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Written by: Miri
June 17, 2021
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Thank you for subscribing to my mailing list of massive missives and more... This is my first attempt at (massive) mailing using an external plugin, so please forgive me if it goes a little (to quote the great Quantum Leap, which I've been binge-watching in order to earnestly pretend, Hooch and Heather Shimmer in hand, it's still the nineties...) 'kaka'.

I am currently on a Facebook ban, for mentioning the Nazis - and it's not like I was doing this in a flattering way (!) - my second such secondment in a month, so it's clearly the beginning of the end for me there. I'm therefore going to increasingly prioritise posting on other platforms, before the inevitable account deletion occurs - so please do check my website rather than FB for updates. I'm also on Twitter, MeWe and Instagram.

The big news I have to share today is that, after much back-and-forthing with some laudable pro-liberty lawyers, the promised schools' vaccine letter is now available and ready to be sent out.

Some very kind individuals have purchased email databases to ensure we can send the letter directly to all UK headteachers, an exercise currently underway, but ideally, this document will be as widely read as possible, so please do feel free to send it to other contacts at local schools - form tutors, school nurses, the PTA - and to anyone else you think might benefit from reading it.

I think the tide is really starting to turn on this one, and there is a very good chance that, if we just give it one final push, we can ensure children at least are protected from these barbaric "therapies".  For more information on vaccines generally, particularly tailored to teenagers and young people, I run a student vaccine information site, here

Many thanks for all your support and interest in my endeavours so far, which is what makes it possible for me to keep so endeavouring! I don't put any of my content behind a paywall, as I want it to be completely accessible to everyone, including those who aren't in a position to make a contribution towards it.

If you are, and you would like to help support me to keep creating more content, these are my PayPal and Patreon links, and your crucial support is hugely appreciated. I quite simply wouldn't be able to keep doing this without you.

Thanks for reading, and sending you my very best wishes in these strangest of strange times,



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