The Queen is dead, but the chess game continues

Written by: Miri
September 9, 2022

So, after deepfaking us at Christmas and using a hologram at the Jubilee, the establishment has finally got around to confirming the Queen is dead.

I must say, I was rather tickled by the sheer pantomime absurdity of it all, and that an announcement that the Queen was merely 'ill' immediately saw all newscasters don black and clear their schedules for nothing but Queen-related news. If she was actually just "ill", I thought - and not in fact long dead and this all scripted and planned well in advance - it would be rather poor form to write the woman off so definitively when she hadn't, allegedly, actually died yet. But of course, the pantomime plot twist had long since been set up to happen when it did - neatly scheduled to fit around the appointment of the new PM and parliament's return (very thoughtful of Her Maj not to die inconveniently and disrupt ministers whilst they were off on their jollies, don't you think?)

So, what are the real implications of this? The first obvious consequence is that we will now have nothing but wall-to-wall Queen coverage on every TV channel, in every newspaper, and by every office watercooler, for weeks and weeks and weeks. I was at my local train station when the news broke, and, instantly, all the conversations around me became about nothing but the Queen. Certainly, not all I was hearing was flattering, but that matters not to the global puppet masters behind all this: the point is that the nation is now well and truly distracted, perhaps more so than at any previous point in memorable history. I can't think of an event more newsworthy than this, of anything that's previously happened that has captured the national consciousness so decisively, so, whilst we're all distracted by all things Queenly - what does this give the ruling classes a chance to get away with behind the scenes?

The first thing it enables them to do is accelerate their euthanasia programme directed at the old and vulnerable, which, not coincidentally, re-commenced this week. A new and reformulated Covid "vaccine", which has not been tested on a single human being, is being offered this autumn to all over-50s and all "vulnerable" under-50s (including pregnant women), and they are starting with care homes. Despite the fact that scores of people in need of urgent medical attention cannot get a GP appointment for love nor money, our dutiful general practitioners, miraculously, somehow have the time to visit multiple vast care homes and give personal, injectable attention to every single resident. Remarkable, eh? I'm sure they're doing this out of genuine benevolence and a deep desire to further extend the longevity of ailing 90-somethings (at the expense of that young mother with a sinister lump who they just can't seem to find the time for), and that it's nothing to do with the ยฃ525 kickback they get for every care home they "complete" (using that word in the 'Never Let Me Go' sense).

The Queen made sure to vigorously promote vaccination before her "death", and with older people already more likely to be Royalists, this will promote an even more pro-injection mood in care homes ("do it for Queen and country - it's what she would have wanted"), whilst the psychological impact of the death of someone so long-lived and, seemingly, almost immortal, is going to be far-reaching and profound. It is not incidental that the Queen's death has been announced right at the beginning of what we keep relentlessly being told is going to be one of the toughest winters ever. The media have stated bluntly on many occasions that "people will die" this winter, with excess deaths already off the charts and ambulance calls for life-threatening emergencies at the highest levels since records began. The death of the Queen is vital psychological weaponry in getting people used to the idea of mass death - that if such a renowned, sturdy, and robust woman, with access to all the best care in the world, can die, then there's no reason to think millions of other grandmothers (and mothers, and fathers, and worse) can't too.

Psychologically, now that "the nation's grandmother" has died, people will be less surprised when their own elderly relatives start dying in unprecedented numbers, which, hideously, will be the prompt result if the care home injection scheme goes ahead (and I've launched a campaign to try and stop it, since I see no evidence whatsoever that conducting non-consensual medical experimentation on the elderly is a remotely legal thing to do, and, in fact, there is plenty of evidence plainly showing that it is dramatically illegal, to the extent that there will be grave consequences for those who participate in the very near future, but more on that later)

This has been orchestrated with great precision to coincide with the entirely intentional and engineered "cost of living crisis", whereby a sudden spike in elderly deaths will be blamed on deficits in food and fuel. We will be told that these vulnerable people suffered the ultimate fate because of bumbling government incompetence and corporate greed meaning they couldn't keep warm or get enough to eat in the winter months. And while these will be contributory factors in some cases, and cold and hunger will undoubtedly result in some avoidable deaths (as, sadly, happens every year), by far the main driver of the ever-increasing excess deaths will be the injection. The new and reformulated injection tested on zero human beings that is about to be unleashed in every care home in the country. This injection campaign wasn't getting much press coverage before yesterday's show-stopping news, so now it will get roundly none, as all we will hear for weeks is "Queen Queen Queen" (even the bloomin' Google doodle has gone black, for Gawd's sake!). Therefore, the genocide can continue quietly in the background.

