Politics, Parties, and "We The People": A Freedom Alliance Update

Written by: Miri
December 28, 2022

As some readers are aware, there was a very sad development in the overall 'freedom movement' earlier this month, when seven key members of the Freedom Alliance political party - including leader, Jonathan Tilt - resigned. They made this decision on the basis that the always stressful working conditions had now become intolerable, owing to a campaign of sustained personal attacks, directed at leader Jonathan and chair Kaela Banthorpe in particular. 

I was devastated to hear this, not only because Freedom Alliance was becoming an ever-more credible and robust vehicle of resistance to political corruption and global tyranny, but because several of the key members are personal friends of mine. As such, I know just how punishingly hard they have worked on Freedom Alliance - often around the clock and at enormous personal expense - to give the freedom movement a political voice. 

Since the resignation announcement, many people have asked the resigning members, and particularly former leader Jonathan, to issue a more detailed statement regarding exactly what happened to drive such drastic action, which he has now done. 

As I have previously played a very involved role in Freedom Alliance (initially acting as their communications officer, and standing in two council elections), and as I know a not insignificant number of members came through my public endorsements, I wanted to share Jonathan's statement on my site, to give others a clearer perspective of exactly what has occurred.

I personally haven't played a central role in Freedom Alliance for quite a few months, therefore many of the events and individuals Jonathan mentions in his statement are not matters that have involved me personally, so I can't comment further on them. What I can comment on, however, is Jonathan, who I have got to know very well over the last three years (he lives locally to me and was one of the first people I met when I started networking with like-minded people at the beginning of the pandemic).

I very much doubt there are many individuals who have displayed more commitment, tenacity, and dedication to the freedom movement than Jonathan, without whom - it is quite simple - there never would have been a Freedom Alliance - and it certainly would not have been able to mobilise itself as quickly and effectively as it did. Literally born in the backroom of a pub in West Yorkshire in mid 2020, by May 2021, the party was a fully fledged political force -  registered with the Electoral Commission (not a straightforward process), and with well over 1,000 members in its first year alone, by May 2021, the party had recruited over 150 candidates to stand in local elections all across the UK. While there were, of course, many people involved in this monumental achievement, the key driving force was always Jonathan - who, by December 2022, was the single remaining original member on the Executive Committee.

All that Freedom Alliance achieved, from its inception to the current time, has been accomplished on the smallest of shoestrings, as the party had no source of funding beyond membership fees and donations from supporters. Many generous volunteers gave up their time and skill for free (nobody who worked within the party was ever paid a penny), as well as investing their own personal funds in the party when money ran short. 

As a chartered accountant, Jonathan was always completely diligent, scrupulous, and transparent about the party's financial affairs, making sure to publish an annual statement on how all funds had been used at the end of the party's first full year. Moreover, as someone who actually knows him, I can tell you that any allegations that he has been in any way underhand or dishonest about finances are outrageous to the point of absurdity.  This is a man who worked around the clock for over two years for free, going part-time at his paid job to dedicate more unpaid hours to "the cause", and who - directly and indirectly - invested thousands of pounds of his own money in Freedom Alliance.

So for completely baseless accusations of financial impropriety to be levelled at him now, is nothing short of contemptible. By all means, have your differences with people, but to accuse them of mishandling (even stealing) money, when in fact they have done the exact opposite, is reprehensible.

It genuinely is a tragedy for the freedom movement that Freedom Alliance has lost people as dedicated and as driven as Jonathan, Kaela, and the rest of the resigning members.  To fully understand why this has occurred, please read Jonathan's statement below, which will cast some much needed light on what has, sadly, become a very dark chapter.

Politics, Parties and “We the People”.

By Jonathan Tilt

Following the recent resignation of myself and six other members of the Executive Committee of Freedom Alliance I have had a multitude of requests to explain in detail exactly what happened. Given the impact of our resignations on Freedom Alliance those who have invested their time, money and hope in that party are due an explanation.

This is my attempt at that explanation. It is inevitably my opinion and written from my perspective. Unlike some others recently involved in the party, I acknowledge that my opinion is one amongst many and that I do not have perfect insight into everything. What follows is simply my opinion. I will start by giving a brief history of the party.

