The Panto Plague in 2 Pictures

Written by: Miri
December 17, 2021
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I still have a lot of normie friends on my Facebook page, from back in the olden days when I used to pretend to be one of them (I never really was, though; I always hated the Guardian and used to make a point of ostentatiously reading books by obnoxious American conservatives, just to annoy them), and, courtesy of these people, I have seen two images - one, a cartoon, the other, a screenshot of a dialogue - that perfectly, painfully encapsulate how and why they have fallen for the current farcical facade. Please see images below:

In image one, we have a cartoon, of a balding middle-aged man (the archetypal 'conspiracy theorist', you see - not that these painfully right-on liberals are EVER the types to prejudicially stereotype, of course), hunched over his laptop, and calling to the retreating figure of his wife, "Honey, come back! I've found some information all the world's top scientists and doctors missed!"

You get it, right? All "the experts" have declared that Covid is a very serious disease and that we must all panic, dismantle our lives, avoid our grannies, and indulge in injection-frenzies and nasal invasions for the rest of our natural lives, but stupid Mr. Conspiracy Theorist here, with his Yooni of YouTube education, thinks he knows better! What an idiot!

In a way, I don't know where to start with this, because it's just so pitiful. I literally feel a stab of pity for anyone who could see this cartoon and think this is making a clever and insightful point, because all it is doing is revealing the total and utter hypnotised ignorance of the masses, and what easy fodder they are for the ruling classes to manipulate and use.

But, let's break it down anyway. By "all the world's top scientists and doctors", the image actually means "that doctor wot I saw on telly". The odious idiom "TV doctor" (which should be annexed from the language immediately and anybody who refers to themselves this way heavily punitively fined) refers exclusively to someone who has been bought by the establishment and will obediently trot out whatever pharmaceutical endorsements or mendacious lie they are told to. ANY doctor who is regularly on TV or quoted in the corporate media is extremely likely to fall into this category, and surely that is obvious. The establishment owns the establishment media and so they choose (very carefully) what is in it - and it is not difficult to bribe the compliance of a doctor, since the great majority of them went into the profession for the money (hence why serial felons like Pfizer have had such great success with buying them off).

The same is so for scientists. They can be easily bought off and most of them are, since the alternative is to become a pariah - if they don't do what very wealthy and powerful influences who control academic research decree, then they lose research funding, their own universities turn against them, they get smeared in the press, and, ultimately, their lives are destroyed. There are many, many, many examples of this happening to genuine and principled scientists who challenge establishment interests, one recent example of which I detailed here.

'Normies' seem to have a chillingly childlike naivete and trust in "scientists", and think they are some separate, superior breed of humanity, who aren't motivated by all the normal human incentives of money, status, career, and greed. Here's some stunning, paradigm-shattering news for you, normies: they are. Most scientists are just as easy to buy off as any politician, and very few have the moral courage or the integrity to commit to truth and ethics when money and career progression are on the line. "Science" is very easy to manipulate, by cherry-picking data, omitting inconvenient findings, or straight-up lying - and the examples of scientists doing this throughout history are absolutely innumerable. In fact, it's more common than them NOT doing it, and, as Marcia Angell, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the most respected scientific journals in the world, said;

"It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor."

These remarks were echoed by a statement from Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet, another top research journal, who said;

"The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.

If you can read these two statements, from two individuals more experienced in reading and analysing scientific studies than 99.9999% of the world's population, and still conclude it makes sense to "trust wot scientists say on [ultra-wealthy corporate-owned] telly" and in other corporate media, then I am very afraid to tell you that you are an idiot. To paraphrase Ms. Angell, I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly, over my nearly two decades of having arguments online - but it's true.

"Science" is so flagrantly corrupt and corruptible that it is simply idiotic to blindly outsource your own health - and, quite frankly, your life - to this field, unless you happen to be a highly experienced academic researcher who is extremely skilled at reading and analysing studies and knows how to spot anomalies and inconsistencies, which anyone who posts an image like the above, most certainly is not.

People who claim they "follow the science" do no such thing; what they actually do is follow the media, and its slick 'sciencey' soundbites and babbling talking head "experts", and what these people SAY "the science" shows. Such individuals wouldn't have a clue what the supporting studies actually really say, or how to read and analyse them to determine if they are legitimate.

The second image I have posted very sadly corroborates this further. The individual in question is acknowledging that the current scenario of injecting people multiple times with God-knows-what, doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. This is because it doesn't. However, rather than come to that conclusion, this individual, and so many like her, abdicates any responsibility for trying to understand the situation herself, by claiming that "she is not worthy" - since only people with the right qualifications are allowed to use their own minds. Don't you dare to try such an impudent and reckless endeavour yourself, not until you can show me your medical degree!

It is, as I say, just so pitiful. Vast swathes of the population have been turned into intellectual and moral geldings, too passive and fearful to even attempt to understand what is going on, let alone have an opinion on it - and such a mindset is, of course, the perfect one for ruthless genocidal tyrants to control, exploit, and, ultimately, easily destroy.

