The Good Person Thing

Written by: Miri
July 19, 2021

I've been thinking about that contingent of people we mysteriously/hilariously call 'liberals' - nothing liberal about them (everything is, after all, inverted), but I can't think of a better, more printable name - this is a family-friendly page, after all! Well, kinda... Anyway, you know who I mean: the Guardian-readers (by which I mean, they read it and actually take it seriously... I was informed by the Guardian the other day that I am one of its top readers worldwide, a fact which entertained me greatly and made me hope ever more ardently for its imminent demise...). The BBC-watchers. The kind of people who put their preferred pronouns at the end of work emails (in an ostentatious font).

I've thought about these kinds of people a lot over the years, because they are at the epicentre of all that is wrong with the world. They are the compliant foot-soldiers who will meekly usher in whatever grotesque, anti-human bit of the agenda the overlords have on the inventory next, and I've often wondered, why? They're not psychopaths, they're not even 'bad people', generally speaking - they can often tend to be very nice - friendly, good company (if you avoid politics), nice to dogs, that sort of thing.

Well, I have now determined the reason for their behaviour. It is that, what profoundly drives them, way over and above all other things is, "looking like a good person". And the language is very important there - not BEING a good person. Looking like one.

The social cues all around them are deftly engineered to, in general, make it very easy for them to distinguish what "the good person thing" is to do in any given situation. In elections, you vote Labour. Brexit? Obviously you're Remain. You support BLM. You take the knee. You say things like "happy non-binary people's day!".

And, needless to say, you wear the mask, you take the test, and you get quaxxinated.

And what are you going to do after (ha ha) 'Freedom Day' on July 19th? Why, you will continue to wear the mask, of course! Because that's the Good Person Thing to do. Only selfish, evil, far-right extremists would even contemplate such science-denying, sociopathic degeneracy as displaying their faces and breathing air.

The July 19th Division Day (a much more apt name for it) is a kind of psychological beta test, demarcating us into two clear camps: the Good People, and the rest of us. And when I say "Good", I mean it in the way one does when one praises a pet for being obedient, which is exactly how the overlords mean it, too (you're in a muzzle for a reason).

The popular name for this sort of behaviour is 'virtue-signalling', and that's true, that's what it is, but I think it's a bit deeper and darker than that, too, which was ably illustrated at that event several years ago, at the Pulse nightclub in Florida, where a Muslim gunman opened fire on a crowded room of gay clubbers* (*I don't think this ever actually happened, it had all the hallmarks of more propagandist, divide-and-conquer street theatre, but the BBC-bamboozled obviously think it did).

Now, usually when our virtue-signalling friends are looking for the Good Person Response to any given situation, it's made very obvious for them what it is - morality by numbers: if it features white people, Christians or guns it's Bad. If it's non-whites, any other religion, or gay people, it's Good. So, this event caused them to go into a complete tailspin and meltdown, because none of them could work out what the Good Person Response was.

One of my go-to liberals made a valiant attempt by declaring:

"It's awful what's happened, but the important thing is we don't blame his [the gunman's] religion for his mental illness."

To which another liberal instantly snapped back: "Last time I checked, hate wasn't a mental illness."

Which caused the initial liberal to instantly scuttle back, reeling in dismay, horrified she hadn't succeeded in saying the Good Person Thing.

And this was epically revealing. She didn't defend her point or get into an argument (which is what one does when one has genuine convictions), she just went quiet, because her proclamation hadn't had the desired effect - signalling to others that she is a Good Person and attracting the requisite 'likes' and rewards.

The same is true of all these types of people. They don't have any genuine, deeply-held convictions. They are just constantly - and desperately - attuning themselves to the deftly manicured mainstream social climate to decipher what the Good Person Thing to do is.

Brexit, of course, was a brilliant example. Not one of these people had ever had an opinion on the EU in their lives before, and most of them didn't (and still don't) even know what it is, but suddenly, they all became inflamed with extraordinary ire for anyone who didn't want to be in it ("I can't believe," said one of my go-to liberals tearfully, after the vote was in. "That these racists have won and that I'm no longer European!").

Now, with the current convid situation, none of them have any sincere, rational convictions about any of it, which you quickly discover if you attempt to converse with them about it. When I was out campaigning for Freedom Alliance, a young man in a mask approached our stall, which stated we were the pro-freedom, anti-lockdown party, and demanded to know how we could be both pro-freedom and anti-lockdown, "because how are we going to get our freedom back if we don't have lockdown!"