Freedom Alliance was my idea. As resistance groups start to emerge and in the summer of 2020, I felt that those who were opposed to the state tyranny needed to be given a political option. I never wanted to start a political party. I scoured the Electoral Commission register of parties in search of someone, somewhere who was already doing this. The Libertarian party came very close but their level of resistance in the early days of the covid hysteria was too muted. Heritage Party and David Kurten were saying all the right things on Covid and lockdowns, but their wider social policies seemed to me to be incompatible with a genuine freedom party. So, I gently coerced a few others- Lien Davies, Miri and Mark Finch and Mick Dodgson into setting up a new party. Deep down I knew it would be hassle and aggravation and I haven’t been disappointed.

The initial plan was to have a freedom party local to West Yorkshire with candidates in the local election in Kirklees and Wakefield scheduled for May 2021.Once the website was set up though we quickly made contacts across the UK and particularly in Scotland. The party morphed into a national entity- and my heartfelt thanks go to Lien Davies for persuading that that was a welcome development and not something to run a mile from. 

As a group of amateurs trying to organise political resistance to a full-scale state tyranny we certainly made many mistakes. We undoubtedly offended many people. 

We were registered with the Electoral Commission in March 2021 and just 6 weeks later stood 160 candidates across elections in England, Scotland and Wales. Having taken in around £40,000 in membership subscriptions we invested heavily and deliberately in the Scottish and Welsh parliament elections. The gamble was to try and provide the freedom movement with a chance to express itself politically in those two nations. The gamble failed and we gained about 0.5% of the vote. We did far better in the English council elections where we had spent next to nothing and got as high as 11% in some areas.

Despondency crept in and many of our key members left. The party was saved only by the arrival of Kaela Banthorpe as Chair in the summer of 2021. Kaela’s energy, commitment and absolute determination to provide meaningful opposition to the WEF agenda drove the party forward for much of the next eighteen months. She was vital to its survival and I believe that is precisely why she was so consistently and viciously targeted by those who were trying to harm the party from the inside.

Fast forward to the Summer of 2022 which went well. We stood 48 candidates in the local elections in May gaining as much as 7% of the vote. June saw a focused and energetic campaign for the Wakefield by election, where we managed to beat many of the smaller and much better funded parties.

Then it all went badly wrong. Exhaustion and the difficulty of staying on the front foot when the freedom legions were all returning to old normal played their role. But there was much more to it than that.

September started with an approach from the Alliance for Democracy and Freedom Party (ADF) suggesting that we merge with them. This came out of the blue. Aware of the sense in consolidation we negotiated in good faith. As the discussions reached a conclusion both Myself and Kaela, separately concluded that merger would not be in the best interests of the either the party or the wider freedom movement. We felt that the two parties were not suited either culturally or politically. The Executive voted 6-3 against putting the merger to a members vote as we felt we could not recommend acceptance.  Separately two members of the Executive raised a motion of no confidence in the Vice Chair Di McMillan for her abusive and aggressive behaviour towards another member of the Committee during the negotiations. Di McMillan responded by resigning from the party. 

The ADF merger negotiations left the party in a battered state. The negotiations had become fractured with frequent insults targeted at those most opposed to the merger. We had also lost our focus and were unable to properly regain it for the parliamentary by elections in Chester and Stretford. But I do believe the party could have recovered had not Rachel Elnaugh arrived on the scene at our point of maximum weakness.

Rachel has a substantial personal following and arrived from nowhere and offered to be a general election candidate for us in Derbyshire Dales. We believed this was excellent news and exactly what the party needed. We were badly mistaken.

Rachel organised a Freedom Alliance event in Bakewell on 17th November. We both spoke to a meeting of about 60 people. But about 20 of the people present had not come to hear about the covid and the globalists’ tyranny. They were a group of residents from the village of Cressbrook. Rachel and others had recently bought land in Cressbrook and the local residents took this opportunity to air their grievances about the way in which they believed Rachel and her friends were abusing a piece of land in the middle of their village. I don’t know the validity of the allegations but what annoyed me was Rachel’s private contempt for the residents and her inability to understand their concerns. Most of the group walked out having made their statements.

One Cressbrook resident stayed. At the end of the meeting he came and spoke to me privately saying that he was glad he had stayed and had learned a lot about the last two years from listening to me talk. He might even be tempted to vote for Freedom Alliance in the future but he could never vote for Rachel. He suggested that I needed to learn more about the “monster” that we had got into bed with and urged me to attend a private meeting with the residents’ group so that that learning process could begin. Out of loyalty to Rachel I declined the invite, something I regret doing.

The action now switched to or steering group telegram channel. Whilst the party was legally managed by an Executive group of upto 14 members the majority of the discussion and debate took place in the Steering Group which had about 60 of the most active members in it. It was relatively easy to be invited to join the steering group and we had deliberately designed the party to be highly inclusive and non hierarchical. 

