Unvaccinated: The B(ewitching) B(rainwashing) C(abal) strikes again

Written by: Miri
July 22, 2022

As most of us are aware - either because we watched it ourselves or because we saw a flurry of increasingly incensed Tweets on the subject* (*behaviour that has earned me yet another social media ban - I'm rapidly running out of platforms to be banned from...) - on Wednesday night, the BBC ran an, ahem, 'documentary' on the unvaccinated. I wrote more about the programme here.

I speculated that the supposed anti-vaxxers featured on the programme were almost certainly actors, and have since had it confirmed that at least one is a professional jobbing actor - and I remain extremely suspicious of the others. One commented on Twitter that they were completely misrepresented "as expected".

"If it was expected, then why did you do it?" shot back every anti-quaxxer with some common sense on the internet (yes, yes, cue pro-quaxx jokes, "so about two of you then", very good :eyeroll:). As I said in my piece, it was completely obvious that the BBC would twist, misrepresent, and distort beyond all recognition the true vaccine sceptic position, which is precisely why no vaccine sceptic I know (and that's several thousand across various platforms) would ever agree to appear on such a production. So, I don't trust the authenticity or the motives of those that did. At the very least, I think they're likely to be fame-hungry wannabes keen to raise their profile at any cost* - but some rather jaw-dropping information I received shortly after the programme aired caused me to suspect it goes rather deeper than that. (*Tedious disclaimer: yes, I don't know this for absolute certain and I might be wrong, but I reserve my right to speculate and analyse based on evidence and likelihoods, that people who willingly get involved with ruthless propagandists, racketeers, and paedophile enablers such as the BBC, are potentially not to be trusted.)

As an overwhelming general rule, I don't "do" videos. I just don't like getting my information that way, and always prefer to read, so whenever anyone links me up to videos, I'm generally rather reluctant to watch them - however, I was very glad I made an exception when I was linked to this video about the presenter of the Unvaccinated documentary, mathematician Hannah Fry. The video's original title was, 'An Extraordinary Series of Mathematically Implausible Coincidences", alluding to the fact that Hannah Fry is either some sort of omnipotent psychic witch (that would be a good name for a band) or... something else.

Please take 15 minutes to watch the video in full, because it is truly jaw-dropping (as well as impeccably well made - no waffle or superfluity, it just gets right to the point and presents all the salient facts in a very arresting way). As I said to its producer (J Wilderness, who I immediately sought out after watching), almost nothing shocks me about our warped and insane clown world any more... but this did.

I don't want to spoil the video for you, but what it reveals about quite how openly and malevolently the elite have staged (absolutely the operative word) this "pandemic" is utterly extraordinary. 'Hiding in plain sight' and 'predictive programming' don't quite do justice to what this video reveals.

"They" are so unbelievably devious, and have delivered the Unvaccinated programme with such impeccable timing, because, at the moment, there appears to be no national emergency and everything has more or less gone back to "normal". Even within the conspiratorial and activist community, there is a bit of a lull and a sense that nothing much is really happening at the moment - mask mandates are over, testing regimes have finished, the vaccine isn't being so aggressively pushed, etc.

And it is into this relaxed, guards-down mentality that the ruling classes are aggressively forcing their latest wave of propaganda. Already, someone I know who is unvaccinated up to now - but not an active campaigner against them in any way - has commented that the Unvaccinated documentary 'made sense' and that the presenter 'had a point'. Of course, BBC propaganda won't affect the militant amongst us who've been staunchly opposed to the injections from the beginning (and in many cases, for years before 'Covid'), and it's not meant to - the overlords have effectively given up on us - but, as they know, there is a much larger subsection of somewhat sceptical society, who may have some questions and reservations (see footer of article) - but could, with effective enough messaging, be persuaded into taking another dose.

If you weren't aware (and they seem to be keeping it relatively quiet at this stage), a new and, uh, "improved" injection is going to be available from September. The original injections themselves only being in their infancy, this new concoction is pretty much an embryo - a zygote, a blastocyte, a sliver of primordial ooze - and, as the FDA cheerfully admits, has no clinical data to support its safety.

Up to now, it seems clear that getting injected has been a case of Russian Roulette, which many have played and won - having received a placebo, or a shot from a batch that is dramatically less bad than others.

However, I fear that few will have such luck with this new injection, not least because it is set to be administered at the same time as the 'flu shot.

Obviously, I don't need to tell you how much evidence there is to support the safety of administering these two very powerful, very risky injections at the same time (but just in case I do: there's none).

These injections are both going to be offered, for free, to all over 50s, as well as all "vulnerable" under-50s, which includes pregnant women.

The potential fall-out from this is therefore diabolical. This injection programme is going to begin on September 1st, and I expect serious illness and a huge upsurge in "sudden death" to begin immediately - which will be a hugely jarring and traumatic shock to the nation after several months of relative calm and normality. We are no longer in "emergency mode" and that makes us more vulnerable. It appears on the surface that we have "won back our freedoms" - and military strategists everywhere have always known the enemy is most vulnerable to attack when they have just been victorious - for precisely the same reason a football team is most vulnerable to conceding a goal when they have just scored one.

So we can't take our eye off the ball. We must do all we can to raise awareness of this new injection and dissuade the "moveable middle" from taking it. Not just for their safety, but for ours, too. If this injection is given to the multiple millions for whom it is intended, the consequences for the country are going to be unfathomable - it is quite likely and probable a "national emergency" of some sort will be declared, to deal with all the "inexplicable" sudden deaths (which will be blamed on climate change, gardening, drinking tea, and all the other preposterous culprits the malevolent media has come up with so far). We know they want an excuse to bring back various mandates and restrictions, and this could well be it, so it's vital to keep pushing back, and remonstrating with "on the fence" family and friends - even if they've been vaccinated before - to decline this new one - and reaching these people is what my new resource, Informed Consent Matters, is designed for.

