"This is not crying wolf... the wolf is at the door."

Written by: Miri
January 28, 2023

So states the suitably sinister headline in the Daily Mail, referring to the fact that leaps in artificial intelligence (AI) could see so-called "white-collar jobs" - essentially, any jobs that can be carried out in an office - rendered obsolete.

Tech giant Microsoft has already laid off an incredible 10,000 workers, after investing heavily in new AI tool, ChatGPT. This "chatbot" can produce human-grade text, including writing essays and poetry, and has already passed several professional-level tests, including law school exams and modules of an MBA.

While the bot does not yet perform as well as the most advanced professionals, it is predicted it will soon narrow the gap - and then surpass it, effectively rendering human labour in many lucrative industries. surplus to requirements.

Already, professional copywriters (those who compose the text for the business and commercial world) are facing a mass industry panic as AI can produce fresh and original copy that is nearly indistinguishable from that produced by a human - and at effectively zero cost. Writing for The Guardian, top copywriter Henry Williams says frankly: "I'm a copywriter. I'm pretty sure artificial intelligence is going to take my job."

Williams observes that an article that would take him hours of research, drafting and redrafting, and editing to complete, can be produced by AI "in about 30 seconds" - and that what he would charge around £500 for, AI does for free. It's therefore inevitable that, within the next decade, AI will have subsumed this industry completely. As Williams says:

"Any sentimental attachment to human-created content is sure to be quickly overridden, I suspect, by the economic argument. After all, AI is super-fast labor that doesn’t eat, sleep, complain or take holidays."

None of this, of course, is groundbreaking news to anyone who's analysed the factors driving the staged pandemime of the last three years - that, in a nutshell, the illusion of a 'deadly pandemic' was confected by world-class global stage producers in order to trick people into taking a dangerous injection that would dramatically shorten their lives. The reason for this is that social engineers wish to do away with most human beings, since, with the advances in AI, their labour is no longer required.

It's really as simple and as monstrously evil as that, and if people are able to view the situation objectively, and ask themselves why a ruling class with a longstanding history of psychopathy, war-mongering, and merciless killing, would be incentivised to keep around billions of people they no longer "need", the stark - yet really very simple - truth becomes apparent.

The ultra-wealthy intergenerational dynasties who possess control of all the world's land and resources, believe that they have inalienable ownership rights to the earth, and that we "tenants" are only permitted to reside in "their" world so long as we perform some sort of useful function for them. Once we no longer do, since AI can take our place, then they - the self-proclaimed owners of the earth - are incentivised to do nothing more than accelerate our demise. That's why they staged "the pandemic" when they did - when AI had finally become advanced enough to replace millions of people - and that's why ChatGPT was launched in November 2022 - just as excess deaths from the depopulating injection are really starting to spike and grab the headlines.

That AI is imminently to make millions, if not billions of people, surplus to commercial requirements, is certainly no "conspiracy theory", and many thinkers and scholars have been warning for years that this is inevitable - the question for them has been how will human beings practically and financially support themselves, without the option to earn a wage through work, and how will they find wider meaning to their lives, when work is so fundamental to so many people's identities and sense of purpose?

The first part of that question has always been seen as rather easy to answer - the magical cure-all elixir of UBI, of course! In his essay “Moore’s Law for Everything”, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI (the company behind ChatGPT), claimed that AI could drive enough economic output to pay every adult in the US $13,500 a year, while dramatically driving down the cost of goods and services.

And sure, I'm certain that's theoretically possible.

The question is, why would a demonstrably ultra-greedy and rapacious ruling class, pay out unfathomably large sums (to pay every US adult $13.5k a year would total about $2.7 trillion annually) to what WEF poster boy Noah Yuval Harari has called "the useless class"?

Look at the current state benefits system: the emphasis is on getting people off benefits and into work, not because the state can't afford its benefits bill, but because it deeply resents giving people money for doing nothing. The state wants to absorb and hoard all the money it can - hence nearly everything being so heavily taxed - not give it away for nothing in return, so the idea that a UBI scheme would be underpinned by anything other than a plot to get people off it as soon as possible, is fanciful.

