Why is the latest must-have celebrity accessory a transgender child?

Written by: Miri
April 17, 2023

(Written 2nd January, 2023, and available in audio form at my YouTube channel.)

As we in the UK continue to reel in shock from the news that women have been effectively eliminated in Scotland, whilst female prisoners not only have to share prisons with male sex offenders, but also risk having their own sentences increased if they don't refer to them as 'she', this horrifyingly dark and dystopian theme unsurprisingly proliferates in that darkest and most dystopian environment of all - Hollywood.

For quite some time now, having a gender confused child has become the de rigeur must-have accessory for Tinsel Town's elite, including Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's daughter Shiloh, who was presented on the world stage in boy's clothes, with a boy's haircut, and by the name John; Charlize Theron's son Jackson, who is now described as her "daughter" Jackson, with Theron commenting, "I thought she was a boy, too. Until she looked at me at 3 years old and said, 'I am not a boy!; Jamie Lee Curtis' son, who has now, according to his parents, "become our daughter Ruby"; Cynthia Nixon's (Miranda from Sex and The City) daughter, who is now her "son Samuel"; Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber's son Kai, who now presents as a girl; Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green's son Noah, who is described as "transgender" and wears dresses, and the list goes on and on (right back to Sonny and Cher and their daughter Chastity - now son Chaz - and way back before that).

You can see from the above list (which is not exhaustive) that this is not merely some fringe theme in Hollywood, it's becoming extremely common and widespread, and that the prevalence is far higher than in the general population, where approximately just 0.6% of the population identities as transgender.

So why has this 'suddenly' become so fashionable and commonplace in Hollywood?

The answer is that this is not sudden at all. Actually, very little has changed in Hollywood for many decades. It is simply now that Hollywood and its mouthpieces and performers are being more open about it.

Anyone over a certain age will remember the rumours that swirled around Jamie Lee Curtis (now a parent of a transgendered child) back in the '80s - that she was "a hermaphrodite", or in some other way unusual in terms of her gender identity. Basically, the rumour was that she wasn't really what she was presenting herself to be.

And isn't that the precise definition of an actor - someone who presents themselves (very persuasively) as a person they truly are not?

The explicit purpose of Hollywood and all those who work within it, is to deceive you. To convince you to invest your time and your money in a world that is not real. When you go to the cinema, you know that's what you're doing - you're willingly paying money to be deceived as a form of entertainment. "It's not deception," you may say. "Because we know they're acting. We know it's not real."

But what if you didn't know, because they didn't tell you? Would you still be able to tell when people are acting a part, playing a character, then? Are you sure? I put it to you that Hollywood stars are never out of character when they appear on the world stage. Whether they are giving interviews to the press, posting on social media, or arranging a pap walk, they are still acting and deceiving - still lying - in order to manipulate you, with the immense power they wield as world-famous superstars. In effect, the contract they made with Hollywood and the very dark forces behind it, does not end when their current movie wraps. It never ends (well: there is only one way out of it, so to speak).

Why does Hollywood use its human assets to constantly deceive? Because when we are able to successfully deceive people, it gives us great power ("those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities" - Voltaire).

The first thing we notice about another human being is whether they are a man or a woman. It's fundamental to how we make sense of the world. Therefore, the professionally deceiving class of Hollywood focuses on that as one of the first things to dupe you with - they present a man and tell you it is a woman (just as the political classes are now doing, too, and threatening you with jail time if you don't agree). And this is not a new trend, either, it goes right back to Shakespeare's day where, if a female role was required on the stage, it was played by a man in costume.

Many of our most "beloved" Hollywood stars are not the gender they present themselves as being, and they tell you this all the time, as their "code" (revelation of the method) requires them to do. Here is Megan Fox (parent of a transgendered child) stating in a red carpet interview that: "I'm a tranny... I'm a man". Here is well-known actress Jessica Alba responding to the question, "what would people be surprised to know about you?" with "I'm a man".