Rachel’s interventions included the forceful suggestion that the party should de- register as a political party and become some sort of spiritual movement. This was followed up with the requirement that the entire Executive Committee be removed in favour of a totally flat structure in which the ill defined “We the people” would decide everything. When I tried to explain that the Electoral Commission require a Leader, Nominating Officer and Treasurer to be identified Rachel retorted that we just challenge them to a “trial by jury”. Perhaps jousting contests and walking on hot coals were next on her list. She did later concede privately to me, after having gemmed up on Electoral law, that if necessary she would be prepared to be the Leader.

The attacks on those of us who had built up the party over the last two years were relentless. We were accused of being distant dictators when in reality we were probably running one of the flattest and most inclusive parties in UK politics.

Rachel’s arguments tended to be laced with frequent references to “we the people” requiring that x or y happens in accordance with her wishes. From my perspective “We the people” never seemed to amount to much more than “I the person”. Yet we were the autocrats. Her interventions were relentless . She wanted us to change from using the cheap and reliable printers we normally used to an eco friendly printer who charged roughly ten times as much.

Banking arrangements do need covering as Rachel quickly focused on this. Freedom Alliance is an unincorporated club. After founding it in 2020 we tried extremely hard to secure a dedicated bank account. I think we made 14 separate applications. Eventually a helpful adviser at Danske Bank suggested I just forget it because “no one is going to offer a bank account to a new political party in the current environment”. Labour and Tory branches no problem but a new anti-statist party- forget it.

At that point the party nearly folded because of this problem. All we had was a PayPal account. I offered the party use of a dormant limited company with its own bank account. I’d set this up several years previously when I was looking at splitting my acupuncture business in two. I never did that, and the bank account and company had never been used. I put in place a covenant from the company, Tilstand Limited to Freedom Alliance guaranteeing that all balances held in the bank account belonged to Freedom Alliance. The company was effectively just acting as a banking agent to the party and was not charging any fee for that service. The arrangements were approved at that point and on several subsequent occasions by the Executive Committee. Running the party over the last two years has directly cost me several thousand pounds and indirectly cost far more than that. The accusation that I have in anyway personally profited is both wrong and deeply offensive.

As the website is now down I will happily provide copies of the Party’s financial statements to anyone who emails me at jonathantilt@hotmail.com

Rachel was aware of the banking arrangements soon after joining the party as she had received some information from external sources. She questioned me on the subject I replied with the explanation above and she responded that she had “No concerns” about the financial management of the party. Quite incredible then that she has subsequently made a spurious and opportunistic complaint about me to the Electoral Commission for the above arrangements. Even more incredibly the new leadership of the party have requested that the balance owing to the party be transferred into the personal bank account of one member of that leadership. 

I have no idea whether Rachel’s emergence and interventions were part of a coordinated external attack aimed at destroying the Freedom Alliance or whether they simply resulted from what seemed to me to be a hopelessly out of control egotistical loose cannon running amok in the middle of the party. Timing was important had the lunacy not followed on immediately after the turmoil of the ADF merger then we would have been in much better shape to repel it. But the key issue was support- or the lack of it. Rachel’s interventions in the Steering group typically received support from a couple of people. Myself, Kaela and a couple of others who tried to counter her absurd arguments received support from one or two people and hostility from several others. The vast majority of the 60 or so people in the group were reading the comments but not entering into the increasingly fractious debate. The impression we had was that the Steering Group did not support our attempts to counter the absurdities that were being peddled. Dozens of people from that group have since contacted me to apologise for their lack of support. Several have admitted to being scared of Rachel. 

This is the essence of the problem. To win this war we are going to all have to go places that at are times terrifying and take risks that we would sooner not take. Our enemies trade on our fear. Had we been supported by the numbers in the steering group who have now told us that they agreed with us we would not have resigned. 

At a more mundane level it reminds me of a conversation I had with one of our members during the Wakefield by election. This lady has an active presence in social media freedom groups and was supporting our campaign there. I contacted her to suggest that she could help us with leafleting or canvassing in Wakefield. Her reply- she couldn’t do that as she might be seen by someone who knew her. She added that as it was mid summer she couldn’t even use the cover of darkness to do a bit of covert leafleting for us. 

That for me is our biggest problem and at a more serious level has destroyed Freedom Alliance because even in a candidates group people were still intimidated by the high profile outsider who had just joined them.