To get people off traditional benefits, you get them into work. But what if they're on UBI, and there are no jobs to shunt claimants into, as the robots have taken them all? How do you get people off state handouts then?

There's only one solution and it's that exact solution the ruling classes are pursuing. Yes, they do intend for millions of people to be forced onto UBI to survive - but they also don't intend them to survive for very long. The purpose of the Covid injections is to reduce pressure on the public purse once UBI becomes inevitable and necessary, by dramatically shortening the human lifespan - just as the purpose of the free 'flu vaccines for the over-65s was to reduce the amounts withdrawn from the pension pot by killing pensioners off prematurely - at which it has been very successful.

This reality is too grim and awful for most people to even begin to comprehend, so they simply reject it out of hand as a "crazy conspiracy theory". Yet to understand that this level of evil is entirely possible and really rather standard for the world's ruling classes, all you have to do is glance at some history. The ruling elites have never batted an eyelid at sending millions off to meet barbaric fates in wars, or in bombing to smithereens entire cities, wiping out whole generations of families, so they certainly aren't losing any sleep over their latest plot to cull the herd - which is exactly how they see us. Human cattle who are only useful when we can be functional and monetised - and strategically culled as soon as we're not.

The social controllers are aware that we possess slightly more intelligence and organisational capacities than the average farmyard animal (well - most of us - that the Guardian still has a non-ironic readership reveals this is not so for all...) and that, were they to make their plans too explicit, we would reject them and fight back. So they've simply dressed up their nationwide culling programme as being "for our safety", and, courtesy of the extremely powerful and hypnotic might of the mainstream media, millions have fallen for it.

The next stage of this long-game plan (and remember, they always play the long-game, planning in decades and centuries, whilst the masses are taught to plan in days and weeks) is to induct us into UBI, as more and more industries are subsumed by AI, so our labour becomes redundant. This, by the way, is what the teachers' strikes and Facetime GP appointments are really all about. Education is one of the number one sectors that's going to be taken over by AI, as physical schools and colleges will be closed down, the curriculum moved online, and lessons taught by robo-teachers.

Lockdowns, where students attended lessons digitally, were a trial run for this - and once parents are not out at work, as AI has taken their jobs too, and are at home on UBI, they will be able to supervise their children, so the necessity of schools as free childcare for working parents, will be lost. In addition, the mass infertility imposed on the populace courtesy of the Covid bioweapon, means there will be dramatically less school-aged children in the population in the very near future, necessarily rendering many schools and teachers redundant.

At the current time, teachers are being played by the establishment, with its sly actors posing as union frontmen and working-class heroes, flattering educators' vanities about how important and indispensable they are, and how much more they are worth - and I don't doubt that teachers are struggling with the cost of living crisis, just as many are, and that many are indeed in need of a pay rise - but securing such a rise is not the true purpose of this coordinated and high-profile establishment action.

The true purpose is to get teachers to engage in mass walkouts... in order for the establishment to "realise" (the real end goal) that, actually, it doesn't need all these teachers, and that it is far more economical to close down most of the nation's schools and pay parents a small stipend in UBI to stay at home, than it is to bankroll thousands of schools and pay tens of thousands of teachers' salaries (experienced headteachers can easily earn over £100,000)

Similarly with GPs: the reason you now cannot see one face-to-face and have to have a consultation on your phone, is that this is a lead up to human GPs being axed altogether and diagnoses and prescriptions being delivered by AI - which is more than capable of Googling your symptoms and emailing a pharmacy, which is literally all GPs do in these online "consultations".

But why would social engineers want to do away with teachers and doctors, you may ask, when traditionally these professions have been so central to the successful operation of "the grid"? In answering that, we have to remember that the ruling classes are psychopathic control freaks, and want us completely disempowered and dependent on them (as they demonstrated with particularly vivid clarity throughout "lockdown", when we weren't "allowed" to visit our families or sit on park benches etc). Traditionally, having a "good job" such as being a teacher, doctor, or lawyer, has provided a sturdy form of personal empowerment, as it furnishes people with the levels of income that enhance personal autonomy, choices, and therefore, ultimate freedom (as Bill Hicks said, "It's all about moneynot freedom, y'all, okay? Nothing to do with f**kin' freedom. If you think you're free, try going somewhere without f***ing money").

