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September 29, 2021
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So as I sit here this fine Sunday afternoon and rub my crystal ball (and also, slightly, my head, see yesterday's post...), I have a few predictions about how things might transpire involving the media's latest cartoon villain, THE TALIBAN.

The media are using all the same tricks to terrify us about this particular group as they have about the virus, Donald Trump, and petrol shortages, so, obviously, there's a nefarious agenda and they're trying to manipulate a particular outcome.

Some have suggested the Taliban are actually "the good guys", cleansing Afghanistan of the evil elite, and that's why the media is demonising them. It's a reasonable theory, but I don't believe it, since the Taliban themselves are playing their part in the charade too perfectly - they have a Twitter account, for heaven's sake! - and are giving interviews to Western media, saying perfectly preposterous cartoon-villain things like, "cutting off hands is extremely necessary".

I'm sorry, but can we say "Gilead"? This whole Taliban chapter appears to have the exact same screenwriters as The Handmaid's Tale, and this is no coincidence. The Taliban may or may not really be cutting people's hands off; they may or may not be displaying real victims of state annihilation in the streets. The point, where it comes to casting a spell over the world, is not whether they are really doing these things or not - it is whether people believe they are. Have you ever seen M. Night Shymalan's The Village? The way that population is kept obedient and in line is not via a real danger, but through the belief that a treacherous threat lurks nearby that will lethally pounce if they don't follow the rules. (A tried and tested formula that keeps any population obedient and in line, and that has been used equally as effectively with "the virus".)

We are having the Taliban and their Hollywoodised Gilead-style evil thrust into our faces daily by the media for a reason. This is what I think that reason is: in the near future, a supposed "terrorist attack" will happen on UK soil, and it will be accredited to the Taliban. It will be something really bombastic and spectacular, worthy of the biggest Hollywood blockbuster, like blowing up the Houses of Parliament or Big Ben.

This will have all the predictable effects on the national psyche - fear, outrage, hysteria, demoralisation, hatred, etc etc - all states highly beloved of the overlords and that they just love to induce in a population as often as possible, especially when they are in the midst of trying to overthrow and dissolve a culture for good.

The Taliban will be unrepentant, and will state - straight out of the Handmaid's Tale script - that our evil and degenerate Western ways are unacceptable and they are here to forcefully redeem us. Our current national government has been portrayed throughout this 'pandemic' as epically bumbling and incompetent, and this is for a reason. It is to condition us to see it as pathetically weak, and, therefore, easy to infiltrate and overthrow, which is what the Taliban will do - just like they have in Afghanistan and just like the invading force does in The Handmaid's Tale. If we are to believe the Taliban can defeat the American army, the most powerful militaristic force in the world, I'm sure disarmed bumbling old Britain will be no match for them at all.

They will then get to work vigorously imposing an extreme and evil-villain version of "conservatism", exactly as we saw in 'Gilead', and as we are seeing in Afghanistan now, where women can't leave the house alone, and liberal trends such as cohabitation are banned, with a grossly exaggerated version of "traditional morality" enforced on the population.

The ultimate reason for this is to trauma-brainwash the population into conflating things like marriage, children, stay-at-home mothers, and other similarly 'traditional' models, with extreme oppression and abuse, so, in future, everyone will viscerally reject such concepts and will welcome the valiant saviours of the ultra-liberal One World Government when it arrives.

In The Handmaid's Tale, everyone wants to escape from (the former USA) 'Gilead' into Canada, which is portrayed as an enlightened ultra-liberal utopia of salvation. That will be the same here - various formerly liberal Westernised countries will be thrown into abusive ultra-conservatism whilst an "enlightened liberal saviour" will begin to form in the shape of the One World Government, which will be founded on all the values set out in the ominous elite anthem, 'Imagine' - no possessions, no religion, no culture, nothing "oppressive" or "medieval" like that - just complete liberation from everything, including your spouse and children - because marriage will be banned in the future, just as it has been through lockdown, when the world has been satisfied with the Gilead-style display of what an evil, abusive institution is is, and mass infertility - another key theme of The Handmaid's Tale - will be the norm (currently being induced by the vaccine), with babies conceived and raised in state-run hatcheries, not those evil pressure cookers of oppression and abuse, families.

That's what they're preparing us for. The population at the moment is still not adequately trauma-brainwashed as to accept the One World Government, so an ultra-trauma is needed to destroy once and for all their allegiance to their national sovereignty and culture, and cause them to clamour desperately for something new.Note also that the Taliban are - but of course! - "anti-vaxxers", so that is another handy way of completely demonising vaccine scepticism and conflating it with the worst kinds of atrocities and abuse.

