Stuck in the third dimension (along with everyone else)

Written by: Miri
February 25, 2021
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I read a lot of pseudo "new-age" stuff on FB, as I'm sure we all do, about how we must never "focus on the negative", and how low-vibrational and unevolved we are if we, for instance, read and comment upon the mainstream media.

(This is often followed up by a string of expletives, something that - I don't know about you - but I find positively Nirvanic in attuning my at-one-ness with the universe.)

To this I say - pshaw! Yes, that's right - pshaw. We live in a world where the large majority of people consume and are profoundly influenced by the mainstream media. These people aren't going anywhere (well... maybe if they take the vaccine...); they still remain our neighbours, colleagues, family and friends.

Unless we plan to hermetically seal ourselves off in an entirely separate society comprised exclusively of conspiracy theorists (and hey, I like the idea as much as anyone), then we are going to have to continue to coexist in a world with these people, and as such, continuing to take an interest in what is influencing* (*controlling) their thought processes - and what is therefore going to shape the dominant society around us that (unless anyone has finalised that entirely separate and self-sufficient conspiracy community) we will all have to live in - is, in my view, essential.

Imagine if, in any other previous fascistic regime (clearly that is not too strong a term to describe ours - if anything, it's an understatement), self-appointed spiritual gurus announced they were going to completely ignore the brutal infringements of the state and tyrannical propaganda everywhere, and instead, "focus on ascending into the fifth dimension" (that's a thing, in case you didn't know. 5D. Only problem is, as a consummate conspiracy theorist, I keep getting it confused with 5G...).

This approach is foolish to the point of delusional. Your society is crumbling around you and your next-door-neighbours are being turned into Stalinesque zombies - I'd pay some attention to it, if I were you. Unless and until you do actually teleport off into the ether (I struggle with the 5D brigade, because if they have indeed ascended into another dimension, then why are they, you know, still here?), you still reside here with all the rest of us and what is happening affects you just as much as everyone else.

Of course, we can refuse to play the overlords' games to the extent to which we are able, and I most certainly encourage everyone to do this; but what about when our employers say we can't come to work without a mask, or a test, or a vaccine? What if they say (as some have) they don't care what the law is and they have their own "policies"? What if we get arrested and the police take our DNA by force (no, they DON'T need your consent or a "contract" with you to do this; this is complete rubbish, as anyone who has ever been arrested will affirm)? What if this arrest comes up on a DBS check and hampers future employment prospects (an arrest will come up on an enhanced DBS check even if you were de-arrested afterwards)?

I'm all for "spirituality" (whatever this term actually means - as they say, demons are spiritual, so we really need to be more specific), but the fact is, we exist as physical human entities in the physical human world, and it is folly to ignore or deny that, and pretend such ignorance (because that's what ignoring something is) is somehow superior or aspirational.

Several people have been kind enough to compliment me on my abilities to accurately predict future "agenda items" of the overlords (I predicted the Pantomime Plague in April 2019 -

I do not predict these because I am psychic (well, maybe a bit... Scorpio moon, you see.... "will you get out of my head!" is a phrase I have heard from friends on a few occasions), but because I pay attention. What do I pay attention to? Well, as I don't know the overlords personally, I pay attention to the vehicles they use to communicate what they have in store - the mainstream media.

Part of the overlords' "moral code", which they believe will enable them to escape karmic retribution from their diabolical deeds, is to warn the population in advance of what they have in store. If we don't object or fight back, that qualifies as our consent, so they're allowed to do it.

There's nothing in their code that says they have to warn us in an obvious or explicit way, so they don't. It's subtle and nuanced - but it is always there - if you are paying attention.

Wouldn't it seem like a plus to have a good idea well in advance of what's coming up, so one can prepare for it? Unless you have a hotline straight to the overlords (and I know some of you controlled opps guys do), the only way of getting an insight into what they have in store is to study and decode the mainstream media.

A more cynical person than I might suggest that's why the controlled opps guys don't want you to do it...

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