Testing times

Written by: Miri
October 11, 2023
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I'm not actually referring to the Israel-Palestine situation (although you can read my thoughts on that here), but to the news that the USA has reintroduced free Covid testing, whilst UK hospitals are being nationally shamed for not routinely Covid testing their staff - with some influential institutions even insisting asymptomatic testing should return.

You could be forgiven for being unaware of all this as, of course, all news media - mainstream, alternative, and social alike - is dominated by stories of the Israeli situation.

This is by design: "they" are planning on hitting us with 'Plandemic 2' very soon, but they don't want you focusing on that right now, as they know the human psyche is such that it can really only cope with cognitively digesting one crisis at a time.

That's exactly why they ran the concluding credits of "Plandemic 1" before they started "Ukraine War" - why they finished the plague multi-season blockbuster before hitting you with a director's cut war epic - and why the usual suspects immediately dispensed with their face masks only to replace them with Ukraine flags.

Indeed, my local pub - which up until February 2022 had been festooned with Covid decorations - literally swapped them all overnight for advertisements for the next "current thing". The venue had previously featured sanitiser bottles on every table (no salt and pepper, mind, as clearly condiments can spread The Virus), arrow stickers on the floor, and snooty instructions not to stand at the bar (remember when those were 'the rules' - you could only sit in a pub but not stand, and only stand in a park but not sit...). However, once the news' cycle changed, all these items were immediately removed and dutifully replaced with Ukraine flags, posters, and an offer to 'Drink 4 Ukraine' - whereby you were invited to drink all the same drinks as normal, just at double or triple the price (you'd be astonished at how many people actually did this, given you already need to take out a second mortgage to buy a pint these days, and the pub raised tens of thousands of pounds).

It was just like watching a theatre reset the stage for the debut of a new play, because, indeed, that's exactly what was happening. Swapping one pantomime farce for another - and pantomimes need costumes, theatre props - and actors.

As I say, the reason the social controllers had to end the Covid performance (or at least, its first act) before debuting the Ukraine war epic (fronted by comedic actor Zelensky) was because of people's limited ability to crisis-cope. Hitting them with both pestilence and war at the same time would have been too much for their mental and emotional capacities. One apocalyptic horseman at a time, those are the rules for successful, gripping dramas, and the social scriptwriters know this.

However, if your actual goal is to collapse people's coping capacities - because you are a psychopathic ruling elite who desires complete control over a fleet of helpless, dependent automatons - then delivering more than one crisis at once is exactly what you'd want to do.

So, I think they're gearing up to hit us with all three horsemen - war, pestilence, and famine - simultaneously, in an effort to disable our coping capacities, in order that we throw ourselves on the mercy of the state, crying "help, government! I can't cope! You look after me and tell me what to do!"

The best way to avert this - the best way to be able to cope with any crisis - is to be prepared for it, so it's important to keep an eye on the signs - relatively subtle as they currently are - that another plandemic is on its way, whilst not sidelining the severity of the Israel-Palestine situation, which is as strong an indication as I've ever seen that World War Three is imminent.

And with war, always comes disruptions in the food supply, so there would be your 'famine'. I don't mean a famine of Holodomor proportions - I don't think they'd starve us completely, because people become too volatile and unpredictable when they're starving - so there will likely continue to be widely available cheap starches, such as bread, potatoes, rice, and beans - but high-quality proteins like eggs, fish, poultry, and meat will probably become far scarcer, as many predictive programming vehicles have cautioned (in both Demolition Man and V For Vendetta, animal products are banned for ordinary people and only available to the elites and outlaws). This obviously is in line with Agenda 2030 goals to dramatically reduce or eliminate altogether meat and dairy consumption (now would be a good time to friend a farmer...).

So to return to the title of this article: 'testing' is starting to make a gradual return, including - I'm surprised and saddened to see - amongst people who really should know better. Even people who opposed the restrictions and didn't get jabbed (or stopped after one), are now reporting to "have Covid" - and when you ask them how they know, they inform you that they took a test.

If this is you, please rethink this urgently. First of all, please be emphatically clear that the tests do not work (neither PCR nor lateral flow tests), and they never have. They cannot detect the existence of disease and that is not what they are designed to do.

Yet even if they were accurate (and they're really not), "testing positive" for Covid doesn't actually make any difference to you in terms of how ill you feel or what you need to do to get better. Like any respiratory illness, you need rest, fluids, vitamin C and so on. Whatever name you want to give your illness (Covid, cold, flu, Matilda) doesn't make any difference - you treat it in the same way. So what's the point in testing?

No point for you: massive point for the corrupt, criminal government, which will - and always has - base its strategy response to a new supposed "wave" of Covid on "positive cases", rather than hospitalisations or deaths.

If you are testing and returning a positive result, then you are complicit in giving the government the "evidence" they need to declare another pandemic and impose another lockdown - which they've already said will be much harsher than the last ones: that restrictions will be more severe than "feels comfortable". When you consider how many people were forced to let loved ones die alone, lost their businesses, and ended up in mental health crises as a result of the restrictions last time, to suggest the last restrictions were 'comfortable' in comparison to what's to come, is really rather ominous indeed.

So, please let's be unequivocally clear here: PCR and lateral flow tests are nothing more than theatre props, there to present a convincing illusion to the audience of the story arc the scriptwriters are trying to weave - kind of like the "hardened whisky drinker" in a film, who is actually knocking back shots of apple juice. He wants to appear to the audience as if he is consuming alcohol and getting drunk, to fulfil the role he's had scripted for him, but he isn't really - he's using a performative prop. And that's precisely what "Covid tests" are.

Ditto, obviously, masks, face visors, sanitisers, social distancing, the 'rule of six', 'bubbles', fist bumps, singing happy birthday twice whilst you wash your hands (I mean, for the love of God, really...), and all the rest of the ludicrous theatrical nonsense they had to come up with to remind you there was a deadly plague, otherwise you would have completely forgotten.

So, please, do not test, do not encourage others to test - or you will be culpable in co-creating the much, much more testing times that are to come.

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