Madeleine McCann, The Media, and The Microchip

Written by: Miri
October 7, 2022

The below was originally published in May 2021, I republish it today, October 7th, 2022, in response to this story currently saturating the headlines....

Like most of us, one of the very first rabbit holes I fell down in the process of "awakening" was the very strange case of Madeleine McCann, world's most famous missing child (actually, world's ONLY famous missing child - after all, tens of thousands of them go missing every year, yet can we name any others?). I've written two brief but (er, hopefully) persuasive analyses about the situation, one in June last year and one yesterday, that I submit below for your perusal and consideration....

June 14th, 2020

Just a reminder that while tens of thousands of other children have gone missing since 2007, who haven't warranted a single mention in the press, this particular case is still being given blanket coverage thirteen years later because the whole thing is a staged psy-op to chip us, and it always has been.

They will "find her alive", and then the family will give gushing worldwide TV interviews lamenting, if only there had been some way of tracking her, this terrible tragedy and heartache - and awful victimisation of us, her innocent parents! - could all have been avoided!

The masses will then be lining up for their "Maddie microchip". Of course they will.

For everyone saying, "oh but the parents murdered her, it's so obvious", stop and think. It's too obvious. The press and the establishment made it *too obvious*. If they really wanted to cover this up, they would never have mentioned her in the press at all - just like every other missing child - not intentionally made "Madeleine McCann" a household name (how many other missing children can you name?), whilst constantly streaming footage of Gerry and Kate behaving as villainously and suspiciously as possible.

We are being set up, so that when they find her alive, "conspiracy theorists" can be further demonised - and this can be used as an excuse to yet further restrict free speech - because you crazy fantasists victimised innocent, grieving parents with your mad conspiracies, when she was alive all along!

Just wait and see.

May 4th, 2021


If you've never heard of this literary device, it was a phrase coined by (funnily enough...) Chekhov, to denote that if a rifle is casually mentioned in the first chapter of a book, it's not incidental. It's been mentioned for a reason and will have a seminal part to play later on.

Such a device is also being employed in the perennial pantomime of the Madeleine McCann drama. Thousands of children go missing every year and we never even know their names, so why is this one still in the press 14 years later, and why has she never really gone away?

It's to keep her in the public consciousness for when she is found, alive and well (and when I say, "she", I mean the actress playing her, which is why they'll conveniently wait until after her 18th birthday, as there's probably some covert law prohibiting using children as crisis actors), so they can use her to push in what this has always been about - the microchip agenda.

The parents were intentionally made to look guilty as sin, it's all part of the panto (every good pantomime must have its villains, after all) - because, just think about it: why was this even in the papers at all? If the parents really killed her and covered it up, all their friends in high places could quite easily have kept it out of the newspapers, yet it was splashed all over international media within about three minutes of it happening (indeed, one newspaper, I believe The Telegraph, reported and then quickly pulled it before it had even been reported to Interpol).

This has all been staged, and when they "find her" later this year - finally, joyous news after the never-ending horrors of the plague! - the family will do the media circuit gushing about how amazing it is, how they never gave up hope, even though they knew the whole world thought they were guilty... And all of this heartache could have been avoided if she'd just been chipped!

Maddie's Microchip: Coming soon to a street theatre - sorry, I mean, ‘news stand’ - near you.


I know a lot of people find this possibility hard to wrap their heads around, because - what about the sniffer dogs? What about the Portuguese detective's book? What about the Richard D. Hall stuff?

Well... what about if that is all set up? All the world's a stage, remember...

I mean, just think about how intricate, how well-plotted and well-acted, your average crime drama is these days - how compelling, how it draws you right in, how it even makes the press sometimes, as if it is real news - and you only know it's fictional and portrayed by actors because you are explicitly told this at the beginning.

But what if you weren't? What if these brilliantly scripted and acted dramas were presented as documentaries, as real? Would you still be able to tell the difference between scripted fiction and organic reality/ Are you sure?

