You only fight back if you have something to fight for

Written by: Miri
October 14, 2021
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(A piece from October 2020)

In April 1940, my paternal grandfather, a Polish military officer, was very nearly murdered at the Katyn massacre. His brother was. My grandfather escaped by burning his papers, before ending up in a Siberian prisoner of war camp. He was about 25 at the time.

Fast-forward to the present day, and his grandchildren's generation meekly muzzle themselves up to go into shops in case they catch a cold, and allow officials to destroy their lives on the pretext of said cold, whilst calling everyone who objects Karens.

One reason we're in the mess we're in is the demoralisation of society. DeMORALisation. Look at the word. When you strip a society of a defining morality, you produce an apathetic and inert populace who won't fight for anything - you produce, for want of a better term, sheep. Dumb, herdable animals who will do whatever you want so long as you keep them warm and well-fed.

What has struck me about these "sheep-like" individuals is how genuinely angry they get at other people having principles and standing up for them, and it's because this is such a foreign language to them. They were never taught it (most of us weren't, and had to learn). People get really angry, not typically that you might give them a virus, but that you're breaking the rules and making a scene. "For f***'s sake, just let them take your temperature and download the app, it's not going to kill you, can't you just be normal for five minutes?"

These people won't fight for anything, because they don't believe in anything. They think life is about TV and home comforts. The office and the pub. Holidays. There's nothing inherently wrong with the aforementioned (well, maybe the TV....), nothing wrong with life's little luxuries and enjoying yourself, but it's got to be founded on something, as otherwise, the instant there's a threat to it, you will crumble immediately and lose it. My grandfather found himself facing imminent death at age 25 because he believed in something - his country, his culture, his religion, his family - and he fought for it, and would have died for it, as his brother did.

What do people care about today? What would they fight and die for? The answer is nothing, and if you won't fight, then you've lost already, which is precisely what the overlords are counting on. They've farmed us to be this way, through their schools and televisions and dumbing-down poisons (IQ has dropped precipitously with every post-war generation, and the drop is so dramatic and so sudden, it cannot have any genetic explanation). It's not a natural human condition, to be without a defining morality and without the burning desire to fight to defend it, so it took the overlords several decades to inflict it deeply enough on the populace, that they could produce a prodigious pantomime hoax like this, and the vast majority would meekly accept it - because they'll accept anything to get back to the comfort and convenience they've become accustomed to.

Comfort and convenience, however, are death knells for the human spirit and thus, ultimately, for human civilisation and culture. For anything we recognise as human at all. A formidable human spirit is not, after all, forged in the furnace of comfort and indulgence. As they say, hard times produce strong men. Strong men produce good times. Good times produce weak men. Weak men produce hard times.

The architecture of the post-war climate, from the "swinging sixties" onwards, has been deftly designed to be founded on fun, self-indulgence, and hedonism - because decades of that produce a profoundly weak and discordant culture which is incredibly easy to overthrow.

If you want to win a war, it's easy. Just make sure your enemy has nothing to fight for.

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