The most toxic human trait isn't violence, avarice or greed: it's obedience

Written by: Miri
July 11, 2023
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Good Morning Mrs. [Name],

Thank you for your email expressing your views on vaccination.

Should it be required, [Name] High School will act in accordance with the direction provided by the Department of Education to support a national vaccination program. May I suggest that if you have concerns about a national strategy that affects schools, an appropriate response may be to lobby your local MP?

Kind regards


That is the response a friend of mine received when she sent to her children's school my template letter, regarding the impending, unnecessary, and extremely risky drive to flu "vaccinate" every secondary school child in the country.

If you've missed this development (which you could certainly be forgiven for, given that the government has introduced this reckless scheme very abruptly and with absolutely no consultation with parents or caregivers), please allow me to get you up to speed.

Despite the fact that the flu is generally a short-lived, inconsequential illness in healthy children, and that there has never in recorded history been a case of a deadly plague sweeping through schools that severely undermines children's health, the government has decided that, this September, for the first time ever, the nasal flu spray will be offered to all secondary school pupils in England, through from year 7 (ages 11-12) to year 11 (ages 15-16). This is represents a cohort of over 3 million people, the vast majority of whom are healthy and not in any high-risk category for the flu.

These plans were announced by the government on July 4th.... three days after I had speculated in an article that the ruling classes might attempt to stage the next "pandemic" by spiking the flu vaccine given to children (it has previously been routinely given to children aged 2-11, but not secondary school children). This seems too much of a "coincidence" for my liking, especially since I have the dubious distinction of having predicted the last pandemic.

I might be wrong and sincerely hope I am, but I've learned how to "read" the media and the clues it always gives us about what is coming next, as the ruling classes' "code" requires them to do - if they tell us their plans in advance, and we fail to stop them, that qualifies as our consent and thus they are karmically clean - or so they believe.

The media has already informed us there will definitely be another pandemic, that it will be worse than Covid, and that it will disproportionately affect children. Note that the then-UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, stated in 2022 that lockdowns would not be considered in the future again... unless there was a "virus" that disproportionately affected children.

So, he was clearly telling us: there WILL be (what we are told is) "a virus" that disproportionately affects children.

But how could the social engineers possibly ensure this?

The only way to induce illness disproportionately in children, is to do it via something that children receive disproportionately to adults - and that something is vaccination. Adults don't routinely get vaccinations every year, but many schoolchildren do. It's already been normalised for children to receive the HPV vaccine in year 8, the 3-in-1 teenage booster in year 9, the meningitis jab in year 10, and so the stage has already been set to add another vaccine to the school schedule.

So, that's how you induce a wave of illness in children which seems to leave adults relatively untouched: you put it in the vaccine that, this year, for the first time ever, every schoolchild in England up to age 16 will be offered.

You will note the timing: the flu vaccination programme commences September 1st. That means, if it starts to cause noticeable spikes in illness, these spikes will coincide precisely with parliament returning to session on the 20th September.

This is exactly how the government played it during "Covid". Restrictions were largely lifted in the summer, and life more or less went back to normal - because government ministers were off on their jollies and weren't going to play pandemic again until they'd had a few well-deserved weeks off in the Algarve - and then suddenly kicked back in with a vengeance once they were back in the office come September.

It looks like they're gearing up for just the same again, so we can expect the "strange new illness sweeping nation's schools" headlines to begin creeping in around mid-September, and then, it seems likely, a rehash of all the same illogical, lunatic nonsense we endured during "Covid" - don't walk the wrong way down a supermarket aisle or you'll kill people etc. - but with a far bigger emotional punch this time, because the (alleged) "virus" affects children, not grannies.

Needless to say, there will be no "virus". If children become more unwell than they usually are in autumn, it will be because the organised criminal mafia calling themselves "schools" have forced poison up children's noses, and when people are poisoned, they get sick. The flu spray also "sheds", so it can make sick even those who didn't receive it .And when I say it sheds, I don't mean it sheds "viruses", I mean it sheds poison, like strong perfumes and aftershaves do.