You may be tempted to dismiss this with, "they are just joking". I can assure you that they are not. They are doing what the tenets of their contract require them to do, which is to tell you who they really are and what they are really doing. If you choose to dismiss it as "a joke", that's on you. They told you the truth and you chose to continue being deceived, so they, in their eyes, are karmically clean.

I can understand why people chose to dismiss the "Hollywood inverts" theory as fantastical nonsense until pretty recently, because until pretty recently, we didn't have the same fantastical nonsense encoded in law in Scottish parliament. But now that the establishment is explicitly telling you that you MUST recognise biological men as women and refer to them as "she" or face punitive legal action, I don't think the idea that Hollywood practices a less draconian version of this (after all, you are not "forced" to believe Megan Fox is a woman and can call her 'he' without going to prison) seems that implausible any more - especially in light of the fact that Fox, and many other Hollywood stars, are now openly transgendering their children.

As I said, there is nothing new about this. It's simply, these people are more boldly coming out of the shadows and revealing who and what they really are.

The explanation for many Hollywood stars being transgendered is multi-factorial, but one of the primary reasons is to accelerate the erasure of true, biological women from public life (something the Gender Recognition Act makes an inevitability).

The reality is that many of the most desired women on the world stage are not biologically female, and I think few thinking people dispute that fact where it comes to the modelling industry (another industry now being more honest about its use of trans models). Being very tall and very thin is not a common body profile for a woman, it is a more common body profile for a young man. Designers want unusually long and exceptionally thin bodies to showcase their clothes, as these better display the lines of the clothes, so it simply makes sense for them to more often use male bodies - so they very often do, not always being explicit about this with the audience.

While there is a practical purpose to using male models for high fashion, it goes far beyond that in Hollywood. The use of biological men dressed up as "desirable women" in Hollywood is rooted in the deeply embedded misogynistic belief held by those that control Hollywood, and all other influential aspects of world culture, that men are better at everything than women are - including being women.

You can plainly see that reflected in women's sports, which effectively no longer exist, as men are now permitted to join in, beating the girls every time, and therefore "proving" men are better at women's sports than women are.

This male occupation of female spaces is not restricted to sports, however, it is rapidly spiralling to all other areas of life too, since, as I described in a recent article, the fact that "transgender women" (men) can now fulfil female quotas in public life, means women will soon be pushed out of public life altogether, and that includes as "sex symbols".

Imagine what the public response would be if it was revealed on the world stage that all these desirable women, who men have lusted after and women have wanted to be, are actually men? Wouldn't that ratify the trans agenda so enormously, by "proving" what great women men make - better women than women do? After all, trans women have many advantages over actual women, where it comes to being enduringly desirable, successful, and famous. They don't have a menstrual cycle or get pregnant; they find it easier to keep fat off and gain muscle; they are physically stronger, tougher in business, and can better handle themselves in challenging or dangerous situations.

How can real women compete?

You must look at what is happening in Hollywood with the transgender children as part of a much bigger picture, bearing in mind that the sole purpose of Hollywood is to engage in social engineering and manipulate the mass mind - and that applies to Hollywood stars at all times they are on the world stage, not just when they appear in movies. So, what message are these stars sending you by now openly transgendering their children?

As I say, they've been at it for years and the only difference now is that (some) are being honest about it, at a time when the most radical and anti-women transgender legislation ever conceived of is being passed in the world's parliaments.

You must see that there is a lockstep agenda at play here, and this is what it is: erasing real, biological women from public life, including as objects of desire for men. This, again, is not new. The ancient Greeks used to say, "women for duty, boys [meaning youths around 16-24] for fun". This is also said to be the case in modern-day Afghanistan, but involving much younger boys. This reflects the enduring belief that has prevailed in many cultures worldwide that women are only good for procreation, and everything else (including non-procreative sexual relationships), males are better at.

