The cult and the catfish

Written by: Miri
September 26, 2021
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In the last few weeks, I've detected a definite sea-change in the attitude of those who have obediently bought the "official line" and diligently jumped through each new hoop dangled in front of them, just like a well-trained pet who completely trusts its owner to reward it with a treat. Up until very recently, they've been so incontrovertibly sure they're right: that there's a deadly plague that our benevolent leaders desperately want to protect us from, and all of the increasingly Orwellian restrictions on movement, speech and thought are simply science-based altruism to keep us all safe.

18 months in, when they've obeyed every instruction, endured every inconvenience, and diligently had both their jabs (which a very significant proportion of them didn't really want, with by far the most common reason for compliance being "it's the only way to get back to normal"), the fact that the Government and media are now doubling-down on the scaremongering with endless reports of escalating 'cases' and threats of more lockdowns... Well, I think something in the collective Covid-compliant psyche is starting to shift.

I have a number of go-to normie profiles that I regularly check to get an insight into the current "normal, sane" way of thinking (as opposed to the crazy cognitions of quackloonery I generally prefer to indulge) and a common theme has emerged - they've gone completely silent on the subject of Covid.

In the beginning, they couldn't get enough of the opportunity to proudly proclaim about what a good, caring, compliant citizen they were, with all the mask-wearing, sofa-sitting, and granny-swerving, whilst sternly rebuking us "Covidiots", with our naughty, selfish behaviour (get off that granny!), and our barmy theories.

This is because they were so utterly, unshakeably confident in their own abilities to discern the truth: to know when something is real, and when they're being lied to. "OF COURSE we're in the middle of a deadly plague, because if we weren't and the Government and media were lying about it, I'd be able to tell, because I'm clever and clued-up and could never be so easily fooled". That's where it comes from: it's ultimately psychological vanity and intellectual arrogance, a need to protect the ego and self-image at all costs. As Mark Twain said, it's easier to fool people than to convince them they've been fooled, because to do the latter, you have to persuade someone to concede they're not as sharp and able as they thought they were, and conceding that can create such excruciating psychological pain that people prefer to double-down and cling grimly onto the faulty belief, even when all available evidence is screaming at them that this is wrong and they've been fooled.

That's exactly why scams and other kinds of confidence tricks work so well, and why they can sometimes go on for years (see: 'Catfish'). People are very attached to what and whom they decide to trust, and very unwilling to admit they could have been fooled - even when the evidence becomes overwhelming and deep down, they know they've been duped.

I think this is currently what is happening amongst a very sizable portion of the population. Of course, there's always an extremist hardcore wing who, even if Covid was permanently wiped out, would still love nothing more than to be in lockdown forever, only leaving the house for vaccines (I do actually know someone who has expressed this view), but they are a minority - 10% of the population at most. What I have noticed with all my go-to normies is the sudden wall of silence: that they are completely silent on the issue of vaccinating children. They haven't a word to say about the state overriding parental rights and injecting children without consent. They're keeping quiet about the issue of endless "boosters" and the threats of more lockdowns.

It's because the psychological penny is - slowly, painfully, agonisingly - starting to drop. They are realising that their initial, extremely strong and passionately deeply held, belief - that this is a temporary blip that will soon be over, so long as we do what we're told and play by the rules - was quite clearly not true.

These people know that injecting children is wrong. They know that the state overriding parental wishes is abhorrent. They know that if we don't go back to normal now - with the vast majority vaccinated - that strongly suggests we never will. Because if the vaccine isn't (as Chris Whitty qualified) "the silver bullet" ('interesting' name for an injection primarily aimed at older people), then what is? The vaccine was always touted as the the dazzling light at the end of a particularly dark tunnel; the magic elixir that would bring an end to this nightmare and grant us all our rights and freedoms back - yet in reality (a reality that is slowly dawning on millions of people) this was nothing but a slick sales pitch to "get the needle into arms" (is it only me who finds that a really sinister way of advertising

a supposed medicine? After all, prisoners on death row get a "needle into the arm", too). We now have over 80% of the country vaccinated - a colossally high number that no previous adult vaccination drive has ever come close to achieving - and yet a permanent return to normality continues to elude us. Quite clearly, then, there is no intention of this ever being restored. What we have now is and always was intended to be forever and the "good, caring, compliant citizens" have been tricked into complying with and ushering it in.

So now these people have got an extremely difficult decision to make. They can do the brutally tough work of acknowledging they got things wrong and that all the people they so ruthlessly mocked and derided were right (or at least, a lot closer to the truth) and stop complying with, and start speaking out about, the anti-human tyranny ever-escalating around us.

