Quiet weapons for cold wars

Written by: Miri
September 20, 2021
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Good afternoon, fellow conspiraquacks and hallowed hate-fans, I hope you are well.I have spent the last few days not being, since I acquired that antiquated old novelty, "a cold". I'm better now (sorry, hate-fans).

When I started to get a sore throat, a stuffy nose, and to feel warm, in no way, shape or form did I think, OMG, the plague! The deadly, killer pestilence! Adorn the door with a red cross and summon the priest and holy water immediately! (Or, the modern equivalent, the GP and the vaccine.)

I thought, "ah, a good old seasonal detox. Yes, it's about time I had one," and let it run its course, making no attempt to 'treat' it other than taking a bit more vitamin C than usual (and quite a bit of caffeine and paracetamol, as I am not a 'patient' patient and am thoroughly in favour of symptom suppression).I stayed in bed and consumed fluids - and yes, felt rather sorry for myself, because, the fact is, seasonal detoxes such as colds and 'flu can make you feel really unwell - I had a temperature, lost my voice (temporarily, alas, hate-fans - and I could still type anyway 😁), and had no energy at all. So, if I had mentally submitted to 18 months of hardcore propagandist media brainwashing of the type that would make Goebbels blush (one of my hate-fans actually compared me to him once, so I should know) - I would have been terrified.

When we say a cold is "just a cold", we mean it has no severe or long-lasting effects on health. We don't mean it doesn't make you feel really unwell, and this has been completely forgotten within the dominant cultural narrative, so I've had or heard the following conversation multiple times:

Other person: "I've been really unwell, it must be Covid."

Me: "What are your symptoms?"

"Temperature, cough, sore throat, no energy.""

Sounds like a cold to me."

"A cold?!" (Cue indignant nasal spluttering.) "A cold?! It's not just a cold! I feel AWFUL! I've never felt this ill in my life!" (People always say that when they're ill.)

Well, colds DO make you feel awful! They're designed to, so you stay in bed and don't expend any energy so your body can focus all its reserves on completing the detox process, an extremely powerful mechanism that requires a great deal of energy to undertake (which is why super-busy people often find they "never get sick" until they take a holiday, and then boom, they're unwell - because they didn't have the spare energy to dedicate to a detox before).

Colds and 'flus are seasonal detoxes where our bodies work hard to expel all the toxins we've built up over the last year, by increasing our temperatures to kill pathogens, inflaming the nasal cavity so we sneeze things out, and giving us a cough to expel toxins from the lungs. They are our bodies protecting and healing us, they most certainly are not evidence of a deadly cartoon mutant virus trying to kill us, a thoroughly ludicrous concept that has only been inserted into the national consciousness by deadly killer plague movies. If you had never seen Contagion, Outbreak, Teenage Mutant Killer Plague III (etc.), the idea that invisible, miniature deadly assassins can leap from one person to another by way of a sneeze would strike you as utterly, comically absurd - because it is. If that were a thing that could happen, humanity would never have made it out of the primordial ooze - we would have been wiped out immediately.

There's no need to take my word for it, though - you can look up the studies where people with cold and 'flu symptoms gave saliva samples to researchers who inserted these samples directly into the mouths of healthy volunteers. Not a single healthy volunteer got sick. That is because you cannot 'catch' illness any more than you can catch health. When you develop symptoms of illness, it is your body responding to the toxins you have been exposed to, it has nothing to do with anyone else, their choices, and whether they choose to wrap a filthy piece of cloth around their lower face (NB: not one person without rigorous surgical training knows how to wear a face mask correctly, and because they don't, they inevitably increase their chances of sickness by wearing one, they don't decrease them, and they certainly don't decrease those of random strangers in Tesco's. There's also intense debate in surgical circles about whether masks are necessary at all and about 50% of surgeons don't wear them whilst operating. Fact-check that, maskinators).

I'm sure it goes without saying that another thing I did not do whilst experiencing a cold was go to "get tested". Neither the PCR test nor the lateral flow tests are capable of distinguishing specific viral disease, and with the PCR test in particular, labs can choose how many positives they get simply by how many times they amplify the cycle. Amplify it more than about 60 times, and everyone will test positive. Amplify it less than 30, nobody will. The PCR test does not and cannot detect active viral infection, it can only detect genetic sequences of viruses, and as the human body is full of these, if you amplify a result enough times, then, to quote the PCR test's own inventor, "anyone can test positive for anything with the PCR. It doesn't tell you you're sick".

So, you have a cold, you go for a completely irrelevant and unfit-for-purpose test, the lab in question has been told to amplify the results a certain amount of times, and so you "test positive". You are now responsible for the rise in "cases" and part of the reason the government will use to justify the next imminent "lockdown". If you want to end lockdowns and attendant restrictions, then stop getting tested. It really is as simple as that. These tests do not tell you that you have any specific illness or even that you are ill at all (hence the overlords inventing the particularly insane fictitious farce known as "asymptomatic carriers"), and so there is absolutely no purpose to them. Meanwhile, the nasal swabs used to test you are coated in ethylene oxide, a class one carcinogen responsible for causing very aggressive cancers. Got a cold, risk cancer? No thanks.

Getting a cold or 'flu at this time of year is very, very common - and completely normal and completely healthy. But this is what the state will now weaponise against us, because people have been so terrorised by media propaganda, they cannot think clearly or rationally that "it's just a cold" - it MUST be the deadly plague, because I feel so ill! (You can see the confusion and something hinging on disappointment when the "Covid test" is negative - what, I don't get a special starring role in the real-time deadly plague movie?!)

There is going to be a lot of serious illness amongst the vaccinated and the hospitalised (because once the hospital has you, they will fast-track you to intubation and ventilation, which is fatal about 90% of the time). But a cold is still "just a cold" - and the biggest trick our dark magicians have ever played on the human race is convincing them a normal, healthy, benign healing process - the common cold - is actually the deadliest plague of all time. Next, they'll be trying to tell us some dialysis patient in a cave in the Middle East is responsible for bringing down the Twin Towers...

(References to back up my assertions about the inadequacies of the PCR and lateral flow tests can be found at the following link: https://miriaf.co.uk/letter-to-hospital-withholding.../)

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