In short, the more solvent you are, the freer you are, as you have the wherewithal to make choices and enjoy opportunities that are far less likely to be available to you if you are poor - and especially if you are poor and dependent on the state. So, that is why the ruling classes want us all poor and dependent on the state, and why they are doing away with the concept of "good jobs" and the relative personal empowerment and autonomy these facilitate.

They will be able to exert control much more easily when people have less money (as we see in the current cost of living crisis, with more and more people having to throw themselves on the mercy of the state to survive), but in successfully manipulating people to accept a much more financially and materially sparse life, the social controllers have to 'sell' it successfully - just as they sold "the pandemic" and the injections.

The way they will sell extremely austere lives as desirable is very clear, if we examine the ever accelerating trend in recent years of the concept of the 'unpaid internship', of working for free in return for 'exposure', and of taking volunteer roles with an ever-dangling carrot that it 'might' one day lead to paid work, etc.

In effect, the ruling classes have already successfully sold the masses on the idea that, in many cases, it is noble and virtuous to work for free, and only evil money-grubbing 'capitalists' (a filthy word!) expect to be paid for their labours. It is now veritably the norm for all young people leaving higher education to do a stint - often a rather lengthy stint - of working for nothing, and employers are quite brazen in advertising full-time, demanding, skilled jobs as "internships" - simply meaning, you will work for nothing, in return for the "experience" (and you'll be jolly grateful for the opportunity too!).

This was completely unheard of as little as 50 years ago - even 16-year-old school leavers with no qualifications taking up an apprenticeship with a local business would always be paid something, if not a full wage. This concept of expecting highly skilled people, often considerably over the age of 16 and with many adult financial obligations such as rent and bills, to work for free, is very modern - and has always had a very nefarious end goal in mind.

There are innumerable shocking examples of the kind of exploitation that is rife across all sorts of industries where unpaid work has become the norm, but I know from my own personal connections how especially rife it is in the music world.

Most people enjoy seeing live music, and will make a special effort to attend a local pub or venue if live music is on - the two pubs nearest to me always have by far their busiest nights when bands are playing.

Of course, to a savvy publican, this makes perfect sense - host a band to draw in more custom, therefore make far more money than usual on drinks, and perhaps make it a paid ticketed event, too. And of course, there's nothing wrong with this - great business sense - so long as the band is being paid, too.

Did you know how common it is that they're not? Skilled musicians who have invested thousands of hours getting up to a professional standard, as well as not infrequently investing a small fortune in their instruments, are frequently not offered any money at all - not even expenses, not even drinks - because they should just be jolly glad of the 'exposure'.

And yes, they are jolly glad - so glad and so grateful they agree to letting cynical businesspeople exploit their labour to enrich their own coffers. Musicians have been tricked into letting comparatively wealthy venue owners royally take the p*ss (quite frankly) by convincing them that it's evil and capitalist to be paid for their labours, whilst that very same labour is making money for someone else (and please note, this isn't a cost of living thing: it's been going on for many years).

This not only makes professional music an elitist closed shop, only accessible to those who can afford to work for nothing (young working-class people cannot afford to invest the necessary level of time and money in a music career, if that career doesn't pay), but it lays the foundations for UBI - that people have already internalised the mentality that work shouldn't pay and that actually it's virtuous and noble when it doesn't.

So the foundations have been laid for a future where pursuing enhanced opportunity, autonomy and freedom in life by acquiring decently paid work, is less and less of an option, as AI can do so many jobs for free, thus people are increasingly forced to accept a small state stipend on which to survive, whilst doing any work they do do, for nothing - because employers - already happy to offer unpaid work to those who have no alternate income - can just reference UBI and point out that means you don't need paying. And if you don't like that, they'll just get a chatbot to do it instead.

This is what the social engineers have in mind for the very near future, but as yet, they haven't quite got there, so as ever, we must stay one step ahead of them, and continue to see the value in human labour and the vital role adequately paid work plays in ensuring personal freedom and freedom of choice.

