Danger, Danger! High Voltage!

Written by: Miri
March 21, 2023

Whenever I read anything about the government's so-called "emergency alerts", set to be tested on April 23rd, I immediately get said rather splendid song from Electric Six in my head, which at least gives the latest fear-based pantomime charade a bit of a melodic backdrop...

So, what is going on with this latest bit of media agitprop designed to get us all on-the-edge-our-seats nervous about what impending "emergency" could be looming? An emergency so dire, the government needs to be able to instantly contact every person in the land about it?

Well, first things first, let's be abundantly clear that whenever the government and media go lockstep and promote an agenda so intensively, it's a) never in our interests, and b) never authentic, e.g., whatever they're setting up with these "emergency alerts" is not going to be a "real" emergency - it's going to be something scrupulously planned, produced, and scripted. It's large scale street theatre: interactive performance art for the masses, and they want to send you an "emergency alert" as a way of prompting you to say your lines (as I said about Covid, "it's a big pantomime and you are in it"). What might your lines be? How about:

"Oh My God, Sally, it's finally happened! We've seen it on X-Files for years and now it's here for real... the aliens are here to kill us all!"


"Oh well, I knew that evil Putin would get his revenge eventually. Hiking our gas prices wasn't enough for that maniacal tyrant... now he's sending nuclear bombs too... quick, under the kitchen table!"

You get the idea. This is always how it happens with large scale psychological operations (military-grade mind control programmes): the establishment beams their desired fake reality into the mass mind by way of the telescreen, the newspaper, and now, the mobile phone, and the masses then diligently co-create it for them by saying what they've been prompted to say.

"Covid" was a mass scale behavioural psychology experiment to see how far the government and media could control the populace through fabricated fear, and the results showed that the answer is "very far indeed". The specific reason for some of the most absurdist, literally Monty- Python-esque "rules" (such as, you have to wear a muzzle when you stand up in a restaurant, and you can't have a pint unless it's accompanied by a Scotch Egg) was to test just how preposterously the government could make people behave, by continually baiting them with fear.

What this experiment showed - and what many previous, albeit not quite so gargantuan and global - experiments have shown, is that people will abdicate all reason and responsibility if they're scared enough - and it's not just the formal threat they're scared of (e.g., in this recent instance, an alleged virus), but - more pointedly - authority, and "getting into trouble".

Even the most devout of the Branch Covidians could not possibly have believed that munching on a breaded piece of processed pork would protect them from the plague, a pestilence so superstitious, it would definitely have leapt upon them if they'd supped their beverage without a snack. So people didn't comply with these kind of ludicrous directives because they were afraid of "the virus", but because they were afraid of disobeying authority, which, as the famous Milgram experiments so starkly demonstrated, most people are - so afraid that they will kill innocent people before they will displease a perceived "authority figure".

However, the problem with fear-based control systems is that they're only effective in the short-term. Myriad studies have shown this, with one recent example being the anti-smoking campaigns in schools, where anti-smoking professionals went into secondary schools and told 12-year-olds how evil and awful smoking was, and how they would all die a horrible death if they ever took the habit up.

In the short-term, this was exceptionally effective, to the extent that not only did the 12-year-olds not take up smoking, but they returned home to deliver solemn lectures to smoker parents, about their unnegotiable obligation to ditch this filthy habit immediately.

However, when these same 12-year-olds were revisited four years later (assuming they hadn't been evicted by extremely irritated parents in that time), it was found so many had taken up smoking, that the rates were in fact no lower than in teenagers who hadn't received the brutal anti-smoking messaging. In fact, in some areas, the rates were higher.

So the corollary of this is, if you want to keep controlling someone's behaviour through fear, you can't repeatedly use the same threat, as the fear of that threat wears off quite quickly (hence why there was such an enormous difference in compliance levels between lockdown one - huge compliance - and all subsequent lockdowns - less and less compliance each time).

That means that the government now requires a new and completely different kind of threat to reactivate people's fear-compliance-control mechanism, and that is what the "emergency alerts" psy-op is about.

Already, simply by announcing this initiative, generalised fear levels in the population have gone up, as everyone speculates, "why this, why now? We've never needed this kind of programme before, so what's going on? What is the government 'expecting' (or, if you're a consummate conspiracist, as of course you should be, 'planning')?"

