The Politics of Pantomime Plagues

Written by: Miri
October 31, 2021
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I often think fondly of my hate-fans, as they increasingly irately refresh my page (in between booster shots and sanitiser slathering), muttering darkly to themselves from beneath their muzzles, "why isn't she dead yet?"

The fact that I'm not, and nor are any of the thousands of similarly conspiraquacked people I know, should really serve as a key piece of evidence in evaluating whether or not we are in a 'pandemic' and whether any of the prescribed, allegedly protective measures from the government serve to preserve or augment anyone's health. 

As a heretical pestilence-denier, I have been enthusiastically mocking and exposing the plague as fake, not just from day one, but from a year before it made its debut (please see here:, and I have never complied with a single 'health measure' as prescribed by the government. So, if this was a real plague, maybe I'd get away with that for a few weeks or even months, but closing in on two years, and I am still here? Am I, and all the thousands of other people who have similarly mocked and eschewed the World's Deadliest Pestilence and attendant 'rules', just really, really lucky, or..?

An easy way of determining whether we are in a plague and whether it is transmitted the way the government says it is is to look up the dates of major London anti-lockdown protests, where thousands of maskless, vaxless conspiraquacks all crowded together for hours on end, and seeing if there was a dramatic spike in hospitalisations and deaths in the days and weeks thereafter. You can write to the NHS and request this information under an FOI and they have to give it to you.

But, I can save you some time. No, there has been no such spike after any of the protests. 

Another easy way to assess the veracity of propagandist plague claims is to check out the death rate for 2020. In the middle of a global pandemic, and with no saviour vaccine to redeem us, it's got to be pretty high, right?

Nope. The death rate in the UK in 2020 was 9.4 people per 1,000 - completely normal.

Okay, but given how horrendously this dreadful disease has ravaged the entire planet, the overall world population dramatically decreased, right? 

No, it did not. It increased, and by just the same percentage it had done for the preceding ten years. Please do go ahead and verify all of these facts for yourself. 

The only conclusion therefore to be drawn is that there is no "deadly pandemic", because that is the only conclusion the evidence supports.

"Covid" is a political fiction which is being used as a trojan horse to usher in tyranny. 

Whenever I inform normies of this, they invariably respond with, "but that's impossible. Too many people would have to be in on it. There would be whistleblowers."

Actually, not many people need to be in on it at all. A very small cabal of higher-ups give their orders and their many subordinates simply comply - or they are out of a job. If you are, for instance, a doctor with a huge mortgage, fancy cars, kids at private school, an expensive ex-wife, and a second young family to support, how likely is it you are going to quit your job upon realising you are complicit in corruption? A very large proportion of medics know what the score is at this point, but feel unable to speak out, because, in so doing, they would lose everything - and very few have the moral courage or integrity to do that.

There are some notable exceptions, of course, such as Dr. Mohammed Adil, but the thing with whistleblowers exposing a corrupt establishment, is that the corrupt establishment isn't going to tell you about them. You will not see whistleblowers on the BBC or read about them in the Guardian. You have to go to so-called alternative media, which the corrupt establishment tells you is 'fake news'. 

The problem with normies is that they can't believe this level of extraordinary evil (and there is no other word for it) exists, because they have been presented with a Truman Show style mirage for all their lives and told that is reality, when it is not. Normies are told, and believe, that life is - be born, go to school, get a job, enjoy some leisure activities, meet someone and start a family, and repeat the cycle. They believe that life is offices and pubs, TV and holidays. Maybe a bit of music and a good book. Yes, there's inequality and corruption but only the sort you read about in the papers - you know, evil rich Tories hoarding wealth and that sort of thing.

The idea of an ancient, evil cabal plotting to enslave the population and kill a lot of them off - crazy! Conspiracy theory gone mad! You've been watching too much television! 

And that is their fatal mistake and a masterstroke of genius from the overlords - as they say, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

The ruling cabal (which is composed of a small number of ultra-wealthy and powerful families who have been orchestrating world events for a very long time; do you believe it is yet another 'coincidence' that all US presidents bar one have been related to the UK Royal Family?) have been effectively farming human beings for many centuries, influencing and propagandising us in such a way that we will do their bidding. Obviously, it serves them very well that the vast majority of people reject the idea of a "global conspiracy to enslave mankind", because if you believed that, then you probably wouldn't comply with state diktats to inject yourself with poison concocted by serial felons (Pfizer, producers of the most widely used Covid 'vaccine', are the recipients of the biggest criminal fine in all of history - $2.3 billion - for fraud, and none of the other pharmaceutical companies are realistically any better. If you thought Big Tobacco was bad for bribery, corruption, and generalised mass murder, you ain't seen nothing compared to Big Pharma). 

On the subject of poison injections, I would like to now refer back to death statistics. There was no national or global increase in deaths in 2020 - but there is now. Ever since the injection began to be mass-administered, death rates have exploded, and again, this is a statistic you can easily verify for yourself. You can also check with local funeral parlours, when they were busier - this year or last year? The answer is this year. 

