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Letter to employers who suspended employee for being mask-exempt

By: MiriAugust 2, 2021No Comments
Dear [name], RE: [Name] Disciplinary Hearing I am writing to you ahead of our Zoom meeting, scheduled for [date]. Please […]

Letter to employers re: requesting vaccine data from staff

By: MiriJune 24, 2021One Comment
Dear Sirs, I am a [job role] at [company name], having occupied my current position for [number of] years. I […]

Letter to employers declining vaccinations and "vaccine passports"

By: MiriFebruary 16, 20215 Comments
Dear [employer name], I am writing to you in reference to recent multiple press reports concerning the possibility of "vaccine […]

Letter for people whose employers are pressurising them to endorse vaccines to others

By: MiriFebruary 8, 2021No Comments
Dear [names], I am writing to you in regards to the current Covid-19 vaccination programme, that several colleagues have indicated […]

Open letter to Piers Morgan and Jeremy Vine

By: MiriOctober 22, 202285 Comments
Dear Mssrs. Morgan and Vine, I would normally commence such a correspondence with the pleasantry, 'I hope this finds you […]

Letter to request a medical vaccine exemption from your GP

By: MiriJanuary 10, 2022No Comments
Dear Dr. [name], I hope this finds you well. I am writing to you today to request a medical exemption […]

(Another) letter for care staff declining "mandatory" vaccines

By: MiriAugust 9, 20212 Comments
Dear [name], I am currently a [job role] at [name of care home] and am in receipt of a letter […]

Letter for care home staff declining "mandatory" vaccination

By: MiriAugust 4, 20212 Comments
Dear [name], I am in receipt of a letter from you, titled "New [employer name] Vaccination Policy", dated [date]. This […]

Letter to shopping centre that forced mask-exempt family to leave

By: MiriApril 15, 2021No Comments
Dear Sirs, I am writing to you regarding a visit to [Name] Shopping Centre on [date].  As a local resident, […]

Letter for employees being pressured to administer COVID vaccines

By: MiriApril 1, 2021No Comments
Dear [name/s], I am writing to you in regards to the COVID-19 vaccination clinics, which you have requested I participate […]
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