What enrages my opponents about me so much is not that they think I'm going to kill them by breathing, etc., but that I dare to think for myself and form my own judgements and conclusions. Just how very DARE I, who do I think I am?! "Are you a scientist?", they ask smugly, a thousand times a day, very, very proud of themselves for this brilliant flash of incisive wit and wisdom.

"No," I have taken to responding. "Are you a linguist? 'Cause if you're not, I don't know what you think you're doing attempting to use language to communicate. Do you have a rigorous academic understanding of etymology? Are you professionally qualified in morphology and syntax? No? Well, you'd better stop using words, then, and leave that sort of thing to the experts."

It literally is that stupid. I don't have to be a scientist to read and form a conclusion about science, any more than you need to be a linguist to use and understand words. Indeed, scientists typically rely on non-scientists to report their findings to the general public, since very few news articles on science you have ever read are written by the scientists themselves, they're written by writers, like me. Hence why I was able to write a 6,000 word article about a scientist and science, without actually BEING a scientist myself. Astonishing how that works, eh?

However, it's also key to note that I am not a mindless marionette who's opinions and views are irrationally jerked about every five minutes, whenever there is a "new study". As documented, "studies" can show all sorts of things that may or may not actually be true, and there was, incredibly, a time in human history where - brace yourself, normies - studies and TV doctors weren't around, and you actually had to think and make decisions for yourself.

Humanity seemed to manage to survive for many thousands of years that way, and that is because - much as the tyrannical establishment would like you to believe otherwise - the human body and mind are not faulty, diseased, ignorant entities that all die at the age of five without Super Science to come and save them. That view of the human species is a fairy-tale beloved of the establishment as it helps them flog pharmaceuticals, fear porn, and keep you in a state of fearful, dependent ignorance.

In fact, your body and mind are, by design, brilliantly intelligent and intuitive, as well as self-healing, given the right conditions. My conclusions that the plague is a pantomime and that it is a ludicrously lunatic idea to take multiple experimental injections concocted by serial felons for a cold virus, do not come from "studies", but from my own mind, critical thinking, and common sense. These have served me very well throughout my life, as has the so-called "gut instinct". You have instincts for a reason and literally their only job is to keep you alive and away from dangerous things. They are exceptionally good at this, as the fact that 100% of your ancestors survived to reproduce attests. When I first became vaccine sceptic at the age of 16, it wasn't a YouTube video or David Icke lecture that prompted this (the former didn't exist and I'd never heard of the latter) - it was my own instincts telling me something was wrong with vaccines, so I stayed off college the day the nurse came in to give the meningitis vaccine.

My instincts were absolutely right then and I can't think of very many, if any, incidences where they haven't been. If I told your average normie that I trust my gut over "science", you can imagine all the eye-rolling and mocking laughter that would ensue - but actually, science supports my conclusion, and there is solid neuroscience behind the notion of a "gut feeling".

The bottom line is that the establishment wants to turn fearful, dependent ignorance into a virtue, by encouraging people who are ignorant, dependent, and fearful to believe they're better people - because they "trust the experts" - than those who question and challenge and think. It wants to depict critical thinkers and non-conformists as arrogant, delusional fools, bewitched by lunacy on the internet that makes us believe "we know better than the experts". What a dangerous, grandiose position that is! Don't be like THEM, the establishment rebukes sternly - trust your betters and don't get above yourself. There's a good boy. Now, get back in the house and put on your muzzle.

This whole pantomime plague scenario has been nothing but a massive behaviour modifying exercise (check out all the behavioural psychologists involved in informing the governmental pandemic response) to make the human race as ignorant, afraid, and subservient as possible, as these are the personality types that are the easiest to control - to extract money from and then prematurely kill, which is ultimately the endgame. As I have mentioned many, many times, and as is a fact that no serious person disputes, the ruling classes are openly committed to hoarding wealth and reducing the population.

The "pandemic" has seen one of the biggest wealth transfers from ordinary people to the ultra-rich in all of history, and the Covid injection is documented by multiple studies to dramatically increase death rates. It's quite easy to pay off doctors and scientists to lie about this, and to censor and smear the ones who tell the truth. It's really not that complex a concept to wrap your head around: The ultra-wealthy and extremely well-resourced ruling classes have manipulated world events in order to steal your money and then kill you, just as the ruling classes have always done.

I don't need an "expert" or a "study" to confirm that for me, since. unfortunately, it is painfully obvious. And unlike my 'normie' friends, I am not sitting here smugly congratulating myself for being so witty and clever in dismissing my opponents. On the contrary: I'm desperately hoping I'm wrong. But I know I'm not. As has been said so many times, when the truth is finally revealed on the world stage - and it will be - it will be the most agonisingly unsatisfying "I told you so" in all of history.

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One comment on “The Panto Plague in 2 Pictures”

  1. An awesome piece of work, put in such a way even a low educated under achieving waste of time such as myself can digest understand and thoroughly accept as the actual truth of what is currently happening to our country and for the most part the western of the most important pieces I have read so far regarding the subject matter,I want to run around waving it above my head like some symbolic flag of truth making anyone I encounter sit and digest every glorious morsel of truth it contains..Thank you author I massively appreciate it..

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