It is also an excellent time to do some strategic reflection on industries and jobs that are immune to AI takeover - and please do join me in my sincere hopes and prayers that manufacturers of massive missives and other forms of conspiratorial commentary are amongst them...😱

(The picture accompanying this article was taken in the popular tourist destination of York, and features a restaurant whose waiting staff have been entirely replaced by robots.)

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10 comments on “"This is not crying wolf... the wolf is at the door."”

  1. There was very recently an item on the radio extolling the virtues of Volunteering, a great idea of course if you have sufficient time. But this was aimed at working people who were being told they could fit it around a full time job! So all you full time workers who also are parents get your fingers out and get volunteering. Or is this a preparation for when your job goes and you do have time onyour hands?

  2. Do not underestimate the Living God, the Creator and Owner of Heaven and Earth:

    2 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

    2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,

    3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

    4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

    5 Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.

    6 Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion.

    7 I will declare the decree: the Lord hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee.

    8 Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.

    9 Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel.

    10 Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.

    11 Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

    12 Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.

  3. Great article. Yep, the writing seems on the wall. Can we rub it off in time? I had an interesting chat (what else!) with old ChatGPT - I don't know if it was coincidence but as I thought I was 'getting somewhere' (accusing it of bias or biased programming) - there was an error. I have saved this 'conversation' if anyone's interested. I also wrote about being Human (Lyrics to Live by 2) in reference to the song of the same name - asking 'What are humans for?'. I think this question WILL be asked a lot. Recently I was discussing the move again to dense cities ('the city future') - how folk had previously been corralled into dense housing from the countryside for work: the Industrial Revolution. It will likely happen again - but not for the same reasons.
    Finally, as a musician, I also know all about not getting paid or not getting paid enough. If we lose cash (I'm not in England but it will apply everywhere) that will be the end of small-scale music venues. The government will want its cut - and that will be a cut too much. I am trying to persevere - writing short-stories, a novel and through my music, such as 'Project 21' - warnings for folk of all ages. And I'll keep doing that till I/we starve to death I guess. We all have our part to play. But we sure need to start acting (genuine action) NOW! Cheers.

  4. Hey Miri/followers, there's only 4 weeks left in a mere 2-month window that the government has given for public consultation about Digital IDs:

    They will probably put them in place anyway but if enough people complete the survey negatively , there's a small chance they might retract their plans... Please make as many people aware as you can!

  5. One thing that might be interesting is that most of the survivors will be the unvaccinated (including the mRNA flu shots also)

    I wonder if that will change the dynamic? Many unvaccinated people are awakeor in the process of awakening, so that might mean most of us, in suitable enough number, could be a thorn in thier side.

  6. I already know of one school considering redundancies due to being unable to pay heating costs as a result of the 'fuel crisis'. 🤷‍♀️

  7. The Executive Summary says it all. As well, so long and convoluted, most of us will have long nodded off. Just what they want.

  8. with regards Glen's message and Digital ID consultation. The local community I live in are holding a session in a pub room on Saturday to help people understand the online consultation and show them how to fill it in. There are 2 of us who met on the local community FB page, and we realised we needed to do something to get people to understand what this consultation is about and why it has such a short consultation period. My own daughter in law didnt have a clue what Digital ID is really about and how many agencies would have access to full personal details on every person.

  9. Great Sci-fi, only problem for UBI (and tech) is as usual, enthropy. Prior to our fossil fuel bonanza we used muscles to buy calories, often using slaves as a force multiplier. Energy slaves (buckminster fuller) helped us get from 1 billion… to 8 billion in a century or two.

    That ships sailed. Shows over and broad depletion is pushing us back to a reality of muscle to do work measured in joules per second. Our digital future relied on cheap Russian fuels to power it, themselves declining hence the current conflag. Otherwise we pay in ‘work’, meaning those few things people get paid for. UBI is more output from some ‘vision council’ with no engineers in the room.

    Jack London’s ‘people of the abyss’ is fly on the wall,tech lite imagine it with occasional 4x4s, homeless, freezing in doorways with your mobile phone … just like Nairobi now if you replace freezing with starving.

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