(To make some noise and refocus the public attention to where it should be, you might be interested in ordering some of my leaflets on the new injection, as well as on masks and tests, measures which are scheduled to make a return before the end of the year, as the Canadian dictator Justin Trudeau has already confirmed, by declaring restrictions will be re-imposed unless 90% of people receive the new needle. So it's vital to do all we can to educate the now much more open-minded and sceptical general public about why this is not a good idea.)

But, the Queen's death is multifactorial and multi-purpose, and whilst "major distraction" is certainly one very significant purpose, there are many others of equal (and perhaps greater) magnitude. It's important to realise that, however much we may all dislike the Queen and the Royal Family in general (there's no doubt they're drenched in just as much debauchery and scandal as all other ultra-wealthy dynasties, and that most of the worst "conspiracy theories" we've all heard about them are more likely than not to be true), they nevertheless provide a significant level of stability to the UK, on both a political and psychological level. After all, there's nothing more British than the Queen, is there? Here and all over the world, "the Queen" is an indelible symbol of essential Britishness (when I studied in the States, I was always being asked if I'd ever met her), and she has been for all of our lifetimes. Her death has changed the character of the United Kingdom in a profound way and delivered a significant blow to its - our - unique cultural and social identity.

This is key, because the ultimate goal of the overlords is to completely destroy our national identity (and the identity of nations all over the world), as they move towards their intended "utopian" future of a borderless "One World", where there is no such thing as national sovereignty, or indeed national anything. John Lennon's 'Imagine' was never a wistful call for peace and love, it was always a cynical social engineering blueprint meant to usher in the NWO (no countries, no religions, no possessions - "you will own nothing and be happy").

Monarchies have always stood in the way of this kind of "dream" - effectively, communistic totalitarianism - which is precisely why they were overthrown as part of the construction of the Soviet Union.

Yet because the Queen was such a powerful cultural institution, the UK Monarchy has been able to withstand, for over half a century, any and all calls for a republic - but, as many commentators have observed, once the Queen dies, republican forces will be powerfully galvanised, because nobody likes Charles. Nobody wants Charles to be King, or to see Charles' face on stamps and coins (and he will always be, dismissively and derisively, 'Charles' - never 'the King'). Furthermore, the public will be especially unsympathetic to lavish displays of wealth as he's coronated, whilst the rest of the country starves and freezes. The nation will be whipped up into a frenzy of, "why are we spending a fortune on this parasite who murdered his wife whilst the nation's children don't have enough to eat?!". Charles will be presiding over a country in absolute chaos, rife with unimaginable suffering as businesses collapse, children go hungry, homes freeze - and people begin to die in huge numbers.

There will be such desperation, outrage, and unfathomable anger by the end of this winter that people will be screaming out for change, and it is at roughly this point the Monarchy will be finished, because Charles will be seen as the head of state who allowed all this to happen, who sat in his palace enjoying a life of luxury whilst his people starved and died.

It would have been too psychologically difficult for people to feel this level of accusatorial anger towards the Queen, as she was too well-liked and people would make excuses for her - but Charles is already enthusiastically disliked, so he is the perfect "fall guy" to bring about the end of the Monarchy. People will have no problem directing their fury and blame at Charles, and then the strategic social engineers will give the impression that "the people are being listened to" as the Monarchy is dismantled as part of our beautiful, brave new world.

This will all be staged as part of 'The Great Reveal' - a central and essential part of 'The Great Reset' - as our entire society is revealed as corrupt and broken to its core (so it needs to be completely destroyed in order for us to '6uild 6ack 6etter'). It's again not a coincidence or a joke that the new prime minister has picked perhaps one of the unhealthiest looking people alive to serve as "the health minister". It's supposed to outrage you. You're supposed to think it's crazy and preposterous . Because you're supposed to lose all faith and trust in all our existing institutions to make you amenable to their imminent destruction.

That is where the murdering doctors come in. By accepting cash bribes to inject with lethal poison vulnerable people who have not given any kind of valid consent (and in the UK, doctor-assisted death is illegal even if the patient does consent), doctors are breaking every single medical ethics and human rights law in existence. This is an egregious crime. They are serial killers. And this will be exposed: it's meant to be, and soon, because doctors are another robust British tradition that people invest a lot of faith and trust in, that the social engineers therefore want to destroy.

It's also because the social engineers want to destroy the middle-classes, and doctors with their wealth and independence have too much personal power. The social engineers want them desperate and on the breadline like everyone else, so once their role in the national genocide is complete, they will be exposed and then we will have "Nuremberg 2" and so forth. And we will, and that's obviously desirable - of course they should be held accountable for their disgusting crimes and put in prison for the rest of their lives - but it is all part of the plan in dismantling the existing order.

