Fear we go again...

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November 28, 2021
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So said a surprisingly astute MSM headline yesterday, in response to the news that a super-scary, ninja-mutant "new variant" has been detected and so we must all shriek and panic and (presumably) eschew park benches once again.

The latest spate of 'new rules' - like we are naughty children and our exasperated parents have stuck a set of double-underlined instructions up on the fridge - include mandatory muzzles on public transport and in shops, as well as 10-day house-arrests for 'close contacts' of the 'new variant'.  This is so laughably lunatic now, what can you really say about it?

Well, I'll say what I have said time and again (and again): if anything the Government said about "the virus" was remotely true, I would have died several times over by now, and so would all of my friends. Let's do the heretical I-have-never hit list one more time...


*Worn a mask;

*Taken a test;

*Sanitised my hands (well, actually I did once, but it was by accident, as those dispensers are terrifyingly over-sensitive and one literally accosted me with a squirt when I walked past it in Wetherspoons);

*Practiced any more 'social distancing' than I usually do (which, admittedly, as an Aquarian, has always been a fair bit);

*Imposed house-arrest on myself upon command of my mobile phone (needless to say, I didn't download the incarceration app, and in no number of parallel universes would I ever agree to put myself into solitary confinement because some spotty teenager sitting in a call centre said so);

*Avoided social events (in fact, 2020 was probably the most social year of my life and I attended several events consisting of thousands of people who also vigorously avoided all of the above);

*Had serums concocted by serial felons injected into me (Pfizer is a veteran criminal enterprise which, in 2009, was slapped with the biggest criminal fine for fraud in all of history - $2.3 billion - which is standard operating procedure for all pharmaceutical companies, who all have comparably dark histories, unless, like Moderna, they are so new that they have never unleashed experimental injections on the populace before now);

*Believed a single word that comes out of the mouths of politicians, mainstream journalists, or "TV doctors", who are all ultimately bought-and-paid for intelligence assets (or, should I say, anti-intelligence assets...).

Anyway, I am still alive, and fully expect to be for many years to come, unless I am hit by a car and/or MI5. 

Sadly, however, I don't retain the same confidence about the members of the population who have received the Covid injection, since I have spent the last few days beginning to compile a database of "sudden, unexpected" deaths, as reported by the media. There has been an enormous increase in these reports in recent months; of people dramatically below average life expectancy just "suddenly collapsing" or dying in their sleep. These are healthy, active people in their fifties, forties, thirties, twenties, and even teens. Even children as young as 12. The cause, when known, is invariably a heart attack, cardiac arrest, or blood clot. These are all known possible consequences of the Covid injection.

The reason the media reports on "sudden death", and not on every death that occurs, is that not every death is newsworthy. Obviously, every death matters to the family and friends of the person who has died, but to qualify for inclusion as an article in a regional or national newspaper, a death has to have some other significance, in order to make it of interest to the wider community. Because "sudden, unexpected" death is so rare - or was - this makes it newsworthy and so the media reports it. Plague zealots can try all they like to claim that people "just dying" is normal and has always happened, but if that were so, the media wouldn't report it. They don't report it when 88-year-old Derek from Swansea dies peacefully after a long illness, because that's a normal and unremarkable way to die. The media is reporting people under 60 with no prior health issues suddenly dropping dead because it is ABNORMAL. This doesn't usually happen, and if you're honest with yourself, you've never known anyone to die this way, until this year. So-called "sudden adult death syndrome" was always exceptionally rare - until the Covid injection began to be rolled out. 

In 2021, cardiac deaths amongst super-fit young athletes increased by 500%. Five hundred percent. 'The experts' (bought-and-paid for state assets) have dismissed this in the press as "a coincidence". 

Seriously, anyone still falling for this at this stage, well.... I just feel sorry for them, to be perfectly honest. I had a long period of feeling angry and exasperated with them, but, at this point, it strikes me as the wrong response: pity and sympathy are more appropriate, because, just imagine you have fallen for this whole dark charade from the beginning: that means, right now, you are triple-injected with a substance highly likely to end your life dramatically prematurely, and are - courtesy of the latest "new variant" and all the ones that will inevitably follow it - going to spend much of the rest of your life in a state of paralysed terror, too afraid to see family, to socialise with friends, to enjoy special events and gatherings - to do any of the things that make life worth living. These kinds of people will conclude their lives in a state of spellbound, hypnotised terror, not only sacrificing everything they love, but sacrificing loved ones, too - by furiously denouncing and disowning the people who care about them and are desperately trying to warn them. Millions of families are split down the middle by this, innumerable lifelong friendships severed, and it's all so tragically unnecessary..

I can understand how, in the very beginning, the scenario the Government presented to people was roughly plausible - "there's a new highly contagious disease, and we need to take a few precautions until we've got it under control". I can understand why, if obeying the establishment and following the rules, has generally served someone well throughout their lives, they'd have no cause to doubt it on this occasion. I can genuinely understand why, when the Government said, "two weeks to flatten the curve", people actually believed them. 

