On press reports that "ministers are threatening to reimpose Covid restrictions"

Written by: Miri
October 21, 2021
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Here we go again....

Obviously, this is no surprise to the crazed conspiraquacks amongst us, who knew from Act I of this dark pantomime that recurrent lockdowns and other ultra-repressive restrictions would be permanent - that, as Orwell (nearly) warned us, "the disease is not meant to be cured, it is meant to be continuous".

But you normal, sane, sensible folk, you who "follow the science".... What are your feelings about this? How do you feel about the notion that, despite the fact you have submitted and rolled up your sleeve not one, not two, but THREE times to be injected with God knows what (because, be honest, you don't know, do you?) in exchange for the promise of freedom... You are now going to be hurled back into an ultra-authoritarian state of house-arrest and granny-bans, with ALL the same restrictions that we had last year? Last year, this grotesque situation was "justified" by the excuse that we didn't have a vaccine, but now we have one, so...?

All us looney tune nut-jobs told you last year that the vaccine would make no difference and we would be back in lockdown this winter, because this isn't about "a virus" and never has been. The alleged virus is a trojan horse to usher in a state of ultra-authoritarian tyranny which is, and always was, meant to be permanent. Because if lockdowns, masks, and restrictions don't go away after three injections, then, please tell me, when are they going away?

Are you getting it yet? Are you getting that the professional liars known as our elected representatives, professionally lie? That every single thing they've ever said regarding, just one more lockdown, one more 'firebreak', one more jab, and then you get all your freedoms back, has been a LIE? That, as has been revealed to us by a fringe little conspiracy theory known as 'all of human history', meekly submitting to tyranny and complying with tyrants, doesn't make these things go away?

You can try and blame this latest totalitarian assault on our liberties on so-called anti-vaxxers and Covid-deniers, but we are not the ones forcefully removing your most basic human rights and imposing abhorrent anti-democratic restrictions on you - the Government is.

What's more, crazy quackspiracists such as myself have played no role in contributing to the alleged 'pandemic', since a) we have never been tested, therefore have not contributed to a rise in 'cases' (people who don't get vaccinated, largely don't get tested either, so ask yourself where all these 'positive cases' are coming from) and b) we have not troubled the holy, sacred, celestial NHS to euthanise us with Midazolam, Remdesivir, and ventilators, sorry, I mean, 'treat us for Covid', therefore we have not contributed to 'overwhelming' them. Personally, I don't even have a GP, and the only way you would get me into an NHS hospital right now is if I was unconscious (don't get any ideas, hate-fans...).

I am personally connected to hundreds of "conspiracy theorists" and only know of one who has been to hospital in the last 18 months - and that was concerning a longstanding condition that had nothing to do with "Covid".

The reality is that it is you sane, normal, super-$ciencey types, who are - albeit unwittingly - responsible for maintaining the illusion that we're in a "deadly epidemic", because you are the ones who relentlessly get tested (with a ridiculously unfit-for-purpose test), thus boosting 'cases'. You are the ones who have spent 18 months suffocating yourselves, eschewing fresh air, exchanging a social life for a screen, and injecting yourselves with poison. You know why you've just had "the worst cold you've ever had"? Because a cold is a toxin detox, and you're the most toxic you've ever been, as a result of complying with all these insane, anti-human measures which are DESIGNED to make you sick, in order to keep the illusion going.

A five-year-old can tell you that fresh air, exercise, and sunshine are vital for good health - and you've had the least of these you've ever had over the last 18 months. Furthermore, anyone with a modicum of common sense (a vanishingly rare breed, admittedly...) can tell you that obscuring your breathing apparatus for long periods of time is bad for you, since almost all disease is related to insufficient oxygen supply and many disease-causing bacterium cannot survive in an oxygenated environment. Therefore, wearing a mask a lot is going to dramatically increase the chances you get sick, and the evidence connecting prolonged mask-wearing to ill health is absolutely overwhelming (here's a link showing 42 studies documenting some of the risks: https://www.technocracy.news/masks-are-neither.../...).

I have not followed a single "Covid health measure" as recommended by the Government, I have never worn a mask, taken a test, sanitised my hands, or (for the love of God) elbow-bumped a friend, and I am not sick. The person I live with is not sick. The people we frequently spend time with - all of whom don't follow these measures - are not sick.

But you, normie? You're sick, or you have been recently, or everyone you know is. And then, of course, there's all the "sudden deaths" of relatively young people you know about - and you do, don't you? And didn't we tell you this would happen? That as soon as the vaccine was rolled out, people would "inexplicably" start dropping dead?

Look: I know there's going to be enormous, colossal resistance to accepting there could be any truth to what I'm saying, but I will ask you again: if normality isn't restored after the third vaccine, then when will it be? "The science" you claim to follow and base your thinking upon even confirms that, whatever 'protection' the vaccines provide, only lasts a few months, so do you really think it's plausible to vaccinate the entire UK population of 67 million people every six months or less in order to maintain normality? The hideous ethical implications of force-medicating aside, it simply isn't logistically possible - nor is there any evidence that this roll-out has or would in the future protect our sacrosanct national religion, the NHS (may PPE be upon them) from being 'overwhelmed' - which, a cursory glance at newspaper headlines over the last decade confirms, they are EVERY winter.

So, come on now - think! Think, not just as if your life depended on it, but as if the entire tapestry of human civilisation as we know it, does, because - perhaps needless to say at this point? - it does.

If we don't collectively unite, organise and resist right now, putting aside petty squabbles such as left v. right, Labour v. Conservative etc., then the relative normality we have at the moment will be our last ever reprieve. The next time things "open up", it will be on the precondition of vaccine passports (only valid for six months at a time, until you get your next stab, as per Israel at the moment), mandatory masks inside and out, even for infants, and, before long, social credit scores, internment camps for dissidents, and worse.

If you want to dismiss all this as "crazy paranoid nonsense", please remember you said that last year about the prospect of future lockdowns and vaccine passports, too. I'm afraid the reality is that your crazy quackaloon friends are not 'conspiracy theorists', but 'reality analysts' - they understand how the world works, they're not living in the illusory TV-created Truman-Show style mirage that you are, and so they are able to accurately predict future patterns and events. You might want to consider starting to listen to them?

It comes down to one ineffable question: what kind of future do you want? The kind described above, or something else?

We are many and they (the ruthless orchestrators of this whole dark charade) are few. But, if you want something different to what they've got planned, you've got to stand up and fight back NOW.

I know it is slowly dawning on a lot of people right now that they've been had, and I know that is extremely difficult and uncomfortable to accept, but, please - don't cling to a mistake just because you've spent a lot of time making it - now is the time to acknowledge you've been deceived, process that fact, and then take action accordingly.

It would not be accurate to end this piece with the question, "if not now, when?", because that implies there will be another chance. There won't. It is now or never.

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