Everything has been impeccably timed by the overlords, who have been planning this for many decades, to all come together at the same time: an energy bill crisis, mass business collapse, spiralling costs of everything, food scarcity, the death of the Queen, the deaths of millions more - to result (they hope) in an utterly destroyed people who have lost everything, including and especially their national identity (now that they realise how hideous and corrupt and evil their nation really was), making them now effectively a blank slate that the overlords can imprint with their sinister new "utopian" future.

What is certain is that the next six months are going to be some of the most intense, strange, and testing any of us have ever lived through, so my advice as always is to be aware of what's going on (to be forewarned is to be forearmed) and of how the social engineers are trying to manipulate us - but not to lose hope or feel they've "won". Being aware of what they want doesn't mean they'll get it, but rather, it empowers us to formulate an effective opposition force by comprehensively understanding what we're up against (you cannot mount a credible defence or resistance if you do not understand the strategy of the enemy).

Exceptional inner strength is required for what is to come, but fortunately, anyone who's made it through the last two years without falling for the multi-trillion propaganda campaign trying to trick us into mass suicide, has already demonstrated they have that in spades. Human beings, including our direct ancestors, have withstood all sorts of terrible adversity in the past and gone on to prosper afterwards, so we are just the latest in many generations of human beings to have to live through something difficult with the determination to come out stronger the other side. Which we can and we will, because always remember that, in some languages, the symbol for "danger", can simultaneously be interpreted as "opportunity".

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16 comments on “The Queen is dead, but the chess game continues”

  1. Some very valid points! And courageously written. Yes - the Queen's death will be used as a cover (as you point out).
    I see reference to chess in the title! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I use this analogy all the time. Though we are the pawns - pawns play a HUGE part in the end game.

  2. Very interesting and true, will the hunting games continue at Windsor and Balmorral now where countless children were raped and murdered over the years by the royals and Satanists. Why was nothing done to the royals in 1964 when those 14 native Indian children went missing in Kamloops in B.C. Canada, they went to a royal party been given but never went home.

  3. An excellent piece; all points extremely relative and absolutely true. As with all these major 'incidents' the truth is "you are about to be distracted"... and I believe the residential/care homes elderly folk are about to be visited again by the Matt Hancock principle.

  4. Good article, thank you. I have believed for some time that the Queen was dead. The fact that a doddering Queen last seen at the opening of parliament a couple of years ago in full regalia, has become so different... younger and fatter and not her. So an actor or lookalike has been impostoring for some time, perhaps years. Why? Because the Great Reset timing needed to be coordinated to have the distraction of the death ritual currently rolling out. Well I hope that the other behind the scenes things that can potentially happen now roll out full steam... including the financial fiat money crash and the beginning of the huge overhaul the political structures and institutions in this country need beginning with the constitutional monarchy, the House of Lords, House of Reps and the whole of the public service. So much to do I feel tired thinking about it.

  5. Reading this makes me think that the Grand Jury, Dr Reiner Fuller is also part of the plan with the amount of evidence his team have rather than opposing it. As it been called Nuremberg 2 throughout. Either that or they โ€˜allowedโ€™ it to happen, evidence gathering to be used by them against us after all. That, amongst other things, is upsetting.
    Well thought out and it all makes a lot of sense. Thank you.

  6. As an 85 years old, I am fortunate to know that the COVID was a scam, tried my level best to educate and warn others to refuse the jabs, but alas, received insults for my trouble and numerous 30day band on farcebook for my trouble.
    Excellent and factual article, for which I am very grateful.

  7. Here's a suggestion. If all those tearful royalist ar#e-lickers are filing past an empty box, perhaps this ought somehow to be exposed. In this day and age, surely the technology exists for someone to load x-ray image scanning software onto their cellphone, pretend to be 'just another mourner' and save the image findings

    I can just imagine how quickly big-tech would swing into action, declaring it 'false information'

  8. I have shared this on Twitter Marissa King @52955733. Absolutely spot on. Globalist jab genocide continues behind the scenes, absolutely evil. Awakening the whole fear-mongered and MSM brainwashed JoeJanePublic must be our priority. Need to lobby MSM to publish/print/broadcast the truth about the poisonous experimental bio-engineered gene-altering jab designed to injure and kill. The 99% vs the 1%. This is bio-WW3 yes and people will die but we must fight the globalist gangsters and hold them accountable.

  9. Yes, couldn't agree more..the greater the distraction, the greater the crime being covered up. A multiplicity of crimes with the new jabs taking centre stage. Hope people wake up fast

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