However: we are now two years, three jabs, and innumerable decimated lives and livelihoods in, and "back to normal" is still nowhere in sight. The state is threatening to confiscate Christmas once again (as predicted by conspiraloons like myself months ago). They are telling you there will be more masks, more restrictions, more injections (astoundingly, for a "new variant" that was only announced this week, AstraZeneca is already in the "final stages" of trials for a "new vaccine" which will be ready in 100 days! Such benevolent masterminds, these pharmaceutical companies...).

It is therefore inconceivable to me that people don't get it yet, but clearly, many don't, so it bears repeating yet again: THIS WON'T END UNTIL WE SAY IT DOES. The orchestrators of this mammoth hoax will keep conjuring up "new variants", new threats, new dangers, to keep you in a state of permanent, irrational fear, since fear shuts down critical thinking and you will do anything to eliminate the deeply unpleasant fear sensation and to "feel safe" - including injecting yourself with God-knows-what upon state command.

Why are 'the experts' so desperate to get everyone, even very low-risk groups, multiply-injected at huge public cost, when they admit efficacy wanes very rapidly and isn't effective against ever-mutating "new variants"?

It's because the real reason they want you injected is not to protect you; it's for the exact opposite reason, and it shouldn't be too hard to work out what that reason is, when our entire ruling class is openly committed to dramatically reducing world population. They're in no way secretive about this; indeed, it's quite the fashionable belief to state that the world is "overpopulated" and so people should have fewer or no children - but it would be extraordinarily naive to believe that the social controllers only try to achieve depopulation goals by preventing people being born, rather than also expediting the deaths of those who are already here. You can try and argue that they're not doing that, that they really are trying to protect all 7 billion of us with these injections, but none of the actual, verifiable evidence (rather than made-up reports by anonymous doctors in The Guardian) supports that conclusion, and it does support the conclusion that this is a coldly premeditated genocidal assault, designed to reduce the population by at least 70%, and perhaps as much as 90%, by 2030. 

I know that at this point it is probably useless trying to persuade anyone of this; that if eyes haven't opened by now, they never will - but I can't help but keep trying, anyway. And where it comes to these kinds of endeavours - my writing articles like this, my spending hours and hours combing through press reports and compiling databases, my sitting up until the early hours producing letters and leaflets and trying to get the word out - at some point, you've got to ask yourself, why?

Why do I bother? Why do any of us? According to the mainstream media, people like me are either stupid, insane, or evil, disseminating "disinformation" out of either malice or ignorance. But I don't think the evidence really supports that conclusion, do you?

After all, I am definitely not stupid. I have had my intelligence tested and it is well within the normal range; indeed, it is a bit above average, would you believe (my detractors wouldn't). Despite my adolescent innumeracy, I otherwise did well academically and have also always done well in pub quizzes. So, I don't think 'stupidity' can be used as an explanation for why I do this.

Well, what about insanity? I suppose it depends on what evaluative metric one uses, but other than "being suspicious of the government" (probably a symptom of Oppositional Defiant Disorder), I have no symptoms of any known mental illness, so I think we can discount that one, too.

Then there's "evil", that we conspiraquacks spread allegedly "false and dangerous misinformation" intentionally because we want people to die. Well, WHY would we want that?! Evil exists, certainly, but it has to have a motive and an incentive. What possible motive could there be for ordinary people wanting to stop other ordinary people taking experimental injections, or wearing bits of grubby cloth over their faces, or slathering their hands with carcinogenic chemicals? There's no logical reason why we would want to stop others doing these things (which we don't do either) if we wanted them to die. That is simply too ridiculous for words, so we can discount that one as well.

Meanwhile, putting this kind of information out there has resulted in multiple, ongoing risks and sacrifices for me, such as making myself effectively unemployable in any conventional sense (I do this under my real full name, as to be anonymous dramatically reduces credibility, so, consequently, just imagine what a putative employer will read if they Google me...); being denounced and derided by all sorts of people - former friends and strangers alike - as insane, warped, dangerous, etc., and even risking - should my influence ever be considered significant enough - my life. After all, sudden and mysterious death, amongst those with influence who reveal the unsavoury machinations of the establishment, is hardly uncommon. 

So really, I'm just trying to imagine what anyone thinks my motive for doing this could be, if what I'm saying isn't true. Why would I take these kinds of huge risks otherwise? It defies all logic and explanation. I wouldn't risk my reputation, my relationships, my career, and, ultimately, my life, unless I was very, very sure about the veracity of what I am saying. 

I am sure. I have been since the day the dark plague pantomime made its debut. And I will continue saying it until the final curtain falls and the man behind it is unmasked (maybe he'll then get a fine for breaking coronavirus rules...).

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