It's beginning to look a lot like lockdown

Written by: Miri
December 12, 2021

And so, here we are again. "Plan B" was barely one day old when the papers gleefully leaked "secret documents" warning of an imminent "Plan C", which was always actually Plan A(genda 2030), which will have us all back in lockdown for Christmas.

Obviously, this is no surprise at all, if one has been paying the slightest sliver of attention to what is really going on. The virus was never meant to be cured, it was always meant to be continuous, and another Christmas lockdown was always inevitable. Here's a quote from a post of mine from September this year:

"The overlords are going to get people clamouring for [another lockdown] via the explosion in vaccine-induced illness that will occur over the winter (which, with tedious predictability, will be blamed on ever-mutating "new variants"), whereby people will be told we can never go back to normal, because, even with a vaccine, Covid is too virulent and dangerous, so the only answer is to be under effective lockdown forever., Ok, so your entire existence is sitting alone in your box staring at a a screen, but at least you're alive - !! At least you're not on a ventilator - !! That will be the line."

The media is already pushing its signature anti-human terrorism, telling you that - even after two years, three injections, and endless agonising months of avoiding all social contact, enduring repeated house-arrests, and last year's cacophony of cuts and cancellations - you still must regard all other humans as potential lethal weapons with the capacity to inflict imminent and agonising death upon you by breathing.

That's all other humans, but you ought reserve your especial neuroticism and contempt for that filthy, pestilence-ridden, barely-human brethren known as "the anti-vaxxers".

Please note the definition of this term is not, as one might suppose, someone who is opposed to vaccinations. Not at all. What its contemporary definition is, is "someone who has made the considered decision not to receive a fast-tracked experimental serum concocted by serial felons for a cold virus with a 99.98% survival rate". You would be forgiven for thinking this was quite a mild, inoffensive, and reasonable position to take - but you would be wrong. Oh so very wrong. In fact, those people - those educated, intelligent people from all walks of life including doctors and scientists - who, after much reading and research, choose not to receive this injection, are only doing so out of "fear, ignorance, irresponsibility or sheer stupidity", according to the former journalist and current deranged lunatic, Andrew Neil, in his recent prominent piece for the Daily Mail.

There are many equally venomous screeds peppered across the press, "left-wing" and "right-wing" alike, encouraging the complete demonisation and dehumanisation of so-called "anti-vaxxers". This group of people (at least 6.5 million in the UK) are labelled with every pejorative under the sun, and depicted as dangerously villainous to the point of serial-killer-like derangement: that we jab refuseniks stride about the place with our putrid natural immune systems, breathing fresh air with our filthy faces, and leaving legions of dead grannies in our wake. (It is utterly astounding, totally unbelievable beyond words, that it is now deeply contentious to state that "my existing and breathing air does not imperil anyone else's life", and that it is those who believe such a statement to be true who are labelled the 'conspiracy theorists'.)

I have seen this kind of othering and dehumanising of whole classes of people before. You probably have, too, though perhaps not in your lifetime or in your own country. And, in every previous instance where this has occurred - dehumanising whole groups of people and speaking about them in terms that suggest they are diseased, depraved, and evil - the result is unspeakable atrocities.

The othering and dehumanising of undesirable groups of people is and always has been a vital component of war and genocide. Soldiers would not agree to murder thousands of people that they saw as just as human as they are, which is why the war machine invests so much in painting "the enemy" as deplorable, despicable, and something less than human. Brutal dictators would not have been able to undertake vast ethnic cleansing regimes without first proliferating endless propaganda stripping the target group of their humanity and their worth. There's nothing new under the sun, and what has historically been done to Jews, blacks, Slavs, and many and various other minority groups that have sparked the ire of the establishment, is now being done to us, the "anti-vaxxers".

If you are partaking in this vicious hate campaign against "anti-vaxxers" (and silence in the face of such extremism and prejudice is a form of participation), then shame on you. We "anti-vaxxers" are not the ones who have forfeited our humanity by making a rational, informed choice about what we will and will not allow into our bodies - but if you are standing by silently as people who have made this entirely valid choice are viciously condemned - people who include your own family and formerly closest friends - then you are on a very dangerous path indeed. Know your history and know what this kind of attitude to minority groups has invariably lead to. Already, unvaccinated individuals in formerly civilised democracies like Austria and Germany are treated like an untouchable underclass, forbidden from participating in society's most basic and fundamental activities. Once a whole class of people has been excluded from society in this way, it is not a large leap to rounding them up and getting them into box cars, which is effectively what is now happening in Australia and its concentration - sorry, "quarantine" - camps.

This is a dark, dark period of human history - as dark as it's ever been - but our current overlords have the distinction of being rather more hi-tech and technologically advanced than history's previous deranged dictators, and, just like the endless spell-casting productions they churn out from Hollywood (named after the wood from the Holly tree, traditionally used by wizards to make wands), they love a good plot twist.

It is my considered opinion that the vituperative rage towards "anti-vaxxers" currently being encouraged across all corporate media platforms, is intentionally over-the-top. It has been very deftly manicured (like everything in the print and visual media) to evoke a strong emotional response. For the hardcore extremist plague zealots, that response is, "those filthy heathen anti-vaxxers, off with their maskless heads!", and those responses will not be forgotten and those people will face the consequences of their abhorrent attitudes in due course.