Founding and leading Freedom Alliance has been an incredible experience. I’ve acquired skills and experiences that I wasn’t really planning to pick up in my fifties. I’ve made, what I’m sure will be, enduring friendships both within the party and the wider freedom movement. At times it’s been pure comedy and other times we have felt as if we really were standing on the front line fighting for freedom. I ‘ve had countless messages and over the past three weeks. One simply said, “thanks for giving me and my family hope during the darkest of times”. Ultimately for me the most important thing is that we tried.

Many people have played a significant role in helping run Freedom Alliance. A few are mentioned above but there are simply too many to thank here. The other members of the Executive who resigned, Lance Burkitt, Jackie Ward, Joanne Allman, Denise Boot and Jane Lord deserve my thanks, not for resigning, but for genuinely sharing the workload with Kaela and Myself. Miri and Mark Finch and Lien Davies whilst not actively involved in the party have continued to be a valued source of support and advice to me. Equally I would like to thank and mention Michelle Valerio and Lynnea Arnold in Wales and Carol Dobson and Mary Steven in Scotland for their exceptional efforts during the parliamentary elections in May 21.

What to do now? I still believe that the political route is one that we must fully utilise in opposing the planned and emerging tyranny. It gives us a platform from which to broadcast the truth. And through the potential to get people elected, especially at council level, it gives us the opportunity to genuinely frustrate the WEF’s plans. My guess is that there are 15-20% now fully awake in the UK. If they all started voting rather than the 2% that generally do so the freedom movement would have a powerful additional weapon. For those in our movement who believe that voting is beneath them I can guarantee you that the WEF and their agents don’t bother themselves with such foibles. 

I could join another political party and hopefully stand as a candidate for them. For me the Libertarian Party is now the only viable and genuinely pro freedom party in England. I could help coordinate a loose collective of freedom independents to stand for election and as a model that is immune to infiltration this is an attractive option. Or I could offer my support, experience and guidance to anyone who wants to launch Freedom Alliance Version 2.0- I won’t be doing that myself. If anyone genuinely wants to discuss the latter two ideas please feel free to email me at jonathantilt@hotmail.com.

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17 comments on “Politics, Parties, and "We The People": A Freedom Alliance Update”

  1. Jonathan and All ~
    One door closes and another one is open a wee bit ahead… Lessons needing to be learned. 👍🏽
    Your light was shining over here in the small state of Vermont. (Yea, home to our Senator Bernie Sanders, who also tried!) Please consider keeping at your original plans. I live in New England, home to the farmers and patriots who went after the guys in the red coats 250 years ago. 👍🏽💝 Shine brightly to break through the fear factor of the common folk who still may think our own governments cannot be acting this way against us. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and for the sake of our little people living in this world. 😘💖❤️‍🩹💕🌟

  2. Hmmm... many things noticed, what stands out, amongst other things, is on the one hand a person mentioned was quite vociferous regarding the WEF and their agenda, and on the other insisting on a - dare I say - WEF climate policy following, with reference to eco friendly printing. Costing more. There's quite a few phrases in there, Miri, that if you take them out and put them into a list, you start to see some interesting behaviour patterns. Ok, behaviour patterns in themselves aren't evidence, but they can be useful signposts. Can take a look and pass on my thoughts, if you wish. All that hard work and dedication deserves more.

  3. Watching from the sidelines at the moment, not sure that’s the right thing after Jonathan’s comments. I have huge respect for Jonathan and I’m not sure the FA will survive in its reincarnation.

  4. I used to watch Rachel's zoom meetings early on during the plannedemic. For those who don't know her she was the owner of Red Letter Days, a company that offered fabulous experiences you could buy as gifts, hot air ballooning, as an example. It went bust. I got soon turned off because of her spiritual vibes and as I learned more about signs and signals used by the secret societies, I became aware that she was using them. I reckon the party was infiltrated in order to divide and conquer and they have succeeded.