The relentless objection we have to deal with from vaccinated family and friends is, "but scientists are experts. You're not a scientist. Shouldn't I trust the experts on this sort of thing?", and in dealing with this, I think it's vital to get across to people that scientific experts have a very long and distinguished history of getting it wrong - and not owning up to that fact for many years or decades. This has been qualified yet again this week, with the scientific establishment finally admitting what us "conspiracy theorists" have been saying all along - that antidepressants don't work and the "chemical imbalance in the brain" theory of depression was only ever a marketing slogan dreamed up by pharmaceutical companies to flog pills: there was never any credible evidence to support it.

Yet, doctors, scientists and other "experts" parroted the lie for decades that "depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain" and doled out pills like Smarties (apparently 1 in 6 Britons currently takes an antidepressant). These are horrible, dirty drugs, arguably worse than any street drug, and the damage their long-term usage does to the brain is enormous and potentially irreversible.

Yet, the experts sanctioned them. For years. Decades. For millions, and probably at this point in time, billions, of people.

If "the experts" can get it wrong on such an industrial scale and for such a well-established and widely used product as antidepressants, then isn't it fairly plausible they can get it wrong on fast-tracked injections using never-before-used experimental technologies that are less than two years old?

This kind of thing (reason, evidence, etc.) won't get through to the jab-loving fanatics, the types happy to bear their flesh for any amount of plunging government needling - but those kinds of people are relatively rare - maybe about 20% of the population. Far more common are the on-the-fencers, the moveable middle, and these people will respond to reason and to new information, if it's presented in the right way. The right way to appeal to these people is to be as non "conspiratorial" as possible - to not mention Bill Gates, 5G, lizards etc. - and to only stick to mainstream-verified facts, such as the recently once-again verified fact that, "the experts" often get it wrong. Plus, there's never been a point in history where all experts have agreed on something. So show these on-the-fence friends evidence of experts getting it wrong - sometimes catastrophically. Present counterviews to BBC "experts" from experts who aren't given so much of a prominent platform - and ask uncertain friends why they think these people aren't given the same platform someone like Hannah Fry is (I mean, is a maths teacher really the world's most credible expert on vaccinology?).

Even if they're previously jabbed, even if they complied with many of the previous restrictions - many of these people aren't completely lost yet, and it's vital we keep fighting to save them. For their own sakes, yes, but for ours, too. The future if half the country gets this new, completely and utterly untested and unsafe, injection is not one that any of us will like, so please don't give up on trying to reach others. There is so much scepticism about these jabs now, including from the once, twice, and even thrice-vaccinated - please see below for a comment on a recent article on the latest booster - and so we have a vital open window over the next six weeks, before the next vaccination programme begins in September.


I'm not a huge Alex Jones fan, but he has got probably the best slogan of all regarding what's going on - "Info Wars: There's a war on for your mind".

There is. And we are going to win it.

(Please see my new resource, Informed Consent Matters, for more "on-the-fence friendly" information.)

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7 comments on “Unvaccinated: The B(ewitching) B(rainwashing) C(abal) strikes again”

  1. Thank you Miri Ann, I think there will be carnage if they get away with this double whammy vax/flu shot.

    Thank you for everything you do. Just take care of yourself xx

  2. I think the interviewies were genuine but as they say in their interview on Brand New Tube, the film was very edited and the way Fry responded to the woman who had lost multiple friends and family to the jab was patronising and insulting, but I think Naz got her point over. The other issue I thought might be worth considering is that they were harvesting psychological profiles of the participants in order to have another attempt at getting them vaxxed. After all the programme was part of the Vaccine Hesitancy project!

  3. I am in home education Facebook groups and regularly people will ask about appearing in videos about home education because they have been approached by various journalists. They are very innocent and naïve and want to put forward their approach to educating their children. I always firmly advise them not to do it. I have seen so many twisted hatchet jobs done on unsuspecting parents. They usually come out looking eccentric or bonkers.
    When I saw that the bbc had made a supposed documentary, I immediately thought what vain or naive people would actually take part in it? It’s all very unfortunate.

  4. The bBC is less trustworthy than a rusty hand grenade.
    I wouldn't even trust them with the weather forecast or a sports report.
    Dump your TV, go to independent news sources, even the Russian ones are better than the bBC. Or Sky and ITV for that matter.*
    Stop buying newspapers.
    *For the tech./PC user the TOR browser gets around the current government block on Russia Today.

  5. i believe that my sister died because of the vaccine. Yes she had cancer but she was beating it and doing evarything right, it was the vaccine that damaged her liver and kidneys so she could no longer fight it.

  6. Re: "…but scientists are experts. You're not a scientist. Shouldn't I trust the experts on this sort of thing?"

    Let's be VERY CLEAR when dealing wih this particular "appeal to authority"!

    1. Not all "scientists" agree with the narrative of the politicians and media.
    2. There are now LEGIONS of emminent scientists and clinicians from all branches of bioscience who have vigourously DISagreed with said narrative.
    3. The latter have been silenced by politicians, pharmaceutical enterprize, media and technology power.
    4. It is now doubtful that the narrative is even supported by a majority of scientists and clinicians.

  7. where do I begin, outstanding content,brilliantly linked as even someone such as I can begin to conceive the horror story unfolding before me.Thank you for your courage and wonderful talent, and for conveying to a sleeping mass of human forms exactly what's occurring to us all.

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