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November 4, 2021
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There was a very revealing incident yesterday on one of my posts, which gave some profoundly valuable insight into the psychological paralysis that currently seems to be infecting vast swathes of the country. The world is burning, children are being murdered, life as we know it is shattering forever, and yet millions of people refuse to acknowledge this reality in any way and, instead, have tedious temper tantrums in response to anyone who identifies and challenges the horrors rapidly accelerating around us. 

Yesterday, I shared the shocking news report that two pupils had died in one week from the same school. These boys died of cardiac arrest, a condition that was virtually unheard of in healthy teenagers until the roll-out of the vaccine, after which such cases have exploded exponentially. So obviously, I, like thousands of other thinking people, suggested it was extremely likely there was a connection.

This observation caused a random individual to launch into a fit of spluttering outrage on my post, not because two young boys had just tragically lost their lives in the midst of an epidemic of similarly unexplained sudden deaths in young people, no, but because - splutter splutter - hadn't I read the sentence in the news report where the headmaster of the school told people "not to speculate about the cause of death on social media"??!!! 

Er, yeah, I read it, but given I left school a long time ago, I don't do what teachers tell me to any more. (To be honest, I never really did.)

But I realised that response would be a foreign currency to the splutterer, because he, and millions like him, are psychologically incapable of grasping the fact that, just because an alleged "authority" tells you to do something, doesn't mean you actually have to do it. Splutterers are totally unable to process that notion either emotionally, intellectually, or psychologically (hence, they splutter), and they're particularly sensitive to commandments from teachers, because that is where this supine reflexive obedience to any and all perceived "authority" comes from - school. 

The whole point of school is to train people to have no self-confidence in their own abilities, to be completely dependent on external "authorities" to tell them what to do and think, and to obey orders from said authorities without question - and, measured on this metric, school is one of the most astonishingly successful enterprises of all time. (For more on this, please read the collected works of the brilliant John Taylor Gatto, who taught at high schools for over 25 years and was a multiple recipient of New York State Teacher of the Year awards.)

The school system therefore creates adults who are, typically, the embodiment of fearful cowards, too afraid to ever think for themselves or step out of line, lest they might "get in trouble with teacher". That is why people get so angry with you when you challenge the official narrative. It isn't because they're scared you might give them a virus (if that's all it was, they would just stay away from you). They're furious and terrified that you dare disobey "the rules". That you're not doing what you're told. That - Sir! Sir! She's being naughty, Sir, she's breaking the rules! Sir, Sir, send her to the office!

That's what it is. It's that same whining, fearful petulance that you see in certain types of schoolchildren and that, sadly, many adults never outgrow. Indeed, it has happened to me on several occasions that - rather than approach me directly about something I've said or done when it's "triggered" them - people have gone "running to teacher" instead, and tried to get me into trouble with a family member or colleague etc (it's never worked, hate-fans, so please do find a better and less creepy and pathetic hobby). 

This is the same mentality that drives that possibly most insufferably idiotic idiom of all, "so you're a scientist then, are you?" (always accompanied by that same smug, self-satisfied grin, as if they have just delivered the world's most staggeringly profound gem of wisdom and possess a Wildean level of devastating wit and repartee). 

What they really mean is, "you're not a teacher. Only teachers are clever people wot know things. I'm telling! Miss, Miss, she's being naughty again!"

No, I'm not "a scientist". Are you a linguist? No? Then why are you using language to communicate? Do you have a linguistics degree? 

Telling someone they can't comment upon science unless they are a scientist, is just as idiotic as telling someone they can't use language to communicate unless they are a linguist.

Science is made readily available to the public in order that they can read it themselves and use it to make their own decisions. What do you think the point of "open access" is, and why it's considered so critical to a functioning democracy? (Never mind, if you're the kind of person who has ever uttered the words, "are you a scientist?", you have no idea what open access is anyway.)

The reason it ultimately enrages people when you don't do as you're told and question "authority" is that it suggests a level of self-esteem and inner strength that they cannot begin to fathom. Essentially, these people feel worthless (just as school taught them to) and they are spitting with indignant fury that you don't feel worthless, too - they all but say it in their tirades, e.g. "who do you think you are to question THE EXPERTS", meaning - you're nothing, you're nobody, and don't you forget it! They're trying to project onto you their own lack of self-worth. That they don't feel like they mean anything or matter beyond humbly obeying their "betters" and can't believe you have the audacity to feel like you do. 

This psychology is ultimately fatally dangerous for all of us, because - as history has demonstrated time and again - when such people are told to do something, anything, by an "authority", then no matter how brutal, violent, or inhumane it is - they do it. Please see the famous Stanley Milgram experiment, where volunteers applied what they believed were fatal levels of excruciatingly painful electroshock treatment to completely innocent people, just because a man in a white coat told them to.

The current contemporaries of these people are now injecting healthy 12-year-olds with lethal poisons for the same reason. 

It's because these people are effectively morally empty husks, who have been trained by the system to have no real values or convictions or thoughts of their own, and to just do what "the experts" tell them. 

I observed at the beginning of this pantomime, when so many millions of people meekly and unquestioningly complied to the abhorrent, anti-human rules, that it was clear most people's highest calling in life is obeying the government. But if you strip this down a bit further, you see what it is they're really doing, what it really all comes back to is - doing what teacher tells them. And snitching on those who don't. 

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