The Age of Informed Consent

Written by: Miri
July 15, 2022

With some considerable pomp and ceremony (or the internet equivalent thereof - a string of emojis 🥳🎉🍾), I am absolutely delighted to share with you our (Mark and my) new resource:

INFORMED CONSENT MATTERS (If you've not been warned, you're not informed!)

I wrote a bit more about what we were working on last week, to give you some background to what we're trying to do, and - after a couple of weeks working pretty much around the clock (these things always take longer than you think they will!) - we think we've achieved it - and very much hope you agree!

In short, we wanted a comprehensive, credible, genuinely independent resource, presenting all the facts relating to the "pandemic" and its related guidance, mandates, and restrictions (vaccines, masks, tests, lockdowns) - but presented in a wholly mainstream-friendly, non-conspiratorial way. Something that looks professional and authoritative, not out-there or fringe, and that could be shown to "on the fence" friends and family who - while they may have complied at the start - are beginning to have serious misgivings now, but aren't sure where to look for further information (without slipping down lizard-infested rabbit holes and so forth). We have been very careful to avoid all "trigger language" and mentions of concepts or individuals that may cause a reader to shut down and dismiss the resource as "wacky conspiracy theory", and have linked only to mainstream sources.

We've pivoted the resource around the concept of informed consent, because this is something so critical to all ethical medical and overall decision-making, and that has been so conspicuous by its absence throughout the Covid charade. People have been manipulated, coerced, threatened, and fined into compliance, rather than being presented with all the facts and empowered to come to their own free and informed choice. Many don't realise that informed consent is a legal requirement in medicine - 'informed' meaning making sure the patient understands all the risks before a treatment is administered - nor how egregiously this is flouted where it comes to vaccination in general, and the Covid vaccines in particular.

So, as the signs grow daily that we're on for yet another act of the pantomime plague, and all that's likely to entail, it's absolutely critical to raise awareness of the principle of informed consent - what it is and why it matters - and to ensure people know that a medical decision taken in the absence of informed consent is neither ethically, nor legally, valid.

Our resource is not "anti-vax", "anti-mask", nor telling people what they should do - it's simply ensuring they have the full facts before making a choice; facts that are often, rather ruthlessly, suppressed from public view.

It was put into sharp perspective just how necessary such a resource is, and to what lengths the establishment and Big Tech platforms will go to to control the narrative and censor the truth, when I was last week, yet again, banned from Facebook for.... sharing a screenshot from the Government's website.

I shared an excerpt from their page on the Moderna vaccine, which warns of potential heart disorders - myocarditis and pericarditis - and posted this on Facebook, with the sole comment "this is from the Government's website".

Facebook promptly pulled the post, slapped me with a 30-day ban, and informed me this screenshot - taken straight from the UK Government's website - was "misinformation" that "caused physical harm".

The implications of this are quite staggering, when you consider just how fundamental Facebook and other Big Tech social media platforms are to shaping people's world view and keeping them informed. The "follow the science" brigade may like to claim they get their information from "peer-reviewed studies", but in reality, they don't. They, like most people, rely almost exclusively on the media - both mainstream (newspapers, TV) and social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). We know the mainstream media is wholly captured and controlled, and will never report the full facts, so if social media won't either, then that's a pretty sinister and dangerous situation - and precisely why Mark and I felt a completely independent and censorship-free resource like Informed Consent Matters was necessary - and I strongly suspect the need for such a resource will intensify rapidly as the censorship and narrative-control increases exponentially over the coming months and years.

We fully expect dark forces to try and interfere with this resource and get it shut down, but, rather wonderfully, our web hosts are on our side (we didn't know that when we began building the site) and so will robustly defend it from any attempted sabotage or attack.

So, please do visit the resource, and if you like it, please share the link widely across your social media platforms (if they try to label it "misinformation that causes physical harm", please refer them to our misinfo section...), on Telegram and Signal groups, and with family and friends.

Please also check out the shop, where you can buy bespoke Covid vaccine information leaflets, designed and written by me and Mark, giving critical information on the latest Covid "booster" and why people may want to think twice before taking it. We will be adding more leaflets and other awareness-raising merchandise to the shop soon, so please do check back regularly (there was a very good omen when we were getting the leaflets delivered, as one was sellotaped to the box, so the delivery guy could see what they were. "You do vaccinations?" He asked suspiciously, upon handing them over. "No," said Mark emphatically. "Definitely not." Upon hearing this, the delivery driver broke into a wide smile and said, "me neither!")

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the site, so please do leave any feedback in the comments below.

(And you will note from the 'About Us' section that I decided to use my full full first name, Miriam, because I think it sounds more serious and grown-up than 'Miri' - a derivative I insisted upon at the age of two. However, that does mean every time I look at said section, I feel as if I am the recipient of a parental telling-off - which may very well be good practice for all the other telling-offs from authority figures the resource may attract... 😁)

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3 comments on “The Age of Informed Consent”

  1. Bravo on the InformedConsentMatters website…
    an important contribution to Public understanding of the aspects of covidSCAM that directly affect ordinary people.

    Well done!

  2. So impressed with this, as a person who did not believe the hype from the start and that has had the fight squeezed out of me from the accepting majority, it gives a new hope.
    The site looks the business, lets hope it can help many many others

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