Tipping the tin-foil hat...

Written by: Miri
February 18, 2021
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Good morning, fellow tin-foil-hat-totin', lizard-lovin' crazy quackaloons of the conspiratoid type, how are you today?

I am very well, courtesy of the protective power of my delusional whackjobnuttery; a delusion so powerful, it has prevented me from getting so much as a tickly throat throughout the entirety of the most deadly plague ever known to man. Even though I have eschewed all of the benevolent advice of our holy sciencey saviours, such as suffocating myself, placing myself in solitary confinement, and injecting myself with industrial detergents and genetically modified chimp viruses, I remain in face-flauntingly fine fettle.

However, one piece of expert health advice I have inadvertently taken is impoverishing myself, due to having lost my day job during Act I (Flat-Shaming The Curve) of the Pantomime Plague.

Ever since that time, I have attempted to secure a liveable income courtesy of my massive missives (and more), which can be found at my sparkling new website (which, unlike the old one, people can actually read - a plus, apparently), that you are reading right now...

If you enjoy my scribes, perhaps I might prevail upon you to toss a coin or two in my hat, to ensure I can keep dedicating most of my time to creating them. I enormously appreciate any donation, especially during these challenging times (The Pantomime Plague, Act III - The Toxic Prick (thanks Cate!), but it would be especially splendid if you would consider an ongoing monthly donation.

If all my regular readers could donate the price of a cup of coffee every month, I would be able to keep cranking out content indefinitely.

I have set up a Patreon account (for the transparency it gives regarding donations - none of my content is behind a Patreon paywall), here: https://www.patreon.com/miriaf, and also have "good" old (mercenary b*stards...) PayPal: https://paypal.me/miriaf

Any amount you might be able to contribute is greatly welcomed and appreciated.

A big thank you and tin-foil hat-tip to those of you who have already donated - it's because of you I've been able to spend the time building an audience, so that instead of the two likes and lone comment declaring "u r wierdo" I was typically attracting a couple of years ago, I am now getting just a bit more reach.... I'm still a 'wierdo' though (obviously) 😊.

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One comment on “Tipping the tin-foil hat...”

  1. Thanks Miri,as a fellow tin foil hat tipper, we are growing in numbers thanks to people like you. Thank you for your letters and efforts to wake more of the sheep up before it really is too late for them and their (probably no post jab) offspring. My friends business website got "hacked" so now it shares a lot of information too... ooops tisk tisk hackers are so naughty!

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