However, for most people - most certainly including those who have taken the vaccine - the response is to strenuously object. The Andrew Neil piece, last time I checked, had over 12,000 comments, and 95% of them were of the, "I'm pro-vaccine, but this tirade is outrageous" variety.

The media are past masters at psychological manipulation and using language to manicure people's minds, and they know very well how you recruit people to a cause, and it's not by turning those you wish to convert into cartoon villains. Any psychologist will tell you that if you want to get through to someone, rather than cause them to become ultra-defensive and more entrenched than ever in their current position, you have to listen to them, empathise with their concerns, find common ground, and so on. Not denounce and degrade them to little more than disease-ridden rodents.

So, the Daily Mail, and all similar such publications that publish these crazed tirades, know very well what effects they are likely to have on their readership. That effect is to cause people to start to doubt the authority and wisdom of the establishment and its current approach to Covid, and you can see that happening now everywhere. People who were initially vigorously pro-vaccine, are starting to doubt and question the wisdom of endless "boosters". Those who leant their unwavering support to the first wave of restrictions, are starting to exhibit disbelief and dismay at the current round. And, as we can see in our local shops and on buses, multitudes of people who dutifully masked up on command last time, refuse to do so now.

Then, on the political stage, we have the "leaked footage" exposing our own government's cavalier disregard for "the rules", and the gut-wrenching, galling reality that millions of people avoided loved ones and let relatives die alone, because those were "the rules", whilst the politicians who set them laughed at us and quaffed champagne.

NONE of this is accidental. It is all entirely intentional, and predictable, and scripted, and planned. The reason I have been able to successfully predict so much of what is currently happening in advance (including predicting the panto plague itself, nearly a year before it made its debut) is not because I possess any special mystical powers - it's because this is all pre-scripted, so all you have to do is read the blueprints and then you know exactly what is going to happen next.

The reason the ruling classes (the real ruling classes, not puppet, play-acting politicians) are currently orchestrating a situation in which the people lose all faith in the current establishment, is so it can be destroyed and replaced with a new regime.

Rumour has it that the Covid narrative is on schedule to be revealed as false in the first quarter of 2022. How false, I'm not sure, but I think there is a very realistic possibility that the truth about vaccines will be officially exposed, and that is why they're pushing so hard to "boost" everyone before the end of February. Once they've got the third dose of that into people, then they've achieved their objective and so they can can reveal what it really is, and observe as this barbaric, brutal betrayal turns the people into an enraged rioting mob who will burn their country to the ground. It's a truly awful thought and I hope I'm wrong and that most people getting the injection are just getting saline and nothing bad will happen to them, but, unfortunately, I think that's hopelessly, naively over-optimistic. Therefore, I cannot imagine the utter horror and social implosion that would result if it was revealed to the public that they have been injected with an irreversible bioweapon that is going to terminate their lives within the next five years, and that all our dominant institutions were complicit in this covert, quiet genocide. The social reaction to that is quite unfathomable, so I sincerely do hope that I'm wrong, but the terrible reality is that it can't be ruled out.

The idea of a 'vaccine reveal' seems plausible, because if the ruling classes wanted to cover up the dangers of the vaccine, they wouldn't give it to top sportspeople who are collapsing like flies on football pitches, leading to endless and very vocal speculation that the vaccine is the culprit. This gives too much visibility to vaccine dangers, which could easily have been avoided by giving anyone in the public eye a placebo and only giving the death shots to "nobodies" whose deaths go by largely unnoticed by wider society (not by me, though, and I have been compiling a database of the staggering number of "sudden, unexplained" deaths that have started to occur in young, healthy people, since the advent of the vaccine).

So, I think the likelihood is very high that we're in for some enormous revelations in the New Year, which will pave the way for the current order to be toppled and replaced with something else. Revelations will be shocking and extreme, and will involve politicians, journalists, actors, singers, and Royalty - who, by no coincidence, are all implicated by the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, too. It's all going to come out and it is all meant to. As our society is revealed as deeply evil and corrupt to its core, complete social meltdown will ensue, as one of the central maxims beloved of the overlords is Ordo Ab Chao - order out of chaos. They have intentionally created this critical chaotic culmination (and they've been working on it for many decades) so they can bring their new form of order - their new world order - into being.

The next few months are likely to be tough, but if you've endured this far, you've already demonstrated you've got the strength to manage what's coming. As many have said, and as is of crucial importance to keep reminding yourself, you are here now for a reason, and we need you in this fight. Stay strong, sane, and scrupulously unsanitised...

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3 comments on “It's beginning to look a lot like lockdown”

  1. I absolutely totally agree with what you have said in the above article unfortunately.
    Please God more people come to their senses.
    I’m on my own, I don’t know how I can help!
    Friends, family and clients all believe exactly what the media is telling them without even trying to get a more balanced view for themselves, I’m alone and frightened.

  2. Rhona don’t be frightened. There is probably a Stand in the Park group near to you. They will meet Sunday mornings at 10am. Look them up on FB. You will find lots of like minded people to reassure you.

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