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June 26, 2021
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Or, let me rephrase that - if he is, it's not with an age-appropriate adult female. At the highest levels of politics such as he inhabits, people are controlled by their blackmailability, and a married man having a bit on the side at the office is simply not scandalous enough these days as material with which to control someone.

Lest we all forget, Hancock was exposed as having spent £50,000 of tax-payers' money on nine "takeaways" from a tiny and obscure East London restaurant, which had a password-protected secret menu, with "pizza" as the starring item.

The 'office affair' story is clearly completely staged. I watched the "HandsFaceA*se" video, and it looks utterly theatrical and ridiculous - it is quite clear to me that they are acting. It is just far too cliched an interpretation of the 'secret office affair' to be real - rendezvousing in an empty workroom for a clandestine embrace (where there just so happens to be CCTV that they have both conveniently forgotten about). Wealthy, well-connected players like Hancock have discreet, out-of-town plush flats for that sort of thing, they don't need to sneak off for a snog in the stationary cupboard.

Plus. if the health secretary really was having an affair in the middle of a national pandemic, the press would just be slapped with a D-notice and forbidden from reporting on it, it being paramount the public retain confidence in the government at such a crucial time, threat to national security, etc. etc.

The reason Hancock's wife and the aide's husband seem so singularly unbothered about this episode, is because this has all been scripted and set up well in advance, and they're fully in the know and all for it - just like any supportive stage spouse would be. That in addition to the fact that, at that level, people don't get married because they love or even particularly like each other - it's all far more strategic and about money, power, connections, etc. - the "old-fashioned" reasons.

So, why has Hancock faked an affair, you may ask? It's because we've moved into the next stage of the overlords' agenda, which is revealing all national governments and major institutions (such as the Monarchy) as fraudulent and corrupt to their core, so they can be swept aside with full public approval, in preparation for the one world government.

We will systematically see all the major players behind the plague pantomime be revealed as completely corrupt: as philanderers, charlatans, and liars. We've already seen the fall of Neil Fergusson and Dominic Cummings, now it's Matt Hancock's turn, and the others will follow like dominoes. Plus, we're going to see new facts uncovered about Princess Diana's death, too, which has suddenly hit the headlines again, where the Royals will be indicted and charged with murder, the final blow for that rapidly toppling house of cards (I note Prince William is just about the only Royal who hasn't been viciously smeared in the press lately, and it has been suggested in the past he is the overlords' choice for one-world government leader).

Of course, the final push to get everyone in favour of a one-world government is an extreme external threat against which all the world's countries must unite to defeat, so cue fake holographic alien invasion.

It's going to be an interesting next few months...

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