Or they can tell themselves they're not up to this challenge. They can keep quiet and look away. As long as they don't overtly condemn evil, evil will give them a free pass and allow them to get on with their lives.

It won't, of course. It never does. The first people thrown to the wolves by evil regimes all throughout history are the useful idiots and compliant cowards (the kind of people who sucked up to the school bully at school so they didn't get bullied themselves), once their usefulness has expired - which it very nearly has.

The machinations of the last 18 months could never have so successfully unfolded without the compliance of millions of people, but their allegiance was only needed quite briefly. Now that most are vaccinated and the economy is on the verge of collapse, they're not needed any more and - especially if they're older, in poor health, or unemployed - the state considers them a burden whom will soon be dealt with accordingly.

I'm going to succinctly summarise again what the last 18 months have really been about: depopulation. All ruling classes throughout the world are very open about their belief that the world is overpopulated and that human numbers must be dramatically reduced. That is precisely why they subsidise contraception and abortion throughout the world, but it would be extraordinarily naive to believe they only focus their depopulation strategy at one end of the life cycle, e.g. preventing people being born. They don't - why on earth would they? They are also extremely focused on the other end: expediting the death of people already here, especially if they are older. Many countries have a severe demographic problem in that there are too many older, retired people, not generating taxes and increasingly dependent on state services, and not enough younger, working-age people to support them.

In China, this is called the 4-2-1 problem (four grandparents, two parents, and just one working-age adult to support them all) and it is insurmountable for many governments - so they are dealing with it by systematically murdering old people. I don't know why anyone finds this in the slightest bit difficult to believe - you really think governments who orchestrate brutal warfare that kills millions of innocent people including children, would really have any problem with bumping off a few grannies? They've been doing this for years, of course, via the "Liverpool Care Pathway" and similar, but now they have gone all-out, murdering with impunity in care homes and hospitals, with the perfect cover of "a deadly pandemic". Old people are being murdered in care homes via midazolam, and in hospitals via various drug overdoses and the usually-fatal ventilation process, and staff are bribed and blackmailed into listing these as Covid deaths. This is why the NHS has been slapped with a gagging order regarding talking to the press, although several courageous whistle-blowers have spoken out and confirmed this anyway.

Meanwhile, younger people who are not institutionalised (and it is institutions where virtually all "Covid deaths" have taken place, which of course wouldn't happen in a real pandemic, people would be indiscriminately dropping dead everywhere) have been tricked into taking a vaccine which will dramatically reduce their fertility, if not sterilise them altogether, as well as shortening their lives. And yes, I know many people "have had the vaccine and are fine", but ruthless intergenerational psychopaths committing worldwide genocide are not stupid - they realise if you dropped dead within hours, days or weeks of the injection, people around you would make the connection and not get the injection themselves, so the injection is a cumulative, slow-acting poison. It will not kill you instantly, and you may very well have years left. But it has dramatically reduced your life expectancy, and the more "boosters" you get, the more that lifespan is reduced. (Unless, of course, you were lucky enough to receive an inert placebo, which it seems some have.)

If there really was a deadly plague and life was simply temporarily put on hold until enough people were vaccinated to protect us from it, then we would all be back to normal by now and there would be no talk of further lockdowns or injecting healthy young children who are at no risk. So the "temporary blip" narrative is clearly false and the reality is obviously something much more sinister.

I can see this realisation is, in one guise or another, dawning on a lot of people, so the crucial question is: what are you going to do now? Don't cling to a mistake just because you spent a long time making it or have invested a lot in it. If you are starting to see the truth now, the worst thing you can do is stay silent or look away, when there is a real resistance standing up for truth and justice, and we need your voice. Ultimately, this is all a numbers game - the state is currently winning because they have more on their side. The more that deflect to ours, the stronger we become.

You don't need to believe in all the crazy quackaloonery I've espoused above to change teams. There are plenty of people broadly on our side who believe there is a real, virulent virus: who believe in vaccines: who reject the idea of a worldwide conspiracy to reduce human population. That's absolutely fine. We (unlike the enemy) support freedom of thought, belief, and speech.

The only thing you need to have in common with us is a belief that the Government and media are lying and are using these lies to impose restrictions on us which are illegitimate and must be brought to an end. If you are part of the silent majority who is starting to see, you have the opportunity to reclaim a real future. Once you have seen, you cannot unsee, and therefore you have a moral obligation to act. Take it.

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