You may say, "but many cultures are deeply homophobic, why would they promote male-on-male relationships" - yes they are, and that's where trangenderism comes in and always has. Transgenderism is ultimately a deeply regressive and ultra-conservative philosophy which says, rather than being gay, a man should present himself as "a woman" as then he can engage in cosplay as heterosexual. That is why the so-called "dancing boys" (bacha bazi) of Afghanistan, whose purpose is to sexually titillate older men, are made to dress in female attire.

This phenomenon also involves the so-called castratos, boy singers who were castrated before puberty to keep their voices high. Although the existence of castratos (and the unspeakably barbaric practices used to produce them) are documented fact and not "conspiracy theory", what is less widely known is the political ramifications of this practice. Having not gone through male puberty, adult castratos could easily be dressed in female clothing and presented to the world as women, and for many socially ambitious families, they were.

The theory goes that these families could offer up their castrated sons as "wives" to the ruling elite, because castratos had one clear big advantage over biological women - they couldn't become pregnant from an adulterous affair and therefore bring "impure" blood into the family. Therefore, high-class families would seek out castratos as public-facing "wives" for their sons, using early forms of surrogacy to produce the children (e.g., an affair with a servant - it's said the Queen Mother was produced this way. Note that now, celebrities are becoming much more open about their use of surrogates, it having been rumoured for years that this is how elite offspring are really produced, and that high-profile pregnancies are often faked).

This is a practice that the ruling elite still engage in today, and it is why there are so many question marks over the true genders of the spouses of powerful men (Michelle Obama being an obvious example. Remember when Joan Rivers told us "Obama is gay and Michelle is a tranny" and then promptly died?).

I am fully aware that this subject is ultra-contentious and people get very het up about it, and I can see why people considered it "crazy" in the recent past. But to reiterate an earlier statement: with ultra-radical transgender legislation sweeping the world's parliaments and female rape victims being forced to call their attackers, "she", does it really seem so crazy now? In my opinion, the idea of male actors presenting themselves as women (something they have done for centuries) is far less crazy than the content of Nicola Sturgeon's Gender Recognition Act.

Hollywood is full of professional deceivers and one of the fundamental ways many of them deceive us is regarding their gender. It starts in childhood and many "elite" families intentionally bring their children up as transgender (it's nothing to do with what the child wants) and always have, for the reasons described in this article. While there are several reasons for this practice, the most disconcerting one, that represents the most acute threat to us and our societies (especially the 50% of us who are female), is the - now no longer disguised - agenda to erase true, biological women from existence.

There has long since been an open agenda to suppress women's role in public life, hence the many and various restrictions on women's educational and employment opportunities in the recent past, and in places like Afghanistan right now. The "equal opportunities" we have enjoyed in the West these last fifty years or so are really a complete anomaly worldwide and historically, existing in very few other cultures, and, as we can see, are rapidly being railroaded in ours.

However, we face a new and urgent danger that no other cohort of women has had to grapple with before - that the ruling elite no longer values the procreative capacity of women. In all other cultures, where the ruling classes had an extremely high requirement for human labour to build and run their societies, women were at least afforded a degree of social status and protection from annihilation, in that they were needed to produce the next generation.

Now, however, with the huge advances in robotics and AI increasingly rendering human labour obsolete - including the imminent debut of artificial wombs for the creation of any new people that are desired - real women are no longer required by the elites for anything. That is why they have chosen now to start revealing themselves - showing us that many of the "women" on the world stage are really men, to therefore "prove" that we don't need actual women - not in sports; not in fashion; not in Hollywood - because haven't men been doing a much better job of it all this time?

That's what's at the heart of the epic transgender push - ultra-misogyny, as well as homophobia and paedophilia (surely "puberty blockers" are nothing but a paedophile's dream, keeping people "childlike" for longer), therefore making it one of the most brutal and regressive philosophies ever to exist.