I think the three most likely scenarios are:

  1. An alleged 'nuclear war with Russia', where we will be instructed to stay in our homes, under tables, in sheds etc., to avoid "the radiation" from the fallout. To be clear, it won't be a real nuclear war - as (assuming nukes really exist) this would annihilate everything and everyone instantly and there would be no point in the government sending anyone a text message about it. But, as the dark wizards conjuring up our illusory panto-reality know, you don't need a real threat to make people behave as if the danger is real - as long as they believe in the threat (as long as the lie is convincing), that's enough. You just have to prime the public sufficiently to make the fake threat plausible - and, please note that, for some time now, the propaganda press has been weaving articles about nuclear blasts, and how to survive them, through local newspapers. The press never publishes articles randomly or by accident, it's always to prime the public for something, so I think this is one very likely scenario.
  2. Some other kind of conflict which requires us to stay in our homes, which will be policed by the UN troops currently stationed in hotels up and down the land. No serious person any longer believes these people are anything but military assets, who are simply awaiting orders. The tyrannical state couldn't enforce Covid lockdowns for those who weren't sufficiently scared, because they didn't have the manpower to patrol every town and village and order people back inside - but they have a lot more of that power now, courtesy of the legions of military-aged single males festooning the nation's hotels.
  3. The one most of us are hoping for... the aliens. To be clear, the fake aliens, projected by holograms into the sky, as laid out in CIA secret project, Project Blue Beam. In true science-fiction-style fanfare - and straight out of an alien invasion movie on Netflix - the government could text us all to order us to stay in our homes, else evil ET will abduct us! I mean, think just how many blockbuster films and big-budget TV series have been priming us for this - X-Files, Star Trek, Independence Day, the list is veritably endless. If there's one movie genre more popular than "plague" - and there literally is only one - it's aliens. 'Contagion' (rebroadcast on ITV the first week of the first lockdown) prepped us for Covid: are the abundance of alien invasion films prepping us for what's next?

While it could of course be something else (the government is after all full of surprises - I mean, who could have predicted the Scotch Eggs?), I think the above are the three most plausible scenarios. And to be absolutely clear, none of it will be "real", if by real we mean natural, organic, spontaneous. Whatever is on the way is already scripted, planned, and signed off at the highest levels, and the "emergency alerts" are just another theatre prop, like masks, to make it all look authentic.

We know that the government and the world's ruling classes are engaged in a semi-covert (though pretty obvious really) war against the people, and are launching a full spectrum dominance attack to subvert, break, and destroy us. So - surely needless to say - the one thing we can be sure about regarding these "emergency alerts" is that they have nothing to do with what the government says they do - "to protect us" - just like none of their Covid measures had anything to do with that, either.

Another angle could be seen to be inducting us further into a digital prison, as, if you do not acknowledge the 'test' alert (and, contrary to earlier reports, it seems there's no way of switching it off), all functionality on your phone will be frozen. Many/most people are completely dependent on their phone to operate within society - they use it for work, they use it to stay in touch with family and friends, they use it for parking apps and train tickets, etc.

So, the government is giving us a first taster of how they can lock us out of our lives if we don't comply with their directives. Yes, for now it's "only" acknowledging a text message. But what will it be next?

So the first steps we can take to insulate ourselves from all this involve (easier said than done, I know...) becoming less dependent on our phones, such as - not using apps if there are physical alternatives, e.g., a parking meter rather than parking app, buying physical train tickets, not digital ones, and so on, and - if possible - moving away from Smart phones entirely, and accessing the internet from other devices (laptop, desktop, tablet) which seem to enjoy substantially more privacy options than phones.

Further than this, though, the best prep we can do, I'm happy to say we've already done, courtesy of the last three years - seeing through government hoaxes and refusing to comply with the fear-based programming. Yes, "something big" is coming, but there's no need to be any more worried about it than you were the fake cold virus. Although, please be prepared for the fact that there will be people who saw through Covid, who will nevertheless fall for this. We've already seen it when there were practice "climate change lockdowns" (e.g., weather) - people saying, "okay, Covid was obviously nonsense, but when the government tells us to stay home and stay safe because of the weather, we have to take it seriously"...

To sum: the "emergency alert" on April 23rd is just an attention-grabbing trailer for the big summer blockbuster of 2023 - it's all another pantomime. And, just like with the last one, we will all be fully capable of switching off the screens that broadcast it, tossing away the newspapers that script it, and exiting stage left, back into our real lives.

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18 comments on “Danger, Danger! High Voltage!”