There is now a genuine epidemic, but not of respiratory illness - rather, one of strokes, blood clots, and heart attacks. 

Everyone is now connected to a relatively young person, someone dramatically below the average life expectancy of 82, who has 'died suddenly' from heart or blood problems, when they had no preexisting history of these. 

Super-fit athletes in their 20s and 30s are now collapsing on pitches and requiring defibrillation. 

Schoolchildren are 'dying suddenly' in their sleep. 

Please go ahead and do a news search for 'died suddenly' and you will see what the real epidemic is. But healthy young adults with no preexisting conditions do not just die - something has killed them. 

That something is the corrupt and evil establishment that orchestrates world events. If you think "but they would never do that", you mean that YOU would never do it, but their 'moral code' is completely free of any sort of humanity or empathy that we would recognise - rather, their approach represents the epitome of ruthless corporate greed and to them, this is simply economics. In their view, there are too many of us, consuming 'their' resources, costing them too much money, and overburdening the planet, so they plan to cull the herd, just as pig farmers have recently had to do when the supply chain broke down. It's nothing personal: it's business. 

It's nothing new, either. They've orchestrated all world wars as ways to cull our numbers, in which millions of primarily young, strong men were sent off to die, as that is the demographic most likely to put up a resistance to tyranny, and so it is no coincidence the poison injections of today are disproportionately affecting young males, whose death rates have suddenly hit a five-year high. 

I know that only a very small subsection of the population are still clinging on to the "official narrative" regarding Covid, because at no level does it any longer make any sense. Superficially, the idea of "staying inside until we have a vaccine" might have had some cursory logic behind it (still totally illegitimate and antidemocratic for the state to impose, of course), but now the majority of the population has been double-jabbed and we're still being assaulted daily with threats of more lockdowns, more restrictions, more muzzling, etc. - the vast majority of those who complied last year and told those of us who didn't we were crazy, delusional and reckless... have all gone very quiet.

That's because they KNOW this no longer adds up. But... but... if the government aren't doing all this to save us from a virus, why are they doing it??!!

They're doing it for the reasons I have just detailed above. They want to kill a large section of the population off - especially older people and those with chronic health conditions, who represent the biggest financial burden to the system - and induct those of us who remain into a kind of high-tech, transhumanist tyranny. The reason so much establishment money is poured into promoting transgenderism (again, please go and verify this for yourself and see all the powerful, rich people who have pushed this extremely fringe movement into the mainstream) and the reason the media continues to so ardently push mask-wearing - when all credible evidence shows this has no effect at preventing viral transmission and in fact undermines health - is about, quite literally, defacing you. Dehumanising you.

Gender is a key part of your identity - it's the first thing we notice about someone, whether they are male or female - and the human face is an exceptionally powerful image for all of us and this is something that is hardwired - newborn babies show preferences for looking at human faces above all other things. 

Making yourself genderless and faceless and normalising interaction with similarly defaced individuals will have a profoundly dehumanising effect on the mass psyche and the overlords know this, of course. The psychology of mask-wearing is well-studied and well-understood, and that is why, all throughout history, mask-wearing has been associated with submission and slavery. 

The overlords want you faceless, genderless, and familyless - have you noticed they've now started to aggressively push the notion that "the virus" primarily spreads indoors, from family member to family member, and that the vaccine doesn't mitigate this? And that they've been saying from the beginning that the biggest problem with viral spread was in "multigenerational households"? 

Well, if you can't refrain from infecting those you live with even if you're double-jabbed, then what's the solution? For you to live on your own, of course, and that is why every city centre is currently a building site, erecting high-rise, single occupancy SMART pods, which is where the survivors of this current genocide will be relocated, after the countryside and suburbia are deemed "too contaminated" (note there is a clause in the Coronavirus Act to allow the government to bulldoze any buildings they deem "Covid contaminated"). We have a family friend who recently qualified as an architect, and he said the only residences they were taught how to build on their course were single-occupancy pods.

What I have just described is certainly a conspiracy, but it is no 'theory' - or if it is, then I would like to hear a counter-theory that better explains what is going on at the moment? 

I know normies are currently in a state of disbelief, denial, and cognitive dissonance, regarding knowing that the official narrative is false, but being completely unable to accept that all those "crazies" they've mocked and derided for so long might actually be right. But they can't be!! 

I'm afraid we are, and I don't like it any more than you do. Indeed, it is the most unsatisfying "I told you so" in all of history.

The question is, hallowed hate-fans, what are you going to do about it? If enough of us make a stand and refuse to comply with their diktats, then they will not be able to get away with it. They require our compliance and our consent and they always have. 

The most power you have available to you right now is to stop facilitating tyranny by staying silent (silence only ever enables the oppressor, never the oppressed) and stand up. Use your voice now or lose it behind a mask forever.

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