So, yes, we are going to be inducted into 'Gilead' quite soon, but this is not the ultimate destination. The ultimate destination will look more like the 1993 film Demolition Man - remember, none of these big-budget, star-studded productions are simply benevolently produced to entertain us, they're all about predictive programming and revelation of the method, key parts of the ruling elite's 'moral code' - a film which was itself was based on the book Brave New World (the female protagonist in Demolition Man is named 'Lenina Huxley'), another key revelatory text.

In Demolition Man, just like in Brave New World and The Handmaid's Tale, sex has been separated from reproduction, as this has always been a primary goal of mendacious psychopaths and genocidal depopulationists everywhere, because they need to destroy the central unit of any stable society - the family - in order to have ultimate control over the population. The family has always been the last remaining bastion of protection between the individual and the state, which is why it has for many decades been earmarked for destruction.

So, in Demolition Man, 'sex' takes place via the mind, involving a computerised device and at a safe social distance, whilst babies are created in labs. Similar themes can be found in Brave New World (hatcheries) and The Handmaid's Tale (where most couples are infertile, and babies are acquired through the kidnap and rape of a slave class).

The society of Demolition Man is superficially liberal, insofar as men and women have equal rights to education and work, but it is completely sterile in more ways than one - first of all, physical touch is deeply stigmatised to the point of being illegal, and people no longer shake hands. Sound familiar? This is because of multiple "viral epidemics" in years before the society of Demolition Man emerges..! There's also only one restaurant, after all the "restaurant wars", which is Taco Bell. Note that in the here and now, independent restaurants are collapsing everywhere, and Wetherspoons is buying them all up. In Demolition Man, meat and alcohol are banned. In the here and now, Wetherspoons is systematically removing the meat items from its menu (they have removed the beef chilli permanently even though it was one of their most popular dishes) and there are meat and beer shortages everywhere (I know people have been joking about this, but there actually are! Due to driver and CO2 - carbonation - shortages), with Australian residents having their alcohol consumption monitored and curtailed, and South Africa having already enacted a period of complete national prohibition.

No coincidences. This is all planned and pre-scripted. (Note meat and alcohol are also banned in other future dystopian depictions, like V For Vendetta, where these items are only available to the elite.)

A very important redeeming feature of the Demolition Man society, however, is the existence of a rebellious underground, where the resistance lives - actually literally underground - and indulges clandestine items such as beer and burgers (admittedly, the burgers are made from rat, but who knows, with a little seasoning..). This is a very important key theme in any dystopian imagining of the future - that there is ALWAYS a resistance and an underground, and the dominant society needs them, because the only ways ultra-oppressive regimes survive and thrive is by demonising 'the other' - they need to be able to point at "monstrous outsiders" so they can say to their population, "if you don't follow our rules, you'll end up like THEM!"

The dominant society of the future will be people living alone in super-SMART 'pods' within megacities - see how every major city centre looks like a building site right now, with apartment-style complexes going up everywhere - whilst the countryside will be 're-wilded' and out of bounds (this also happens in Brave New World). People will mostly work alone from home (maybe with a robot for company) and venturing outside will be undertaken as rarely as possible and only with plenty of 'precautions' (the BBC thoughtfully imagined this for us at the beginning of the 'pandemic', Google 'BBC Layla office' and you can see the kind of future the overlords have planned).

Everyone in this dominant society will be infertile (a theme revealed again and again in revelatory films, like Children of Men), babies will be conceived in labs and raised by the state, and, for all residents, multiple annual injections will be mandatory, ensuring nobody lives long enough to become a drain on the state via acquiring a pension or developing long-term chronic illness. Premature death will be blamed on ever-mutating "new variants", and the fear thereof will ensure continual compliance to the rules.

And yes, that all sounds horrible, but nevertheless, I think there is robust reason to retain hope, because, as I say, the overlords need an "evil other" to demonise for the above to work, and so conditions will become ripe for a real alternative underground to thrive. I don't believe some of the more fatalistic predictions that the overlords plan to round us all up into mega-prisons and do away with us, because a) there are too many of us (around six million have refused the stab, and the government simply does not have enough 'accommodation' for all of us), and b), for the reasons outlined above - they need us. Despotic regimes cannot survive or convince their populations to obey ever more draconian rules without an "evil outside other" to constantly demonise.

So, try not to worry too much if and when we're plunged into an ultra-extremist Chrislamic caliphate, because it likely won't last too long. Just hold your nerve through this, as better days do lie ahead (if not better burgers...).

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