This is not to suggest, by the way, that the elites like men much either - they don't (they hate all us 'useless eaters'), but they do at least have some utility for them, at least whilst they're younger and able bodied, in terms of doing the remaining difficult and dangerous jobs that are as yet beyond the scope of AI.

But women are currently more acutely and dangerously imperiled, as we are already at a point where women no longer officially exist as a class clearly and definably separate to men, both with the introduction of the Gender Recognition Act and similar legislation, and with the fact the dictionary has changed the definition of the word 'female'. Yes, really. It now is listed as meaning "someone with a gender identity opposite to male". I mean, really, to call that "Orwellian" is the understatement of the century, and it categorically proves the reality that the establishment intends to (has already!) erased biological women as an official class of people.

As for "trans men", they are promoted by the elite as what they really are is, "sterilised women" and therefore help aid depopulation goals. They are not a credible social threat to real men, though, as they have no hope of competing with actual men in male sports or any other category (hence why there is no organised worldwide movement of biological men campaigning to keep trans men out of their spaces). What they do do, however, is underline the social messaging that being a real woman is undesirable - that is no doubt why youth transgenderism has become so much more common in girls. Perhaps in future, it will be suggested the only acceptable social role biological women have to play, is as "trans men".

All these themes reveal the now undeniable agenda of the ruling classes to entirely do away with women and to replace actual, biological females with altered males pretending to be them. And if we value reality, truth, freedom and genuine equality for all, it is an agenda we must continue to expose, and vigorously oppose, at all costs.

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11 comments on “Why is the latest must-have celebrity accessory a transgender child?”

  1. Excellent read Miri. People in general have not yet seen how dangerous this trans human ideology is. All part of the Great Reset or the 4th Reich, It is instructive to look at the sexual mores in 1930's Berlin!

  2. Go higher Miri: And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. Gen 3:15

    This is what it is all about - Satan fears that blessed woman in her place ordained of God with the powers of night under her feet:

    And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: Rev 12:1

    But the manchild shall be brought forth. This cannot be stopped because it is of God and His Son Jesus Christ.

    You cannot observe from the sidelines, submit yourself to God. Our minds are not higher than His. Let Him reveal His sovereign wishes and purposes at this time.

  3. Oh no, Miri I usually approve with everything you write but you've gone too far for me this time. There's clearly some, alright a lot, and the Oz wizards are also clearly pushing some depraved agenda, going so far as butcher the sex of some little boys and girls, not impossibly
    alter it. But it's just primate populations or Aztech priests unconsciously committing infanticide when resources are short, there's absolutely no evidence it was planned over decades and powerful elites are profiting from it enormously.
    I'm sad to have to part ways with your work but it's almost definitely cognitively easier than considering if I've ever been attracted to (vom emoji) OMG what if I've ever (vom, vom, vom emojis).
    Darn conspiracy theorist ruining my happy vibes. Jennifer Bilek is coming at this from a different angle if you don't know her already. Worth checking out imho.

  4. As completely outragious as this article reads, since my delve down the rabbit hole I can 100% agree with Miri's article. I have seen a couple of college photos of Obama in close contact with his buddy Michael who has an uncanny resemblance to his very tall, 5ft 11" wife. No photos seen, apparently, of her being pregnant either, unlike Meghan M who has many, along with shots and vids of wardrobe malfunctions with "Archie bump" having ability to shrink, enlage, fall to thighs, or swing massively to left or right. Not saying not bio female, but certainly think red head surrogate used for both. The drag queen stuff is also terrible too. Not forgetting soaps that I haven't followed that went on from mixed race families, to psychopaths, to gay children and probably now will have trans parent or child. Brave New World indeed! Followed for years, I missed saying.

  5. Thanks everyone for your interesting comments as ever 🙂

    Just to clarify to commentators re: Leo's comment (and I was thrown for a moment myself!) - he is just joking! He's lampooning the kind of so-called "critical thinker" who would reject this theory out of hand even in spite of all the evidence available. He's just very good at being deadpan...

