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Written by: Miri
December 19, 2021
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When people are kind enough to compliment me on my conspirarants, they tend to say one of two things - one, that they enjoy my logical approach to analysing what's going on (I don't "blind with science" or link-spam studies, I prefer to just apply rationale and critical thought, two things the New York Times has sternly warned us off doing), and two, that they appreciate I have a sense of humour about it (something the New York Times and all corporate media seems to consider a kind of heresy), which has led me to a key observation about the opposing side - they possess neither. There's nothing remotely logical about any of their beliefs (and they openly admit this, declaring that, as none of this makes any sense, there's no point in trying to understand it, and instead we must just leave all that pesky 'thinking and comprehending' stuff to "the experts") - and they've also developed a complete and utter sense of humour failure about all of it.

Because, have you noticed, just how stonily seriously they take everything "Covid", never smiling about any of the ludicrous lunacy surrounding us or cracking jokes about it; instead, they just keep reminding us, dourly and relentlessly, that PEOPLE ARE DYING YOU KNOW.

Yeah, I know. People die every day, and they always have. Prior to the plague, 150,000 people around the world died every single day, and yet we were still allowed to have fun and laughter and enjoy our lives and not be literally and figuratively muzzled and placed under house-arrest whilst our global dictators dismantle all our civil liberties and enforce worldwide communism...

So, in the first instance - and let's be really clear on this, one more time and for the record - no more people died in 2020 than in any other recent year (indeed, the global population actually increased), so if we were allowed to have humour in every previous year, despite the undeniable fact that people died (a rather unavoidable conclusion to most lives, it would seem), then why not now? I mean, especially now.

The whole Covid pantomime really is comical in its absurdity, and the endless examples for laughing at it as a result are innumerable, such as the Monty-Python-esque decree that you must only walk in parks and not sit, whilst only sitting in pubs but not walk, or you will inflame the virus' ire... Yet the "normies" can't laugh at any of this. They have become Spock-like in their perennial sombre grimaces, and all they can do is piously proselytise endless Covid sermons ("you wouldn't say that if you were on a ventilator".... "the unvaccinated should be banned from hospitals"... "mmmf hmmf mmmg" [I missed that last one because of the muzzle] etc.).

Even if it was true that there was a terrible plague sweeping the world and striking down people in their prime - which it absolutely is not - this would not therefore imply that we must sacrifice all other elements of our humanity at the altar of plague-worship, as if enjoying yourself and cracking a joke at the plague's expense, will anger it (much like sitting on a park bench does) and cause it to place a hex upon your home...

Pre-plague, I knew people who died in terrible circumstances. Drug overdoses, suicides, cancer. I'm sure we all did. Yet I didn't respond to this by dismantling myself as a human being and refusing to engage with the world and life because PEOPLE ARE DYING YOU KNOW. That's a stupid, senseless, utterly inhuman and inhumane response to the reality that death exists. Death is far from the worst life has to offer; how can it be, when it is as natural and normal as birth? Yes, premature death is sad and sometimes tragic, but still not a reason to shut the rest of life down. If anything, it's a reason to live more vigorously than ever, because none of us knows how much time we've got here. There are no guarantees that you will have a long life and many people don't. Most, if not all, of us will have to deal with losing someone - usually multiple someones - prematurely, and this is something human beings have always had to deal with throughout history. And deal with it they have - with one crucial coping mechanism for dealing with life's difficulties being humour.

Humour and laughter are very powerful, and in my opinion, at least as powerful as healing frequencies as love, which is exactly why the overlords have gone to such extreme lengths to suppress wit and jokes about the plague. Notice that all professional comedians are totally silent on the comedic aspects of the ridiculous plague restrictions, confining their routines only to risible mocking of "anti-vaxxers" ("raise your hand if you're worried about the jab's side effects," said that titanic wit, Jimmy Carr. "Now slap yourself with it." Har-de-har-har, eh?).

It enrages the normies that I dare to poke fun at the plague, because the normies are programmed by the overlords, and the overlords know that real humour could and would break the dark spell they have cast over the world. Remember that Hollywood is not there to benevolently entertain us, it is a military-grade psychological weapon, a messaging and predictive programming tool (the name 'Hollywood' coming from the wood from the Holly tree, traditionally used by wizards to make wands), and it was revealed in the film Monsters Inc. that, to the dark entities who rule the world, there's only one frequency stronger than fear - and that's laughter.

For devout plague evangelists, I would genuinely like to know: when was the last time you really laughed at something? I'm not talking about low-vibrational, fear-motivated mocking (e.g. "I laugh at you stupid conspiracy theorists every day", yes, very good, very witty and original), I mean real, genuine, delighted, tear-rolling, belly-clutching laughter. I bet you haven't since pre-March 2020, since laughter and fear are simply not compatible. If you have been stuck in lower-brain limbic fear for all that time, you won't have been able to access the higher parts of your mind that recognise and appreciate wit and humour, and that is by design. The overlords need you frozen in perennial terror to keep gaining your compliance for this ludicrous pantomime power-grab, and, as I say, fear and laughter are not compatible. The minute you start laughing at them, they lose their power over you and their dark spell is over. That's why they're so determined for you not to do it.

Remember when the plague made its debut, and the nation was spellbound with terror, and ITV made the executive decision to screen a terrifying plague movie? 2011's 'Contagion' actually had the strapline "nothing spreads like fear". Well, why did ITV do that? In a supposed "national emergency" where millions of lives are allegedly at risk, couldn't the country do with a little levity and morale-boosting, something to lift the spirits a little, like, say, a comedy?

No, because comedy and humour would raise your frequency and snap you out of the lowest, darkest, most compliant mindset there is, fear, and none of this would work if you weren't kept imprisoned there.

I didn't watch "Contagion" when ITV screened it, just like I haven't watched any of the other fear-porn the media beast has relentlessly churned out for the last two years. Instead, I have been watching my old favourite comedy shows and films - Fawlty Towers, A Fish Called Wanda, Spice Girls: The Movie (which is actually an understated comedy classic, though it's hard to say if the comedy is intentional).

And this is why I haven't spent a single second of the last two years feeling terrified (in reality, terrorised), and trying to mitigate my fear by lashing out at others and demanding they are banned from using state services they pay for if they have opinions that aren't mine etc.

I'm not afraid. I still laugh. I still live.

Do you?

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