The fall of the false idols

Written by: Miri
February 4, 2021
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I don't know if anyone's been following the Armie Hammer and Marilyn Manson revelations, but I think these are worth paying attention to, as the beginning of what is likely to be a much bigger, highly strategised, tactical reveal.

For those not in the know, Hammer - a C-list Hollywood actor, best known for playing the Winklevoss twins (whom Mark Zuckerberg nicked Facebook from) in 2010's The Social Network - has been accused by multiple ex-girlfriends of extreme sadism and sexual violence to the point of cannibalism. Apparently, he informed a number of partners he would like to remove one of their ribs, barbecue it, and eat it. He even claimed to have a private doctor on standby who would perform the operation.

For the average person, these claims sound so outlandish and ridiculous, it's easy to dismiss them as the vindictive ramblings of scorned exes.

However: the claims from multiple exes are very consistent, they all have what look like legitimate screenshots of private messages to back them up, and Hammer's ex-wife - who he is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce and custody battle with - says she believes the claims.

First of all, please let me make clear I am a firm advocate of due process and the concept of innocent until proven guilty, and a vehement opponent of trial-by-media. As far as I'm concerned, these allegations should have been kept private and Hammer been given the opportunity to defend himself in a court of law. He certainly should not be persecuted in any way, unless and until these accusations have been proven to be true.

However: the fact that they have been 'leaked', when all manner of Hollywood depravity (much worse than anything involving "consenting adults") is routinely covered up, is not something we should ignore. These revelations are extremely consistent with what "conspiracy theorists" and whistleblowers have been saying for years is going on in Hollywood: that the entertainment industry, much like politics, runs on depravity and blackmail. Morally compromised and corruptible people who can be controlled and kept in line via their vices (ask Matt Hancock how he managed to spend £50,000 of taxpayers' money on nine "takeaways" from a tiny and obscure East London restaurant).

Similar allegations have been made about Manson (not including cannibalism - yet). Multiple exes accusing him of systemic campaigns of sadistic abuse that left many of them with PTSD, requiring intensive therapy and sometimes hospital treatment. Manson has not - as one might expect, if these allegations were merely vindictive fabrications of bitter exes - hotly denied them; instead, he has issued a rather limp response stating the relationships were "consensual" (spoiler alert: abusers can manipulate consent for all manner of horrors; that doesn't make them okay) and that his exes' accounts are "distortions of reality". That is not a denial; it is rather confirming that, while the two parties' interpretations of events may differ, the events did indeed take place.

So, now Manson and Hammer are being dropped left, right and centre from agencies and projects, which first of all is reminding us that none of us is ever safe - someone could decide they don't like us and launch a campaign of wild accusations and abuse against us - but we get no chance to formally defend ourselves from these allegations before the rug of our life is pulled from under us. The same thing happened with the witch-huntery that was "MeToo". This is subconsciously priming us to accept the removal of due process and the rule of law.

Further, however, these accounts haven't been leaked for nothing. Why have these two particular men been targeted, when every big name in the industry is involved in something equally degenerate? It's because, as I say, it's the beginning of a tactical attack to reveal what Hollywood and the entertainment industry really are. Why would "they" want to do this? Because they are in the midst of an all-out, full spectrum psychological attack on the populace, and in psychological warfare, one of the most effective weapons is demoralisation. Destroy the culture from within by ripping down its icons and its heroes.

There's no bigger hero than a Hollywood hero, or a big rock star, and millions of people worship famous actors and musicians. If it is starkly revealed to the populace the reality of what these adored idols really are and what they really do, the psychological impact will be immense and, almost, unquantifiable. Think how many people's lives revolve around TV and the movies, how they follow the lives of big stars like these people are their friends. Imagine finding out they are involved in some of the worst atrocities possible (as I said, the reality is much worse than what has been revealed about Hammer and Manson so far).

The overlords are trying to break us, because demoralised, broken people are much easier to control, and then wipe out, than are people with strong, robust morals and ideals. When the Nazis occupied Poland in the war, the country was flooded with pornography in an attempt to demoralise, subdue, and ultimately break the will of the people. Pornography is a weapon of war and always has been, and the same goes for the related depravity and vices used to control "stars" and politicians.

So, please do keep a careful eye on the Hammer and Manson stories as they develop, and for who gets exposed next. This is setting the stage for "the big reveal" - and it's not going to be pretty.

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