Israel, Palestine, and Pike's Prophecy

Written by: Miri
October 9, 2023
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There are some basic uniting rules, slogans, and facts implicit in being any sort of self-respecting theoriser of conspiracies, and these are: 9/11 was an inside job, the mainstream media lies about everything, and all wars begin with a false flag (a false flag being defined as, "a covert operation that is carried out with the aim of being perceived as the work of another group, organisation or country").

These statements being so ineffably accurate, and unequivocally true (perhaps the only three facts all members of the conspirati would agree on, whilst arguing furiously about everything else), make it absolutely astonishing that many seem to have forgotten all of them when responding to the latest escalation of the Israel-Palestine situation.

To sum, 9/11 was staged by US and Israeli intelligence agencies (CIA and Mossad, who have extensive form for such things) to give them an excuse to further their military action in the Middle East; the mainstream media whipped up support for this "retaliation" by blaming the 9/11 attacks on some guy in a cave dying of kidney disease, and, lo and behold, more brutal bloodshed was unleashed claiming the lives of thousands of innocent people (as it continues to do to this day).

Exactly the same thing is happening in Israel now. These attacks were, at best, allowed to happen, if they weren't in fact directly orchestrated by Israel itself. Please remember that the Israeli government - just like governments all around the world - has spent the last three years trying to murder its citizens (including children) by lethal injection, it hasn't suddenly decided it cares about their safety now.

Please be aware also that Israel has one of the most extensive and successful spy networks in the world (second only in power and scope to the CIA). Therefore, the idea that the vastly less well-resourced Hamas would have been able to plot these attacks completely under the radar is ludicrous - utterly fictitious and implausible.

To quote my go-to and indeed "gateway" conspiracy theorist, Henry Makow (himself an ethnic Jew):

"The claim that the attack was a surprise is the biggest tell that this war was contrived by Israel. Indeed Netanyahu called it a "Pearl Harbor moment" referring to another false flag used to justify the US entry into World War Two. Is this war designed to touch off WW3? 

Veterans of Israeli intelligence say there is no way this attack was a surprise. The Israelis have informers in Gaza. They monitor it electronically. They must have known this was coming and decided to sacrifice hundreds of Israelis for political ends. They did the same thing in 1973. 

It's a cliche that politicians start wars to effect change. Netanyahu needed a war to unite a nation badly divided by his judicial reforms. The WEF/Rothschilds/Communists need a war to evade responsibility for the creeping COVID-19 genocide... They also need a distraction from the fact that the banking system is bankrupt and broken, and the Ukraine war has been a debacle.

The worst-case scenario is that Israelis will overreact and arouse the anger of the Muslim world who would then intervene, and fulfill Albert Pike's prophecy."

Albert Pike's prophecy, of course, being that the third and final world war (we know how much these Masons love their multiples of three) would be between political Zionists and leaders of the Arab world. Pike said:

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political  Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other."

The ultimate goal of the ruling classes is to eradicate all major religions and then to govern over an 'Imagine' style one-world dystopia, where - just as change agent John Lennon (who, by coincidence, would have turned 83 today) told us - we will have 'no countries, no religions, and no possessions' (you'll own nothing and be happy, right?).

The social engineers have already been quite successful at destroying Christianity as a dominant social force (the UK no longer being recognised as a Christian country), so the one remaining powerful global religious movement in the way of their 'dreams' is Islam, so that's what they're going after next, and that's why all the mainstream media vehicles - 'left-wing' and 'right-wing' alike - are going lockstep in their support of Israel and condemnation of Palestine.

The most important thing here is therefore not to take 'sides' insofar as 'Team Israel' or 'Team Palestine' - obviously, all loss of innocent life in political conflict is abhorrent and should be condemned, whoever is responsible for it (and it's not always immediately obvious who is responsible for it) - but to ask "why this, why now?" - why has this escalation has been planned (and it has been planned) to happen now, and what are the wider implications?

Note that this escalation is happening in tandem with thousands of, overwhelmingly, single fighting-age men from primarily Islamic countries, being shipped into the UK and other Western countries around the world.

Therefore, we have a potential sitting army of those willing to defend the Palestinian / wider Islamic cause, set to clash with the millions of people who have made it clear their sympathies lie with Israel. In short, we now have the perfect conditions for a tinder box of tensions to ignite into all-out warfare - just as Albert Pike predicted (i.e., planned). Now we might have some very good insight into what those text 'emergency alerts' are going to be used for.

Already, there are mass protests, prone to huge volatility (and of course infiltration), happening up and down the country, and whether these protests are pro-Israel or pro-Palestine, they are in line with my predictions that a mass wave of protests would begin in the UK soon, to allow the police to exercise their new draconian powers under the Public Order Bill. Please read the piece to understand how your legal rights have changed before attending any protest.

As barrister and human rights' expert, Adam Wagner, said: "The Public Order Bill is already deeply illiberal. Now the [government] want to make it even easier for police to prevent protest - even where they suspect there will be serious disruption."

In effect, the new ruling moves us one step closer to being a police state.

You can expect the press (which routinely ignored a lot of the anti-lockdown protests), to focus heavily on these protests, with a view to painting the pro-Palestinian side as terrorist-sympathising, murderous 'scum' - so the protests will definitely be infiltrated by agent provocateurs to foment violence. To quote Sky News, "The Metropolitan Police says it has increased patrols in the capital after receiving reports of people appearing to celebrate the attack on Israel by Hamas".

The most important thing now is to keep our wits about us and to maintain a clear head, not be manipulated by the press and its, as always, biased and agenderised coverage - coverage expertly designed by masterminds in human psychology to emotionally manipulate us and provoke certain reactions. The press is a propaganda machine, and never is its propaganda more high-stakes - or more devastating in its success - than when it's agitating for war.

We didn't give the propagandists and bloodthirsty predator class what they wanted during their relentless barrage of emotive, inflammatory footage during "the war in Ukraine".

And we won't give it to them now.

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