  5. I had a run in with Rachel Elnaugh too a while ago, I'm going to guess 18-24 months ago. She's smart, has some original ideas but is domineering with a veneer of caring, spouting spiritual themes when actually she puts her needs first and everyone else's needs bottom of the list. She reminds me of Edwina in 'Absolutely Fabulous' in that way. She used me regarding a community living project, won't give details here, but I severed contact, which again, she controlled in a self-serving, self-important manner, whilst giving the allusion that she was being democratic and gave a damn about others. At the time a male in the group was very supportive of her, so I was openly criticized, woke up and left. I am therefore not surprised but very sorry to read this article and people should be warned and aware, because that attitude of service to self under the guise of caring about others is shallow. I really feel future leaders for want of a better term, need their psychological profile assessed for elements of narcissism, sociopathy or psychopathy. She got to the top in business, that usually makes someone ruthless, charismatic (always something to be wary of) and creates collateral damage. She may mean well, but she's not aware sufficiently of her own dark side. Irritate her and you get her 'private contempt' readily, so she's not learnt certain spiritual lessons. Frankly, it's cult leader material. She tries to use others for financial resources, thereby dodging a certain amount of self-responsibility. I think her conscience is limited. She claims to have undergone trauma healing, but from my professional experience related to this field, she hasn't done the whole journey of transformation it takes to integrate one's own shadow and 'Wetiko', to use a term she is fond of. It is these types of people truthers must be most aware of, because they may be on our side (not that I like the term 'side' either these days), but they are potentially destructive individuals that can undermine projects and other people. Hence the need to choose very carefully who has the right character and depth to step into any kind of leadership role as we go forward, too much ego is a dangerous thing, and much of this was identified in Miri's 'tell it like it is' article, alas after the fact.

  6. The resistance movement in general, has changed greatly from the early days, In my observation, I believe infiltrated and hijacked by the self professed “spirituality superior”. The fastest, most effective way to disempower any real resistance movement is to discredit it on a spiritual level. I have long become very suspicious of anyone in the movement who talks about “love and light” or “moving into 5D” or any other such spurious, vague, quasi spiritual nonsense of the sort Rachel Enlaugh (and many others) spew.

  7. When I saw REs 'Freedom Alliance Update' (yes, "I the person" obviously thought that it was her place to film such an update) I felt compelled to post the below on Facebook - which is worth sharing again here:

    Re Rachel Elnaugh's 'update' on Freedom Alliance:

    The video in the comments simply has to be the most nauseating display of "super spiritual" narcissistic bullshit I've ever witnessed in my entire life. Basically a political party broadcast on the behalf of Rachel Elnaugh (although, at one point, I half expected it to be a declaration of her being the second coming!), which is absolutely riddled with inconsistencies and an amazingly (dangerously) selective memory of the events that have led her to her woefully misguided conclusions.

    PLENTY of accusations about the behaviour of others, but...

    NO mention whatsoever of the FACT that she recently requested that the party stopped being political in favour of becoming a spiritual movement, one in which she CLEARLY sees herself spearheading (whilst displaying what is quite possibly the biggest messiah complex I've ever witnessed!).

    NO mention of the FACT that she spat her spiritual dummy out the moment people respectfully suggested that if she wanted to start a spiritual movement, maybe she should do that, and not attempt to infiltrate a political party and completely override its objectives.

    NO mention of the extremely hard work that went before freeloaders like her, whilst also having the temerity to strongly insinuate that those who built this party (from scratch!) were the 'bad' apples that have finally left (like it was some kind of 'good riddance'!).

    And NO mention of the fact that she herself made at least one totally unfounded accusation about a member before they became one of the seven who eventually decided they'd had just about all they could take from power pissed pretentious pricks like this.

    I could go on (and on!) but if you can stomach this calculated polemic in its entirety, then good luck to you (it gets worse towards the end, but needs to be viewed in its entirety to put into context just how toxic and narcissistic this individual clearly is)...

    Original thread (including REs ridiculous video) here, which is also worth looking at for the pathetically patronising retorts from RE and her tiny posse in the comments...


  8. Richard and I came to see you at the beginning and I was made IT officer 🙂 You were all open and so kind and warm. We really enjoyed our stay with you. We chose a different path, also as Nigel resigned as leader and I got immersed in the making of LOVE IS (www.ravenseyemedia.com/loveis). From what we experienced meeting you and from reading your very fine statement, I am sure that there is a future Freedom Allicance 2. This what you have been through is what it takes, and you know this as an accountant for enterprises. Trial and error. One thing I would say, is that I hope that the trust that you have shown will not diminish, but grow. I personally was not patient enough to build that trust with you or your group, and this will apply to other professionals who offer their services. Also, I pray you will make better room for other people's visions, indulge and give them time and support that what people bring to the party can be implemented successfully. When members are heard, even if it takes time and effort, they become even more committed, and appear more loyal. Maybe reflect further on why members did not join the debate? You have my highest respect and admiration Jonathan and team and we would look forward to visit you again in future. LOTS OF LOVE from Elizabeth and Richard Copeland * * * * *