  1. Ahhh April 23rd...ye olde birthday of William Shakespeare (the first of ye jibby jabby men?)
    Ahhh... April 23rd..ye olde St George's Day...Ah ...is mystical

  2. If you have an Android mobile, search your settings for "presidential" or "emergency" alerts. It may be that I'm only seeing these (and can turn them off) because I'm in "developer" mode, which also means I can see things that don't normally show up on a Bluetooth search (some would say that's the jabbed, but that's just a conspiracy theory.....). If you have an Android device and want to try developer mode, in Settings go to System then About phone and at the bottom tap Build number repeatedly.

  3. I really hope it's the aliens, that would be a terrific show.
    If you ever watch the Blaze TV channel you will be aware of the big hype it's getting at the moment, including a recent suggestion that maybe the aliens sprayed Covid onto us.
    I recently said to a friend I wanted to see two things before I die, one was a UFO and the other was a Bigfoot. I'm off to Canada in the summer (travel restrictions permitting) so maybe I'll get to see both this year.

    p.s. Is there anything reliable to suggest that holding on to an electric fence may disable the m-RNA as I saw someone suggest on one of your posts?

  4. We’ve already had these alerts going out en masse to peoples cell phones for a while now in New Zealand. We’ve had them for tsunamis, covid of course and since we had 2 massive storms this year we've had them to tell us to all stay home. I see that it's built in to the settings of your smart phone. I have now switched mine off.

  5. Well it can be all summed up, this lockstep agenda by the Govt and Media:






  6. Yep, I realised that ditching the phone (which I just read this on and am writing this on) would be an essential part of being in the resistance

    Bravo Miri, you are bang on the moolah

  7. Great article, thanks Miri. On first reading about these 'alerts', I instantly thought of the infamous Orson Welles psy op, describing a Martian invasion in New Jersey, broadcast on the radio in October 1938. As we know, the psychopaths 'in charge' can't create a new idea, so they have to revert to previous tactics, from however long ago, to instill the fear. Perhaps it will be an 'alien invasion' as you mention, because '...floods, fire, frost or frippery' I don't think would scare the masses anymore so it has to be a 'biggie'. Getting humanity to believe in and be fearful of 'aliens' has been a decades-long psy op. Either way, I'll be acquiring a huge bag of popcorn in readiness 😉 Keep up the great work. You make a lot of sense in these nonsensical times.

  8. My daughter and I only recently sang the High Voltage song 🤣
    Another brilliant article.

  9. Think the safest place is Russia .shall we emigrate. If I had to choose a friend out of all these dimwit government officials I’d be stuck in the middle of putin and trump . I can’t believe anything anymore. How about the older generation who don’t have internet phones . How are they going to get there government warning . It’s the biggest load of - - - - . It’s not new it’s been going on for years . CORUPTION don’t TRUST them

  10. I live close to a port used by nuclear submarines. Every three years we are supposed to receive a booklet telling us what to do in the event of an accident. Hadn't seen an updated one for years, until about three weeks ago.

    The summing up at the end: "go in, stay in, go online, tune in". Sounds familiar (though not very catchy unless you take out "go online" which was probably needed because half the population wouldn't know what was meant by "tune in"). And interesting timing.

  11. I agree it'll be nuclear threat, aliens or simulated cyber attack or maybe multiple depending how reactions seem to be going and all would increase our need for digital id. I did find Michael Palmer's interview about the Hiroshima nuclear hoax on 'Jerm Warfare' interesting and have heard others suggest they don't really exist. A perfect ultimate terror ploy for sure and remember watching 'Threads' at school and being disturbed. The aliens thing is clever in that it is plausible other beings exist in or on earth or other planets. I'm myself confused about the latter and never in my gut rang true they would come here should they exist elsewhere, but can easily envisage other beings in our realm somewhere. (But I would never then believe any we are shown by the media 'invading' which will be a movie!).

  12. We all want aliens but I suspect it'll be radiation. The depleted uranium weapons story has to be seeding something.
    Anyway, on the subject of seeding: now we are all going to be thinking of that tune every time someone brings this up.

  13. I think the emergency alert nonsense is just the excuse to install the control software that will be used later to monitor and restrict access and movement. That functionality is probably already there but not to be used until the rest of the digital prison is in place.

  14. If you go to permissions manager you actually cannot turn off the access to your phone. It's greyed out. And if you click on all the access and permissions it's basically tracking everything. There is no way of turning them off unless you throw the bloody thing away.

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