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Written by: Miri
September 6, 2021
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A highly Satanic belief, beloved of the overlords and drip-fed to the masses via various "new age" philosophies, is that there is no such thing as objective reality. You can create reality by what you believe in (hence all the "don't focus on the negative" relentless incantations from the new age brigade). Obviously, you cannot - there is objective reality, just as there is objective truth, objective morality, and so on - so while you are very much free to choose how you respond to a situation, you are not free to deny that situation exists (well, you can, but you'll pay a price).

In its most fundamental form, what we are currently experiencing is a spiritual war, and the oldest spiritual war of all time - good vs. evil. The current ruling elite are in rebellion against God and God's objective reality and moral order. They believe they can overturn this and create their own reality by the force of their own will. Hence, they have created a fake plague and attendant scripted reality TV drama which they are forcing into reality by convincing millions of people to believe it's real and play their part, ably abetted with the ubiquitous theatre props of masks and little bottles of sanitiser dotted everywhere (mystifyingly, these have replaced pots of salt and pepper on cafe tables - so I guess condiment containers are highly virulent plague vectors, but sanitiser bottles are magically immune?).

If you told a member of the ruling elite, "I know this plague isn't real", they would probably disagree with you. They would say, "reality is only defined by what people believe and how they behave. if people believe there is a deadly plague, then there is" (which is exactly the kind of thinly-veiled Satanism you see in the new age movement, too - "if you don't focus on the negatives, then they stop existing").

This then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, because a) the power of suggestion is very strong (people who believe they are going to become ill, often do), and b) because people are now following diktats to "protect them" which will actually make them ill (e.g. masks, tests, vaccines), thus producing "evidence" of a deadly plague.

And this is how the dark magicians who rule over us conjure up pseudo "reality". Note that the name of the location famous for producing amazing stage productions that bewitch the world is "Hollywood". The wood from the Holly tree is historically what wizards have used to make wands to cast spells. It's not a coincidence (there aren't any).

And just as movie producers conjure up utterly compelling and totally persuasive fictions in their on-screen offerings, the social orchestrators do the same on the world stage, too. Note how much relentless crossover there is between politics and showbiz, and how many political figures and news talking heads also star in movies - it's because politics and TV are the same thing - they say "politics is showbusiness for ugly people" and that's meant a lot more literally than one may think (always hiding in plain sight...).

The "reality" the master magicians are currently conjuring up is the collapse of the care sector and the NHS. This has been an agenda item of theirs for some while, so they are mandating an injection for sectors in which they know full well a great deal of vaccine scepticism exists, Care home workers see every year how sick residents get after the 'flu vaccine, and how many of them die. The NHS are the frontline for dealing with bad vaccine reactions, and are currently swamped with people having terrible reactions to the Covid injections.

The ruling elite therefore knows perfectly well that mandating vaccines for these sectors will cause a mass exodus of staff and the concomitant collapse of these sectors. The desired "reality" for the elite is collapsed healthcare (since that will kill a lot of people off and help to meet their depopulation goals), so they have engineered a series of steps to force that to happen.

Another desired "reality" for them is to take human reproduction out of the hands of the people and make it entirely state-controlled. Think Brave New World style genetic engineering and hatcheries (author Aldous Huxley was a high-ranking member of the elite and knew exactly what they had in mind for the future - his book was letting us know, as the ruling elite's own moral code states they must always warn us in advance of what they have planned, and they always do - primarily through books, TV, and film).

Therefore, the elites are going to induce mass infertility with the Covid injections and then claim infertility is an effect of one of the virus's never-ending "vaccine-resistant mutations". This is why they are so hellbent on vaccinating children over the age of 12 and not younger children - because these children are just about to enter their fertile years.

Teenage pregnancy had been a huge problem for the UK for decades, and no amount of "sex education" was making any difference - until suddenly, in 2009, teenage pregnancies fell off a cliff. Researchers were delighted - but mystified. Had sex education suddenly, after all these decades, started working? What was going on?

The (utterly absurd) conclusion they came to was that the advent of Facebook and other social media meant teenagers were chatting to each other from home over the internet, rather than meeting up at drunken parties, and therefore not getting pregnant.

Real reason? In 2008, the sterilant HPV vaccine was rolled out in all UK schools to girls 12 and up. A heavyweight American study concluded this vaccine sterilises 25% of women who receive it.

If the rollout of the Covid vaccine in schools goes ahead this month, then by 2022, teenage pregnancy will become effectively non-existent.

"Researchers" will conclude that the lockdowns had unintended positive consequences - that because teenagers were unable to go out and meet at drunken parties, the teenage pregnancy rate dramatically reduced.

It won't be until years later, when these teenagers have grown up and actually want children, that their infertility will be revealed - at which point, too much time will have passed for this effect to be associated with the vaccine.

I am drawing attention to this because I believe the exact opposite of the new-age nonsense, that "focusing on the negative manifests it". I believe that ignoring the negative - ignoring evil - is exactly what these dark magicians want us to do. Evil is carried out in secret, in dark crevices and covertly underground. The best way of stopping it in its tracks is to shine a light on it and reveal it.

If enough people are aware of and shine a light on the elite's evil plans, it makes it much more difficult for them to carry them out. The elite needs to know we are fully aware of what they have planned and that we will keep relentlessly exposing it.

Shining a light on evil is not "focusing on the negative". On the contrary: only by exposing darkness to light do we drive it away.

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