  9. I only found out about this sorry story from a friend, myself not having lived in the UK for nearly 50 yrs. But it did not surprise me. Similar stories abound, most recently with the German DieBasis party, which had had some success.
    I am writing now to start some of you thinking about alternatives to parties. Until this century, political parties were essential for the aggregation of standpoints and for pre-selection of candidates. Thanks to advances in technology and familiarity with new possibilities, political parties, whether large or small, are no longer needed. To add to which, what we have experienced since 2020 has demonstrated that, generally, parties are the enemies of democracy and liberty.
    Many years ago I finalised a concept which would allow 99% of votes to count together with greatly enhanced precision in the voting booth. Votes would not be “wasted” and you would always vote for the best candidate you could find anywhere in the country. No voting for “second best” or “least bad."
    This would enable strong and genuinely representative parliaments without formal parties. The name I chose for this was “fuzzy democracy”, “fuzzy” as in computer searches to mean “close enough, if not exact”. The concept would be applicable in many jurisdictions, not only in the UK.
    I have an extensive (but simple) website which explains how this is possible. Basically, there is secure vote recycling and there are separate parliaments for several different areas of political interest. The website contains some short and some longer descriptions of fuzzy democracy, with some polemical, some almost academic in style, with some focussing on the practicalities, others on the general thinking behind the concept (for example, democracy as the “emergency stop” on the runaway train; or democracy as focussed on minorities, not majorities). There is one very long essay which answers all conceivable objections. There are others attacking popular rivals such as proportional representation or frequent referenda.
    You will grasp the idea in a few minutes. Everything else is ramifications, possible objections and fine-tuning.
    This leaves unanswered the question of how change might be possible. I fear abolition of parties is currently nigh impossible, just as a revolution through new parties such as Freedom Alliance was. But in a great crisis, which will involve conflict and not only protest, the tables can be turned as has happened historically.
    It is also important to have a reasonably precise vision of where we might want to go. It is no good waiting for the great crisis and only then beginning to ponder how things might be arranged differently.
    The website address is given below, but should also be found by search engines. There you can find an email address if you wish to contact me personally.

  10. Thank you for publishing the statement of Jonathan Tilt.
    This is an absolute tragedy as The Freedom Alliance as born and grown by Jonathan Tilt and his original executive served as a wonderful platform for freedom lovers to put the message out into the public domain.
    I stood as a candidate in the 2021 local elections and I know that having this as a platform did indeed make a few unaware people aware of the threat to our freedoms. This is directly attributable to the selfless and enormous work and effort of Jonathan Tilt and his team.
    I can only assume that the darker forces saw this as a growing threat and moved to disrupt it.
    Anyone who has had to deal with a narcissist will know that such a personality has a very dark side.

  11. Huge thanks. I , for one will support Johnathan's future plans. I had heard of the disquiet within the group and so I stayed away. For the record, I would trust Johnathan Tilt with my life..... We need more men like this. ,

  12. It's quite depressing to listen to this account, there are dysfunctional people everywhere! :/

    For those of you active in Scotland, please get in touch with the Scottish Libertarian Party. For all our flaws we still soldier on!

  13. Jonathan and I have spoken at length. I am the Leader of Anew UK. He has been amazing ally and supportive of our goals. Can't believe just one person could bring down a whole political party. Watching out for her. Rachel Elnaugh your name is on my list. So much focus and effort to bring Freedom Alliance to the fore. Thank you Jonathan and all at Freedom Alliance.

  14. Im an average family man.

    I do not think party politics is good.

    Independent mps are the key .

    Ask all your members to run as independent.

    And gather support for analogue advertising from local Sitp. Etc.

    Lots of boots on the ground.

    Even if you get 10 independent mps in.

    Imagine what fun you can have.

    Remember "they " cannot cope with humour

    Good political satire. On flyers etc.
    Is key to gain support.

    And humour in parliament focusing on the

    Facts in the above

    With humour

    Is the essence of man
    And non compliance

    And turns fear into fun

    Mock them

    Best to all

  15. Thank you Jonathan and all members of the Freedom Alliance party, who fought for freedom for all. Forever grateful. Thank you for your explanation and omg, what a horrific story :-(. I voted for the party at one of the ejections ( in central Scotland) then was disappointed there was no candidate at a subsequent election. I couldn’t choose any others and wrote a novel on my ballot paper in explanation. No doubt unread by anyone. We can only hope truth will come out and light will prevail over dark. Thank you for everything you have done

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