I think the whole thing was staged from the start. And potentially, to paraphrase the Matrix, there is no Madeleine. She may merely have been a composite of CGI and various child actors (there were a lot of anomalies in the photos of her, suggesting major photoshopping and that it wasn't always the same child in the images). Conveniently, she went missing when she was three years old, so too young for nursery friends, or her baby siblings, to have any clear memories of her. She may have been completely made up for the purposes of fulfilling the agenda that will shortly be rolled out in her name.

Given how quickly the news cycle usually moves, you do not keep the same story in the headline for fourteen years unless there is a very major agenda item at play. Please bookmark this page, because I predict, in less than a year from now, we're all going to have found out what it is. 

For newer readers, if you think the above sounds like an insane conspiracy theory - of course the news is real! Of course they would never lie on this scale! - I invite you to listen to this brief (9-minute) lecture by acclaimed author and journalist, Naomi Wolf. Wolf explains that media outlets around the world often engage in theatre - presenting staged events as real, in order to propagandise the public and push a political agenda - and that this is a perfectly legal thing to do.

Wolf says: "We have entered an era in which it is not crazy to assess news events to see if they're real or not real… In fact, it's kind of crazy not to."

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23 comments on “Madeleine McCann, The Media, and The Microchip”

  1. Cheers for this as I too have researched Halls articles. And with the Podesta photo fits, I have actually given your article serious consideration and believe you're onto something. So I'll be bookmarking the page as asked and look forward to finding the truth.

  2. This selling point for a chip will be added to: "A chip can also be used to (as these are implemented) replace cash, credit cards, ID, car keys, house keys . . ." They won't mention that the system would also allow the powers that be to turn off aspects of the chip at will.

  3. Such an interesting perspective this is, and I have just seen and shared a newspaper article saying that "dramatic new evidence has been found, just after her 18th birthday". I reckon you could be on to something here. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I too became very interested in this case a few year’s ago and did a huge amount of research, a lot of which I have forgotten. I also believed it was about the chip. I believe she was meant to disappear and then miraculously be discovered a short while later at which point the chip would be brought out as a “solution”. However, I believe something went wrong and she actually died in the apartment, hence the alerts from the blood and cadaver dogs. It’s still possible though that she will reappear after her 18th birthday. I had not thought of this before and await to see what happens.

  5. yes I agree, this is a viable possibility. It bears all the hallmarks. What I have learned is - each action serves several results, motives often a multiplicity of effects. Signallng is something I have noticed... and since this particular child 'went missing'...we have have seen a massive industrialisation of child trafficking. Somehow, this case served as a 'starting pistol' to a shift ... a massive shift in how human beings are regarded by those who seek to dominate. Miri...check Suez. Main artery.

  6. The family is from Leicestershire, someone local could check for a birth in the records office…

  7. I'd never really considered that this case was a psy-op before. The key point here is that thousands of children go missing every year, so why has this story been in the news for so long and given so much attention? I think you may be onto something, but I just can't visualize how they would pull off the 'finding' of Madeleine. Surely the focus of the public would be so intense they just couldn't risk it for fear of being found out?

  8. If they can fake the moon landing they can fake Maddie McCann reappearing. Public are so stupid they'll swallow anything.

  9. There is definitely a "chipping kids" angle to the MM case (Masonic initials, btw). I remember reading at the time that the parents were involved in an initiative to promote chipping children in the way pets are chipped.

    However, I've done a lot of reading about this case, and there seems to be strong evidence for an elite-level paedophile connection too hence the subsequent bizarre events.

    I have a Genes Reunited subscription and found MM's birth listed in the 2nd quarter of 2003 in Leicestershire. I can't seem to copy and paste it here.

  10. I would not be surprised by this in the slightest! Never trusted ‘the parents’ from the very start, and weren’t they, the distraught mummy and daddy, on the flight list to epstein’s paedo island?

