounds right up this self-confessed "cocky know-it-all's" street.

Note, also, that after his political career collapsed, Draper retrained as a psychotherapist - e.g., someone specialising in the reprogramming of the human mind - and undertook this training in Berkeley, California, a location at the epicentre of the seminal social engineering and cultural transformation of the 1960s. So, again, it doesn't seem a huge leap of logic to conclude that this has remained one of the locations of choice for training up future change agents.

To conclude: Derek Draper is, at best, a terrible human (mourned by Tony Blair, FFS!) who you do not know, and who was instrumental in pushing the hideous lockdown policies which claimed so many livelihoods, childhoods, and lives. So, you certainly should not in any way be dramatically and publicly 'grieving' for this unscrupulous stranger. (Plenty of perfectly nice people you've never met die every day too, and I don't see those disingenuously claiming to be 'so devastated' about Draper's "death" mourning them.)

But, more likely in my opinion, he is an actor, just like his wife, who staged this whole "long Covid battle" from the start. He was cast in this role to hijack public sentiments and manipulate people's emotions, always knowing the drawn-out performance was going to culminate in his highly televised "death" at a key stage in the whole pantomime drama.

As I said at the start, now is that stage (stage in more ways than one), and Draper oh-so conveniently "dying" right on cue, just as parliament reconvenes and in the middle of an epic NHS strike amplifying "Covid's" impact on the health service, is simply too coordinated to be a coincidence.

This means the population has been sufficiently manicured into, once again, being on tenterhooks about the big bad bogeyman "virus", and that they have been artfully manipulated into demanding of politicians, "something must be done! Just look at what happened to poor Derek!"

Don't forget this happened to dear Dez years after the introduction of the vaccine, and I'm sure his good lady wife would assure us he had all of his injections, so clearly, repeat vaccination isn't enough to contain this deadly beast. We need something else. We need something like quicker, longer, harder lockdowns, just as the recent Covid Inquiry firmly declared...

All the world really is a stage, and the men and women who most prominently perform on that stage, merely players. We all know who the author of that world-famous declaration is, and just remember who the highly publicised first male recipient of the vaccine was...

They tell us all the time that what we think of as "the news" and "current affairs" are really just actor-based simulacrums. It's simply up to us whether we choose to believe this, or choose to continue to be deceived.

Me, I'm very happy to remain a "vile ghoul" and all applicable alliterated alterations thereof..

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