I and the rest of the team attempted to engage this young man in conversation for quite some time - something of a trial, as he insisted on remaining two metres away and wouldn't take his mask off - despite being outside and alone - so it was somewhat tricky to hear him. It was quite an extraordinary experience, that went like this;

Me: "Please can you take your mask off, because I can't hear you."

Him (angrily): "No. Absolutely not. The mask stays on." ("I'm a good person, not like YOU!")

Me: "But I thought the mask was only to protect others."

Him: "It is." ("See? I told you what a good person I am.")

Me: "Right. Well neither I nor any of these other people are concerned, so please take it off."

Him: "No. I'm keeping it on. I'm protecting the NHS."

(This conversation actually happened.)

We attempted to give him all manner of literature illustrating the danger and inefficacy of masks; we spoke to him at great length about Kary Mullis (of whom he had never heard, naturally) and his stark warnings about NEVER using his test to detect viral illness; we quoted all sorts of government-verified statistics regarding death rates and hospital admissions, proving there is no "pandemic" - but he was completely impervious to all of it, and just got angrier and angrier (storming off at one point, before stomping back minutes later to continue spluttering indignantly at us), because we were obviously Bad People and he was a Good Person and just how very dare we! Openly and unapologetically flaunting our Badness for all to see, and not recognising and congratulating his Goodness!

It was a really pitiful spectacle, because it just illustrated so starkly how these people have no depth or strength to their character or their convictions - they don't HAVE any convictions - they just want to look like (not be, look like) a 'good person' - and this, ultimately, is a trauma response.

There are four primary trauma responses, and three we know well - fight, flight, and freeze - but there's one probably more common than those three put together and much less widely publicised - fawn. And that's what these people are doing, they're fawning - over the Guardian, the BBC, "the experts" - in an attempt to protect themselves from further abuse.

Their character and spirit was broken down by the system in childhood (which is precisely what the system is designed to do), and they were taught to have non-existent self-determination and highly conditional self-esteem, all based on how well they can obey the diktats of "the experts" - who are much better people than they are. They can only ever expect to be acceptable and not brutally rejected by the tribe by constantly signalling that they agree with "the experts", the Good People, that they will always do the right, virtuous, Good Person Thing.

They're not allowed to think for themselves and determine the genuinely good, moral thing to do (and they can't - that's the genuinely frightening, pitiful thing) - they just have to be in an eternal fear-based state of ultra-vigilance, continually alert to cues from their instruction manual (Guardian) and other state institutions to tell them what to profess to think and believe. They know they've got it right if they get lots of fawning and congratulations in response from other Good People, telling them what a Good Person they are.

I think that all of us, when we "awoke", went through a very intense and unpleasant conflict between "looking like" a good person (saying the fashionable, popular, 'Good Person Things' expected by friends and family) and BEING a good person (being principled and standing by our own convictions, even if the response from all around is rejection, condemnation, and hatred).

And that's the thing, the thing that the fearful fawners can't understand - if you want to BE a good person, not just "look like" one - you aren't going to be congratulated and rewarded for it. You're going to have to go through a brutal period of being mocked, vilified, denounced, and rejected, including by some of the formerly closest people in your life.

Most people simply are not up for this challenge. Far better to be obedient - good boy! - and get the easy treats and rewards that come with that, simply by doing the simple and straightforward Good Person Thing, than to develop real character, conviction and courage, which is hard, punishing, and often, utterly unrewarding.

The reason this situation has developed is that the overlords wouldn't be able to so efficiently farm and control a society of strong, principled people with powerful convictions, so instead, they've encouraged a society of superficial cowards who are all style (what they look like) and no substance (what they are).

And what better symbol could there be for pretending to be something you're not, donning a superficial costume for social acceptance, than wearing an actual, literal mask?

So that's exactly why I haven't and won't ever be wearing one. I don't want to "look like" a good person. Rather, I want to do what is often the exact opposite - be one.

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3 comments on “The Good Person Thing”

  1. I went through this years ago when friends got AIDs....another had MS for a decade. They were heartbroken how their 'friends' at work or church simply vanished. Even priests didn't come with the Sacrament.
    A teacher who escaped Vienna (Gestapo most wanted list Jewish musician) told us many times, "You can't tell ANYTHING about people by their outside life. The rascals may save you while the good people turn you in. Don't buy people's reputation or looks."
    My daughter manages a Greek cafe on the waterfront. She says the ex-cons from gangs who do the dishes are the salt of the earth...the respectable completely untrustworthy. people, as you say, are truly full of bovine excrement.

  2. A "good person" on the inside is really the rebel. The "good person on the outside is a slave. The "good person" on the outside seeks to curry favor with the slave masters, while the really good person-rebel seeks freedom, liberty and justice for both the real good and the make believe good.

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