  11. hmm? similar angle like Jones' Sandy Hook angle. everything is a staged psyop? no kids died and MM'Cann is alive. bit of a stretch I think in both cases. but never say never. nothing would surprise me as it's no measure of good health to be well adjusted to a sick society.

  12. I think she was definitely murdered/inadvertently killed by the parents.
    But you may be correct in that the powers that be may use this opportunity and introduce a crisis actor as 18 y/o Madeleine for the purpose of promoting 'the chip'.
    The McCanns will go along with it as they'd be paid and the ever increasing evidence against them would effectively be wiped out.

  13. At one time I was obsessed with MM too. I tended to think Amaral was right. Also dogs don't lie. McCann called in favors after accidentally killing MM as he was involved with COMARE. However, this theory makes sense too up to a point. What sort of parents would do this though. I can sort of see how McCann panicked and was afraid of losing his career which is what would have happened. She, of course, never returned to be a doctor so it was all about the big surgeon. Apparently he is an arrogant control freak too. Watch this space.

  14. I do understand why some people think this is a plausible outcome, but, it would involve completely ignoring criminology pathology of it all….. sadly, she will not be turning up.

  15. Amazing Article! I agree with you fully. Hollywood is definitely a division of CIA and their capability is way beyond our comprehension.

  16. Strangely, all of a sudden in the US articles on JonBenet Ramsey started popping up just 2 days ago. She’s somewhat of a US version of Madeleine - in a way that this case just doesn’t go away from the media. Difference is that she’s dead. I can’t figure out why they dragged it out again now. All those articles though eventually lead into a recent disappearance of a 14 year old, who was found alive 10 days later...

  17. Excellent aticle Miri and definitely food for thought there.I too was intrigued by this case when news of it first broke and have followed it with interest over the years. I think you're absolutely right when you say that this has been staged in order to aid the implementation of the microchipping agenda. However, I do still think there is a likelihood that Madelaine did actually exist and probably died in that apartment, possibly a victim/sacrifice in some sort of sinister paedophile ring, with the full knowledge of her parents. I do agree though that the entire thing has been staged and manipulated and I think you're absolutely right in your assumption that she (an actress) will be miraculously "found", timed perfectly to coincide with a big push for microchipping.

  18. I was obsessed with the McCann faked abduction too. It was a good story to distract from bad news - unlawful invasion of Iraq. As others have said the faked abduction went wrong at the last minute or was sabotaged. Gerry just happened to bump into TV documentary producer Jez Wilkins outside the apartment moments before Madeleine was allegedly abducted? What an extraordinary coincidence. And Jez’ partner journalist Bridget O’Donnell (ex Crimewatch journo) writes a gushing piece for the Guardian entitled ‘My months with Madeleine’ later in the year of the alleged abduction. What the heck was that all about? It has all the hallmarks of a media false flag with paedo/satanic/medico-legal corruption thrown in for good measure. Yes - and a chipping agenda, very possibly IVF/medical scam agenda too. Gerry is a textbook psycho and Kate hugely narcissistic - possibly both spooks. Useful puppets for corrupt politicians. It’s the UK version of the US Elizabeth Smart case but the difference is that Madeleine is dead. That’s not to say an actor won’t stage a faked reappearance. But most people now have seen through at least some of the hoax if comments following stories about the revolting parents are anything to go by.

  19. Madeleine McCann almost certainly a real child though. The Gaspers (look up the Gasper/Gaspar? statements) went on holiday with the McCanns to Majorca and Gerry and his buddy Payne were seen to be making lewd gestures which Dr Gaspar felt were associated with Madeleine.) When she heard that Payne was on holiday with the McCanns when Madeleine was allegedly abducted she phoned the police and made a statement. As did her husband, also a doctor. It was Mrs Gasper’s view that Payne was interested in child p***.

  20. Yes - good timing if you’re the BBC wanting to cast doubt in Richard D Hall … based on their Panorama a couple of weeks ago

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