"The solution isn't to try and think more carefully. It's to trust the experts."

Written by: Miri
November 23, 2021

So sternly declared the New York Times in Act I of the pantomime plague, and I rather think this has become the signature chorus for the whole performance. Just in case the NYT's command strikes you as a remotely sane thing to say, I'm going to make one concise point to disabuse you of that notion:

*If 'the experts' were telling the truth, then thinking wouldn't be incompatible with trusting them.*

The fact is, that it is - it's incompatible to the point of irreconcilable differences and call in the lawyers, and that's why the establishment is so utterly desperate for you not to do it. All throughout this Hollywoodised hoax (the blueprint for which was laid out in 2011's Contagion), in order to discern what is really going on, I have relied primarily, not on "scientific studies" (since studies show 95% of scientists agree with whatever their funders tell them to), nor on babbling talking-head "experts" (since anyone regularly on TV - and I do mean anyone - is nothing but a bought and paid for actor, reading from a script), but on my own functioning brain and its ability to utilise logic, reason, and common sense.

If you do that too, you will discern very quickly and easily that this whole plague charade is scripted, choreographed, fabricated nonsense. It OBVIOUSLY is, because, otherwise, I would be severely ill or dead and so would everyone I know. To reiterate a point I have made on many previous occasions, I socialise almost exclusively with other crazed conspiraquack anti-vax refuseniks, most of whom are in at least one allegedly "at risk" group, since, in time-honoured only child tradition, I have always got on better with people older than me, so in my immediate social circle, only one person is younger, and everyone else is at least ten years older. Several are twenty or more.  So you can spare me any tedious telling offs of the "oh you're just young(ish) and selfish, won't you think of us poor, vulnerable older people" variety, because nearly my entire social circle is significantly older than me and they all think this is as spurious and ridiculous as I do (and, to reiterate, none of them are dead - or unwell - either).

Yes, I know the press tells you about all these "unvaccinated idiots cluttering up the ICUs", but - brace yourself for this paradigm-shattering revelation - the press lies. First of all, 'unvaccinated' may mean "had one dose but not two", or "had two but not three", and it also means, "had the vaccine less than 14 days prior", because, so they allege, that means it 'hasn't had the chance to kick in yet', thereby meaning large proportions of people who are in A&E due to vaccine adverse reactions - many of which occur in the first 14 days after receipt - are officially classified as "unvaccinated". How do you like that? If you enjoy that kind of dark smoke and mirrors wizardry, you are in luck, because the evil overlords have plenty more up their billowing sleeves, such as fabricating vaccine records and saying people are vaccinated when they are not to falsely inflate vaccine numbers and so doctors can coin it in with their pharma kickbacks (happened to my mother-in-law who had to fight the GP's surgery furiously to get "fully vaccinated" off her records, but I'm quite sure the good doctor did not return his kickback as a result). 

There are some other very simple pieces of logic you can apply to discern this is all nonsense, such as, masks. Masks have no effect at preventing viral transmission (it even says so on the packaging) and there are dozens of heavyweight studies that prove this. People are prancing around wearing "surgical masks", and stating smugly, "so you think you know better than a surgeon, do you?", but surgeons do NOT wear these to prevent viral transmission, they wear them to stop them coughing or spitting into an open wound during an operation, and furthermore, their efficacy is hotly debated in surgical circles and about 50% of surgeons don't wear them at all. 

Then we have sanitisers, which are very often cheap, nasty, anti-bacterial solutions (and not even anti-viral!). You don't want to repeatedly kill the bacteria on your skin, since it is there for a reason and is essential in balancing your microbiome and optimising your immunity, so guess what happens if you keep stripping it off with powerful chemicals? That's right, you get sick (or you develop acute contact dermatitis, as your skin screams out in protest at the repeat poisoning. This happened to me the first and last time I regularly used hand sanitiser 15 years ago, and it was so extreme that nothing but a corticosteroid cream would shift it. Indeed, my flatmate at the time was convinced it was skin cancer).

I could go on and on about the extraordinary, insensible madness that has surrounded the whole fake plague - such as, when we weren't allowed to sit on park benches (and the editor of Spiked actually got rebuked by a policeman for doing so), or stand up in pubs (since the virus, you see, likes to take a little rest in parks, but, as a social butterfly, prefers to flit energetically around pubs), or have a coffee whilst walking with a friend (two women were surrounded by police and fined for doing this), and on and on the lunatic list goes.

So, yes, if you actually THINK about any of this for a single, solitary second, your investment in it is going to fold faster than that exercise bike gathering dust in your attic (which you bought when the state forbid us from going outside  more than once a day, which is the same treatment given to dangerous serial killers in prison). That is why you are told so menacingly not to do this, not to engage your own brain and think for yourself, and why there are so many psychologists and behaviorists on SAGE - because this whole illusion is only maintained by training the population like cowed dogs to have Pavlovian responses to perceived (pretend) threats, rather than using that one faculty that separates and elevates us from domestic pets - critical thought. 

As a crazed conspiraquack, I receive remarkably little challenge from 'normies', and this is because all they can do is fulminate and foment over my how-very-dare-I disobedience and audacity, because, I mean.... STOP THINKING! TRUST THE EXPERTS! I've never once had a rational rebuttal from a normie, using their own brain and common sense, rather than merely mindlessly spewing out media soundbites. Instead, people who disagree with me just 'ghost' me (stop speaking to me with no explanation), whilst also obsessively reading my posts (one such person stated he had gone through my posts going back 'years', so when I say hate-fans are fans... I really mean it). 

This is fine: I welcome it. We are all at different stages of our journey and, to many people, someone having an opinion that isn't theirs is too threatening to be tolerated (I learned this pre-plague, when I revealed my antipathy for the Guardian and all general "liberal" - ha! - orthodoxies. Mm, yes, those liberal tolerant ones certainly received this with their signature loving inclusion for diversity). I must admit to a slightly naughty fondness for goading such people (it's why I'm currently on Facebook ban #4), because they're so pompous and pseudo-sanctimonious and just take themselves soooooo seriously, that they require a little mocking and goading. It's good for them, and it underlines one of the central and most sinister themes of this whole dark pantomime - a total and utter sense of humour failure. It's no coincidence that stand-up comedy was one of the first things to be banned under "the rules", because can you imagine what fun a skilled comic could have with the last two years!? Well, probably only a small smattering of them could in reality, because they're almost all so painfully "right-on" and can't laugh at anything the Guardian takes seriously. Although, as a small consolation, we clearly have a stand-up comic running the country, so there's that...

So, this is why I choose to, scandalously, disobey commandments from newspapers, televisions, and mobile phone apps, and instead opt for autonomous, independent, impudent thoughts of my own. Dare you give it a go, too..?

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