  6. Love you so much Miri and your courage to speak up on all topics!! I believe this is definitely true and @SimonWoods (who's on YouTube, Bitchute, and Twitter) does incredible work dissecting this and proving it, although he's not the only one. I think it's a Satanic ritual. Even though I agree with you on your comments about women and them not being needed anymore and focus on depopulation/AI, the men are not real men either and a real man cannot get much farther than a woman would imho.

    I believe this issue is very, very important. We all know Hollywood has Satanic/dysfunctional/psychopathic tendencies. However, once you really start to see the gender markers discrepancies yourself, you start to see it in many supposed truther/alternative media personalities (and there are some pointing them out), you realize who can/can't be trusted and ask yourself what agendas they may be promoting in the name of truth.

  7. Some of your stuff worries me as it’s actually mind blowing at times, but as soon as I read it I know it’s true. Makes me wonder what my kids futures will be like

  8. First of all, even though it's popular in Hollywood, it's not the representation of what men and women want.
    Just like your modeling example, most of the men I know don't find the waifs attractive.

    Now this... You said "How can real women compete?"
    I felt a similar thing, how can real men compete when women were fawning over macho morons who pretend to have empathy?

    The fault I learned of that logic was that I don't have to compete. If a woman prefers the phony man over the real man, that's cool because she never knew what a real man is.

    Same thing today with your fear. Sure, many men will love this image of the woman, but they're not the majority and it's a blessing that they're now out of the mix.

    Just like con-vid, it acts like a great filter that gets rid of the naturally disconnected people that would have taken longer to realize.

  9. The creepiest thing is not knowing for sure what you're dealing with. It's a primal fear. Far better to tune out entirely (BTW I never heard of that Tate person you wrote about when I crawled out from under my rock and I still don't know or care).

    There were some great transvestigations but they're all scrubbed now. There are structural indicators. A lot of the vids seemed like they are made by creepy transgenic types anyway. But certainly it's why most starlets don't have "staying power" past a certain age. It's also why most people don't get a face-lift cuz they only see the Franken results. My aunts look fab after their face-lifts. Not for me but if you're thinking bout snapping up the old jawline, by all means do it. You won't come up like these inverts at all. It's fine.

    There often clues, Nicolas urge on. Sam cam on the beach in her bikini is also revealing but then I have a friend from school, Marisol Nichols, who is quite famous from a long running Hispanic soapie in America. Now we had sleepovers in junior high so i know shes a girl, but now she's looking very manly because she's had jaw and cheek implants to "strengthen" her features and presumably provide "structure", not to mention the large set of fake teeth in her maw. Masculine looking women get the work. She is a scientology and made it to the highe$$$t level and so now she can fly through the air and has a bunch of supernatural powers... I see someone reached out to her agent to make her an anti trafficking persona on behalf of the Biden administration and she got coverage in vanity fair so absolutely worth it and the 1.7m d house. I think she plays some kind of investigator on her soapie so another example of blurring Hollywood and "reality". I am intrigued to see what happens to her face moving into her 50s, but the point is that she is a girl so we can't be sure about all of them. The generational insiders from LA SOCAL and the ones from England are most likely to be transplant goeuls. Then there's the broadcasters from Australia who dont seem to bother to hide it. Beware men with short arms !!!! If Marisol can get a boy face, so can other girls.

    Personally, I don't mind an adult choosing to transvestite or transgender at all, however deception is wrong and everyone knows that.

    Happy transvestigating!!!

  10. I always thought 'Michelle' Obama was big for a woman. 5'11? Hmm methinks she's defo college buddy Michael. Makes you want to vomit doesn't it? I agree with Miri. These people never stop acting. They don't even know who they really are themselves. David Icke is right too. This extreme social engineering is all a precursor to transhumanism. Sick, sad and shocking. What a bleak little world the Oligarchs of the UN are creating. I want NO part of it.

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