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Written by: Miri
August 21, 2023
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Where I live in Huddersfield, I'm very lucky to be in walking distance of not one, but two rather spectacular parks, Greenhead Park and Beaumont Park (pictured). I have spent quite a bit of time in both over the last few days, darting out every time there seems to be a brief eclipse in the rain, and the one overwhelming, staggering, unmistakable thing that hits me every time is... just how normal everything is.

Children riding their bikes, couples walking their dogs, families having picnics, teenagers skateboarding, people playing tennis and football - in short, life, in all its glorious guises, going on all around us.

What I don't see is any evidence of "a new wave" of a deadly disease. Nobody is deathly pale, coughing and spluttering, lurching for the nearest emergency ambulance before the lurgy consumes them - and nobody will be, unless and until the government starts poisoning them again.

Please note we are currently being prepped for a "new wave" of Covid, which the propaganda press is sensationalising as much as possible ("explosion" of new cases, the papers gasp breathlessly, which we find actually equates to three cases in Denmark), in order to pave the way for a return of 2020-style rules and restrictions - masks, lockdowns, injections, the lot.

The establishment's line is going to be, a summer of foreign holidays, festivals, and watching Barbie (yes, really) has caused this sinister new variant to spread and mutate, thus causing a hideous new epidemic of illness that we now must take drastic measures to contain (no dilly-dallying and delaying like last time).

So please note that, if any of the above preposterous paragraph was remotely true (they're even calling the spread of the alleged new variant, "The Barbenheimer Effect", in reference to people watching Barbie and Oppenheimer at the cinema and consequently plague-spreading), people would be ill NOW. People are already back from their foreign holidays, the festival season has finished, and the (dear God, help us) "Barbenheimer Effect" (people going to the cinema) has already happened.

So where is all the illness?

Conventional virology, on which the whole pandemic narrative is based, states that the incubation period between virus exposure and symptoms developing is two to fourteen days.

The summer holidays started a lot longer than 14 days ago. Most schools broke up around the 24th of July. That's almost a full month ago, so more than long enough for any "symptoms of a deadly new variant" to begin to emerge in the populace at large.

They haven't. Apart from fluffed up media reports of so-called "positive cases", do you know anyone who has suddenly become deathly ill since coming back from holiday (or after coming back from Barbie)? I don't. Just look around us, and there is nothing to suggest anything but a country full of happy, healthy people enjoying the summer holidays ("sudden deaths" notwithstanding, obviously).

We won't start to see widespread symptoms of this so-called "deadly new variant" until after September, because it is not until September that the government poisoning programme recommences - with a vital, evil new difference. They're not starting with adults this time: they're starting with children.

Adult Covid boosters (yep, more boosters! Are we on number 8 now?) and flu vaccines have been pushed back to October, whilst the children's nasal flu spray is going to be administered in every school in the country starting from September 1st. For the first time ever, this spray is not just going to be offered to primary school pupils, but to all three million of the nation's secondary school pupils, as well.

This spray is full of all sorts of toxic crap known to cause illness (shoving neurotoxins, GMOs, and monkey kidney cells up a kid's nose, what could go wrong?), as it does every year, and it is also known that it has the ability to "shed" - to transfer its ingredients to those who have not directly received it, if they are in close contact with people who have.

Obviously, close contact with other pupils is unavoidable for a schoolchild, which means every schoolchild in the country will be exposed to this mutant cocktail, whether or not they directly receive it themselves. So, parents, please do keep your children off school on the day and, if you can, for a few days afterwards as well, as it's not known how long "shedding" goes on for. Also, please be aware of the possibility of 'catch-up clinics', and both Gillick competency and implied consent, which can effectively be used to bully your child into vaccination without your permission or even knowledge - please make sure your child knows they won't be in trouble if they defy teachers/nurses and say no.

The corollary of this is highly likely to be a sudden wave of illness in children, which - courtesy of fake PCR tests which can "diagnose anybody with anything"- will be labelled a terrifying new wave of Covid that we must immediately lock down to contain (Boris Johnson warned us in 2022 that we would only lock down again if there was "a new variant that affects children").

Note that while the government has decided to give the flu vaccine to healthy teenagers who are at essentially no risk from the condition the vaccine claims to prevent, they have withdrawn the offer for 50-64 year olds, an objectively much higher risk group for any illness than healthy teens. So even if you believe wholeheartedly in conventional vaccine dogma, this doesn't make sense if the aim is to protect vulnerable people. It only makes sense if there is another intention, which there is: to disproportionately induce illness in children.

The establishment's line will be that, because Covid vaccine uptake was very patchy in the under-18s (even for generally pro-vaccine families, a lot of them judged the Covid jab to be unnecessary for their children), they were left vulnerable to this "new wave", which adults were more protected against, because adult vaccine uptake was much higher.

When the adult vaccination campaign begins in October, and then they consequently start becoming ill, it will be said the children passed on the mutated new variant to them and they should have been vaccinated sooner to avoid this (the papers are already setting this up, warning of the usual "catastrophic pressures on the NHS" being exacerbated by adult vaccines being delayed).

I'm outlining this scenario now because I want to be absolutely emphatic - if any of the government's version of events were true, we would be seeing evidence of a "deadly new wave" right now. I don't just mean puffed-up hysteria in the papers, I mean actual evidence in our own communities that people have picked up this dreadful "new variant" and are visibly ill as a result

We don't see that, and we won't, unless and until the government poisoning ("vaccination") programme begins again. The establishment has already made it explicit that there "will" be another pandemic, that it "will" be worse than Covid, and that it will disproportionately affect children.

There is simply no way whatsoever they could be so sure and certain about this, unless they were creating said new pandemic themselves - which is exactly what they are doing.

So please, in the two weeks we have left until the poisoning begins again, take a look around you and note just how normal everything is. There is no "new wave", no "mutated new variant", and nobody is in the grips of a deadly plague they brought back from holiday / Glastonbury / the foyer of the Odeon (I really can't believe they went there with that one...).

What is going to follow shortly will all be an illusion, a rich man's trick, to obscure the fact that the world is run by radical depopulationists and control freaks, who want a lot less of us around, with a lot less freedoms.

The vaccines are meant to subdue fertility and reduce life expectancy, whilst the intense fear of endless new plagues and mutant variants the ruling classes keep creating is meant to frighten us into forfeiting our freedoms "for our safety".

The best defence we have against all this illusion, trickery, and lies is the truth and objective reality - that there is no deadly plague, there never was, and if there was "a new wave" of said fake plague, we would all already know people affected. We don't, so there isn't.

Please do take the time we have before September to get conversations started in your local community regarding the fact that nobody is ill now, and if they suddenly start to become so after September, it is unlikely to be caused by a cartoonish "spike protein" that has never been isolated or proven to exist. Rather, this illness has been created and induced by sticking toxins up the noses of children and into the arms of everyone else.

I have written a template letter that can be sent to schools ahead of the flu vaccination campaign commencing, and my health resource Informed Consent Matters also has leaflets that can be handed out.

But the most important thing is for us all to recognise reality now and acknowledge that any subsequent "crisis" is manufactured and by design. So, let's all get outside, enjoy the sun, note the normality - and do everything we can to preserve it.

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