Ever been around someone who's coated in some such spray, and started having a coughing or sneezing fit? That's because you've breathed in the poison and reacted to it - same happens with the flu spray. That's why you should never use spray deodorants, roll-on only, as spray deodorants are inevitably nasally inhaled and their toxic particles - often including neurotoxic aluminium - are therefore directed straight to the brain.

So, the above potential scenario has been spelled out to the nation's schools in my letter (in an appropriately-worded, non-"conspiratorial" way) - and they have responded as per the message detailed at the beginning of this article.

That school is explicitly telling a concerned parent who entrusts their children to the school's care: "we do not care about your concerns, we do not care about the objective and valid safety issues you have brought to our attention, we abdicate all responsibility and will simply do whatever we are told".

It absolutely beggars belief that a parent could contact a school about something the school is going to do, using school resources and on school premises, and the school responds by telling the parent this matter is actually nothing to do with the school and to take it up with an MP.

The MP is not the one who will be putting the poison up the children's noses, the school is. So the school is the one, surely obviously, that needs to be addressed and held accountable.

Yet, I have no doubt that most, if not all, schools in the country will respond the same way this school has: "it's nothing to do with us. We have no agency or responsibility. We just follow orders".

And it is precisely that attitude that enabled the first fake pandemic to exist and flourish in the first place.

The "Covid" chapter was not actually enabled by clowns like Hancock and Whitty. They stood on the world stage lying to and threatening the public, just as government officials always do, but they didn't actually force anyone to do anything. That's why so many millions of people didn't, and why there was such a significant level of non-compliance with "the rules".

The only reason "the pandemic" existed beyond a staged fictional drama on television, is because of the millions of obedient people who followed orders and did what they were told. People were told to stay inside: they did. They were told to avoid loved ones and wear masks: they did. They were told to shove contaminated nasal swabs up into their blood-brain barriers and jab genocidal darts into their arms: they did.

None of this ever made any sense, none of it was ever necessary, and certainly, none of it was ever "safe and effective". It was ruinous and destructive and evil - and the only thing that enabled it to exist was - not cartoon villains like Klaus Schwab issuing ominous diktats on television - but ordinary people being obedient to what he and his ilk told them to do. And that, as the horrifying response from my friend's school so clearly shows us, is what will enable the next one.

So, please do enjoy your summer (or the British equivalent thereof: after months bitterly complaining that it is too cold, we now vociferously protest it is too hot) - but gear up for the highly likely possibility that another dark pantomime "pandemic" is on the horizon, and will require, as the last one did, mass disobedience regarding every insane new "rule" and "restriction" they throw at us.

Everything they instruct us to do will all be rooted in operant conditioning - behaviour modification, control through fear (that's why there were so many behavioural psychologists involved in the government's pandemic response) - and nothing to do with protecting anyone's health, just like in the last one. The difference being, there will actually be an agent to protect people from this time, namely, the children's nasal spray.

For parents with children in school, the best possible thing to do is keep your child off school, not just on the day of the vaccination, but for as many subsequent days as you are able to, in order to minimise the risk of contamination through "shedding".

It's also important to be aware of "catch-up clinics", where vaccination teams revisit schools to "catch up" any child who mussed out the first time. Due to such devious schemes as Gillick competency and "implied consent" (see page 3, point 3), schools can legally get away with vaccinating children without parental knowledge or consent and sadly, this is not an uncommon occurrence. So, it may be wise to advise your child that - if the school tries to pressurise them into receiving a vaccination - to go straight to the toilets, lock themselves in, and phone a parent or other agreed contact who can come and collect them.

It sounds extreme, but we are living in extreme times (and the 12-year-old daughter of a friend had to do exactly this when the school tried to force her to take the HPV vaccine).

I know a lot of us developed "fighting fatigue" as the Covid chapter went on and on, but hopefully, by now, we've had enough time to rest and recuperate and are ready for the next battle. And please remember, by far the most powerful weapon we have at our disposal is the one thing that strips the overlords' twisted games of having any power - mass, continual, and determined disobedience.

We simply refuse to play. And with insufficient actors performing, the dark, devious, yet terribly derivative pantomime soon comes to an end.

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